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Some of these activities may include:

corporal punishment (whips, spanking, caning etc), many forms of bondage, (traditional rope bondage, mummification & suspension), role play scenarios like forced feminization & psycho drama, extreme sadism & edge play activities involving medical fetish play, (catheters, needles, knives, electro torture) & much more.

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Welcome to Mz Suzanne SxySadist's Realm!

Do you feel a craving deep in your heart to submit to a beautiful & sensual female dominant or sadistic dominatrix?

Do you know what it is that your soul truly hungers for and how to express and satisfy that hunger?

Have you just discovered your partner has these desires and want to learn more about them?

Are you a lifestyle scene or sexually adventurous couple that is seeking instruction in BDSM?

Are you ready to bring those dark desires to light?

Then step into my realm ... I have been waiting for you.

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