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Dungeon Delights Cock & Ball Stocks

by admin on Apr.04, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Dungeon Delights, Live sessions, Personal slave, Sex Toy & Product Reviews

Just as Rick of Dungeon Delights promised my brand new cock & ball pillory arrived this week with a bunch of sweet accessories!! So naturally I needed to check it out thoroughly and report back to y’all, purely in the interest of public service you see.  ;)

One thing that I am short on these days is dungeon real estate so if I am adding equipment to the space it is important to me that it be worth the amount of room that it takes up. I really love variety also and I get bored with “one trick pony” types of toys very quickly and this baby is anything but that!  I was totally impressed with how delightfully versatile this piece actually is due to all the lovely accesories they have created! 

Recently Brett had sent me a hot drawing (first pic in the gallery below) as an idea for something that turned him on, and I love creative cbt so so naturally I wanted to play with that theme once this unit arrived and we had a wickedly grand time testing out some of the range of possibilities the other night.  Although I am not able to bolt a post to the ground, one of the truly fabulous things for me about this piece is that I can slide the metal base under my custom built bondage frame allowing it to be sturdy and stable while I then cuff my playmate’s ankles off with a wider stance or even drawn back like in the drawing.  Naturally you need to be careful that the person cannot accidentally fall anytime you are locking the genitals off to a stationary object, but this certainly allows for some interesting and dynamic stretches and predicament bondage ties. :)

I did not get a chance to test the impaler or the crusher but I am totally in love with the cock and ball rings! I considered having him add a screw to one of the SxySadist Toothed Rings but decided that might be a bit too sadistic and edgey even for me. :( But as you can see from the photos I had fun pulling him down into a deep squat, then way up high on tip toes.  Then I bent him over and cuffed a collar off to the top post while clipping his wrists down to the base of the post. 

Rick and I had a bit of a chat today about a couple other ideas we both had for this baby and he has promised to send me off a couple more gadgets and attachment points for this puppy in the very near future! I can hardly wait!!  :D

Although this item is not currently listed on the website Rick has told me that he plans to trot it out again very soon with all these delicious goodies to choose from!  If you want a heck of a lot of “bang for your buck” and a fabulous multi functional piece of equipment that can easily disappear into a box in the closet or under the bed, then you should consider grabbing one of these.  Trust me .. you will LOVE IT!!


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New Toys On the Way!

by admin on Mar.25, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Dungeon Delights, General

1_8179Yayy!! I just got off the phone with Rick over at Dungeon Delights and am so excited I simply HAVE to share!!

Standing Cock & Ball Pillory - I have been wanting a standing cock and ball pillory for quite sometime but I just haven’t gotten around to picking one up and Rick and I chatted for abit today and I finally ended up ordering it and he has promised to send it along right away with a “boat load of accessories”.  Now if there is one thing I like better than new toys … it’s new toys with lots of accesories!!  :D  Woohooo!! 

ktb02New Rendition of a KTB - I also decided to go on and grab one of the moderate intensity KTB’s from Male Chastity Now that “Kyle” mentioned in his comment on my other blog to my “Chastity w/ Teeth Post” and  I have been told that should be here in a day or tow so I am practically bouncing up and down right now!! 

I will be sure to take a bunch of photos as soon as it all arrives and report back to you. <grin>

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Extreme CBT Fun

by admin on Mar.10, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Dungeon Delights, Live sessions

This may come as a news flash to some folks that haven’t been paying attention but, I am definitely a sadist and I absolutely adore torturing a man’s cock & balls!  One of my absolute favorite victims for that kind of treatment is my buddy “$1000 Bill”.  :D

I nick named him that years ago because he always books longish sessions that run about .. you guessed it…. a thousand dollars, and that part is definitely awesome but that isn’t what makes him my favorite.  ;)

The fact that Bill’s favorite activities involve extreme cock and ball and nipple torture and he is simply a total delight to torment make my little heart go pitter pat when ever he emails to book an appointment!  He truly is one of the most extreme masochists I have ever had the pleasure of hurting and OMG I LOVE the way that man cries! He has howled and wailed and screamed sometimes so much that he has actually left here hoarse for a few days. (grin) I am so proud!  I also get to experiment on him and try things on his poor cock and balls that I haven’t tried on anyone else! (Can you say crash test dummy?) :) 

He also has shown up here with some of the coolest toys!  The steel rod pictured below is the thickest damn “sound” I have ever shoved into someone, (see the photo of it beside a chopstick for scale).  When he handed it to me to use I was actually shocked that he had said he could take it and holy shit I still needed to apply a hell of a lot of pressure to get it to go in.  So much so that it made an audible “pop” sound that scared me a bit.   <yipes!>

He also turned me onto the most extreme suction toy I have ever used (I ordered one and should have it in a couple of weeks!) The photo that has the rectangular white thing is the “cock ring” that slips over the device while you are pumping up the cock and then you slide that evil super tight ring over the device and onto the cock, trapping a hell of a lot of blood in there and making the cock super sensative! Yum I can’t wait until it gets here!  :D

Anyway.. I decided to post a gallery of a few of my most recent experimentation’s on Bill, including cock & ball bondage, ball stretching, my SxySadist Toothed Ring, an elastrator band on his nipple and more!   8)

I hope you enjoy the photos or they make you afraid .. very afraid, if that turns you on.  Whatever works for you! More soon!

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Let’s go bowling…

by admin on Feb.11, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Live sessions

CBT w/a Bowling BallHave I ever mentioned how much I love cock & ball torture? Well I truly do and one of my favorite ways to do CBT involves my beloved 8 lb “Scream” bowling ball.  This marvelous and highly useful piece of dungeon equipment was given to me by my dear subbie richie who was in service to me for over 6 years to replace the original ball and chain ball that had been passed down to me after Lady Lori’s Castle closed.  (Long story but suffice it to say that there is mad sentimental value here!)  I truly love my bowling ball!  :)

You have to imagine the expressions I get to enjoy just pulling it out of the closet when I inform my victims that this is what I intend to hang from their jewels. <grin> They are nearly as priceless as the expressions and sounds I get to enjoy when I am actually doing the hanging!

Today was one of those delightful afternoons when my schedule was slow and my energy was high and my dear live in slave T was available and deserving of some extra attention. He is particularly fond of feeling like he is being stretched spread eagle so I cuffed his wrists and ankles widely apart and began to tease his cock a bit with a really sweet buzzy toy that I tied onto him.  He makes the most delightfully feral noises when he is being tormented!

He had mentioned that he thought he would like to try a bit more predicament bondage so I tied a bit of parachute cord to his cock and balls,  and had him bend his knees as deeply as he could, and then attached the cord to the bowling ball.  He tried to straighten his legs a bit initially and then thought better of it.  8 lbs may not sound like a lot  but if you have never tried lifting that with your balls you might actually be surprised how heavy that is!! But most of us are well aware that people can tolerate, eroticize withstand a tremendously higher amount of pain when they are turned on .. then they can when they are not. 

I kept teasing, his cock and nipples.  I added more vibration with my sonic care toothbrush and my favorite cordless vibe.  I held the vibrator just a little higher and told him to reach for it .. he straightened his legs lifting that bowling ball like it was nothing.  I knew he could do it, all it takes is the right sort of incentive.  See ya soon.  ;)

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Male Chastity Devices Part 2 - Mean Stuff

by admin on Feb.06, 2009, under Chastity & CBT, Dungeon Delights, Sex Toy & Product Reviews

Mistress Owns Your Cock!Male Chastity w/ Teeth

 My last installment about male chastity devices basically covered the “CB” product line which offer a nice selection of basic inexpensive chastity devices.  If properly fitted they are fairly secure and only moderately uncomfortable … but have I mentioned that I am a sadist at heart? Or that I adore CBT (aka Cock & Ball Torture)?  :)

I absolutely admit to taking perverse pleasure in locking a man’s cock into a device that will cause him excruciating pain if he begins to get an erection, and of course once he is in it, I love to tease him and make him cry, beg and whimper as I do my best to get and keep him hard. 

You can analyze that any way you wish but it is absolutely delightfully wicked fun for me and so I totally enjoy collecting cruel chastity items and other things that go “Ow”! Let me tell you about a few of my faves!! 

ktb-closeupThe Dreaded KTB - Kali’s Tooth Bracelet!!

Mmm Let’s Get Mean! - My all time favorite chastity device is still the original Kali’s Teeth Bracelet (pictured below) These babies were absolutely ingenious! Once locked in place they were streamlined sexy, secure as hell, lightweight enough that they could remain on without “dragging”, and they had the most delightfully vicious teeth that were available in different degrees of cruelty!  Obviously the most severe one was most suitable for men with castration fantasies and the women that love them. :)

My ex had one and I used to love locking him into it for entire weekends at a time!  I especially loved putting it onto him and then going down on him because it would make him insane that as much as he loved my lips around his cock it was also pure agony at the same time.  (Did I mention I am a sadist?) I would give pretty much anything (and be an extremely grateful Mistress) to get my hands on an original KTB or a very reasonable facsimile there of!  Any takers??

Kali's Teeth Bracelets 

Club Fem’s MCD - MCD

 The folks over at Club Fem are offering a sweet little plastic version of a toothed chastity device that they call simply the MCD - Male Chastity DeviceI ordered recently and intend to check out thoroughly as soon as it arrives and get back to you with a full report! 

It is quite inexpensive and looks to have great potential for longer term wear than other devices I have seen since it is lightweight, not overly vicious and appears easy to keep clean.  I am very excited indeed!

SxySadist Toothed Rings The SxySadist Toothed Ring!

While I await that happy day that one of those falls into my lap again, my buddy Rick over at Dungeon Delights has been creating a really delightful selection of heavier, meatier substitutes for me and even named them after me!! 

Check these babies out!  It all started one Sunday morning as I lay in bed cruising the web looking for new devices to torment my lover’s cock when I came across the Dungeon Delights website.  They had a really nice locking cock ring shown on the site that intrigued me so I gave them a call (and was actually quite surprised that they answered the phone on a Sunday morning) and had a lovely chat with Rick about the KTB.

Barely a week later I had a set of proto types in my hot little hands to check out!  Talk about fast and efficient service!  Wow!!

They are beautifully crafted devices and definitely built to last!  They offer a variety of intensities depending on how many rows and how long you want the nails.  

Are they mean?  Hell Yeah!  These nails are definitely sharp but no where near as sharp as the KTB was so they are actually a bit safer in my opinion. Although his website warns that these are sharp enough to break the skin that has not been my experience so far.  I have had some serious “dents” in the cock but so far no blood drawn (although I am not gaurenteeing that to anyone). 

The powder coating makes them easy to clean and they are definitely beautiful in an industrial heavy metal sort of way!! My main complaint with them is that they are soo damn heavy that they have a tendency to slide off the moment the erection waivers so they were not terribly suited for long term wear.  <Boo hoo hoo!>

Then Rick came out with the double ring version! <Yayy!>  :D Again, not elegant but definitely gets the job done and I feel fairly reasonably priced!!  JT’s has started offering them also under the original Kali’s Teeth name in the Beginner and Advanced versions. :) Maybe I am a little bit biased but I think EVERYONE should own a couple of them! And then come on over here so I can help do more market research! :D  More soon!

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