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Suzanne SxySadist’s NiteFlirt Blog

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Sweetly Sadistic & Sexy Suggestions

by admin on Nov.01, 2008, under Blog Entries & Musings, Cuckolds, Sluts & Sex Slaves, NiteFlirt Callers, Personal slave

I asked my sexy switch boyfriend for a few of his thoughts on what would really turn him on about playing the role of alpha slave in a cuckold scenario and I was a bit surprised at how mean he could be. I actually thought that he might have a bit more sympathy for that poor “low slave on totem pole” but his cruelly sadistic teases are going a long way toward reminding me why he will always keep a high place in the male slave “pecking order”. Here are a few choice tidbits well worth sharing:

We could park him bound in the corner, but with one hand free and stern instructions to silently keep his dick hard, but seriously warn him not to cum or suffer dire consequences, while you and I make out on the bed just a few feet away.

I would pleasure you over and over through your sexy thong panties with lots of finger play and maybe the small buzzy toy which should help get those panties nice and soaking wet. Then I could strip them off of you and stuff them in his mouth, mocking him and letting him know that “That’s as close as you’re gonna get to any pussy, wimp”.

Then I would of course lick and kiss and worship your delicious cunt until you order me to fuck you a good long time. Once you have had several juicy, noisy orgasms, you can have us get into a sixty-nine position so that you can watch us suck each other’s cocks for your amusement while you continue to pleasure yourself. We are both slaves after all, alpha or not, but naturally it would be with the understanding that the first one to cum gets severely punished. (Hence the reason I want him stroking the whole time before hand!)

If it pleases you Mistress, you could stride around watching us from different angles, maybe stroking or striking some exposed flesh with a cane or crop musing, “I wonder who it’s gonna be…” If I am fortunate enough to get him to shoot first, I’ll spit his cum out on your belly or your feet and you can have him lick it clean while I ass fuck the hell out of him to completion. Or if he does S/m, his consequence could be that you will whip him well while (until!) he finishes me off!! Course, after he cums he might not be joyously up for such things… you know how us men are… but then again, that’s what the bondage is for isn’t it? On the off chance he gets me off first, hmmm. Well, I guess you can announce “Mistress’s prerogative” and say you intend to “reward him” by strap-on ass fucking him while he rims me.

Yes, that sweet formerly submissive man of mine is definitely growing some top “horns” as I encourage his switch-dom. I am actually beginning to think that I may have created a bit of a monster. <grin> Here is a snippet of an email he sent to me the other day that sort of got me going a bit as well. I added a comment or two of my own in {brackets} this time. :)

Thinking about gorgeous you and next weekend and rope sex! My goal is to get you as horny as I am right now. {I think it worked!}

Imagine yourself bound and me teasing the hell out of you all evening. Bent over the end of the massage table, thighs and ankles tied spread open to the table legs, hands above your head and bound to the opposite legs… or your wrists lashed to your bed’s headboard, ankles tied to thighs leaving you spread and available… the bondage swing upstairs… straddling me, arms bound in a shinju and hanging by a scarf about your throat… or all of the above… and all the time, my fingers, my hot, wet tongue, buzzy toys, and even that big red cock extension find their way into your cunt and ass… ever so close to cumming but not permitted too. Then over my knee for a spanking, tied face down to the bench in the temple and slowly and deliciously caned… thanking me as I feed my cock into your eager mouth, then return to your caning again and again! Eventually I’ll lead you off to bed, arms bound and leashed and let you satisfy yourself completely on my cock. Eventually.

I’ve also been fantasizing about “mutual masturbation” scenes lately. In it I am bound kneeling, ankles tied to thighs, one hand pulled behind my back in a hojojutsu tie and a rope around my neck, bound to a post or tied up in a “half hanging” position. I am encouraged to jerk-off with my one free hand, with a stern admonition not to cum or suffer the consequences. {This actually sounds a bit familiar & definitely do-able!}

You teasingly strip in front of me, pressing your cunt, feet and ass to my mouth and lips, and then you settle down into some nice comfy pillows to get yourself off while I watch and keep myself hard and on the edge. You verbally remind me that you are free to have all the orgasms you want, while I am not. You frequently use my eager mouth to clean your wetness, your fingers and toys between orgasms, letting me get to the point of total frustration, then allowing me to beg to cum.

Tying my free hand off and gagging me, you begin a flogging, whipping, and caning session, each time allowing me to go soft and then pausing to permit me to stroke again, or sucking and stroking me yourself until I am hard, and then resuming your wicked play. Finally, you take advantage of my going soft one more time to lock the spiked cage on my cock, binding just my hands behind me and leading me off to bed by a leash to pleasure you one final time before tying the cage off tightly to my wrists and curling up next to me for a good long night’s sleep! At some point the next day, you relent and allow me to empty my load – then clean it up with my tongue and recycle it for next time! Camp perhaps? {Umm no baby, sooner I think.. see you Thursday!} ;)

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Cuckold Phone Fantasies

by admin on Jun.24, 2008, under Blog Entries & Musings, Cuckolds, Sluts & Sex Slaves, NiteFlirt Callers, Personal slave

I have not really posted much about my NiteFlirt guys yet. I guess part of me was respecting the delightful anonymity of the process and yet, I have grown quite fond of a few of my regular callers in a fairly short period of time and thought that a couple of them might enjoy reading a little bit about themselves on my blog from time to time. One of my most favorite phone slaves is slave Paulie. Not only does he check in with me on a very regular basis, (which goes a long way toward developing a good solid relationship) but he is a very polite and respectful slave on one hand and a total slut on the other. Since he confided in me that he has forced bi fantasies, I LOVE telling him about all of the ways I would enjoy having my Brett use and abuse him for my amusement.

Some of the things we discuss are pure fantasy but there are definitely a few recurring scenarios that have been turning me on more and more the deeper we delve into them. For example, I have been getting pretty turned on by the idea of acquiring a cuckold slave for my sadistic amusement. Cuckoldom as I understand it involves a woman that requires that her husband / boyfriend / slave be completely faithful to her while she is free to do as she pleases with others with or without his knowledge. I actually found the Wikipedia entry fairly fascinating since it elaborated on the past usage of the term as well as a few more modern examples of this popular fetish.

The truth is Brett and I have already agreed that his orgasms and his sexuality belong entirely to me, although I may do as I wish with others with or without him being present, so technically he is already a voluntary cuckold to me. However, the commonly accepted reasoning behind this arrangement is that the male in question is not “man” enough to sexually satisfy the woman, so she fucks other men basically out of necessity and mocks the cuckold for his inadequacies. This is not and never could be the case between me & Brett though because one of the things that I love most about him is his sexual self control.

While it is true that we agreed quite some time ago that he is only permitted to cum in my presence , I certainly do not ask him not to masturbate. In fact I insist that he “stay in shape” by doing his “exercises” each and every morning, teasing and toying with his (in my opinion) perfect cock, keeping it erect and turned on for at least an hour without cumming. As a result, he absolutely delights me with how long he can stay deliciously hard and fuck me on and on and on until I am completely and totally satisfied.

So where does my cuckold fantasy fit in with slave Paul? Well, although the typical cuckold format does not apply and I absolutely have no intention of giving up my right to use my Brett sexually however & whenever I wish, there is a bit of a turn on factor to the idea of forcing another man, to suck Brett’s pretty cock for me. I may in fact want Paulie to “fluff” that lovely piece of meat for me and then force him to watch while totally bound in the corner as Brett makes me scream and cum over and over again until I am thoroughly sated. Then, perhaps I may have that cuckold boy open his mouth & throat wide, licking, sucking and swallowing that wonderful cock slave of mine spotlessly clean for me while I watch knowing that he is tasting my juices all over that cock. I love the mental image of having this young handsome man on his knees, hands bound behind his back, mouth wide open as my sexy alpha slave steps up to him with a lovely hard on, grabs a hand full of his hair and forces his sticky cock down his throat. This of course would get me turned on all over again and I am pretty sure it would work for both of these guys as well. I could go on in explicit detail about the other things I imagine having my Brett do to this other slave for my amusement but I guess I will save that for my next chat with slave Paulie, or Mike from Long Island or maybe even that new toy Glen that talked me up for 2 hrs last night about how much he would love for me to objectify him. Mmm I love my life!

In the meantime, although I have not presented Brett with any overtly bi sexual encounters just yet, I am definitely considering some real time possibilities. Camp is coming, more soon… <grin>

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Elastrator Castration Fantasy…

by admin on Jun.02, 2008, under Blog Entries & Musings, NiteFlirt Callers

So like Oh My God.. I just had the hottest NiteFlirt call of the month! (Give this boy a prize! Ok well he was allowed to keep his testicles, this time.) :) It all started with an email:

Hi, my name is Steve, age 29. I came across your site and love what i see. I am writing to see if you enjoy doing damage to a guys balls? I am into heavy cbt and would love for someone as sexy as you to ruin my nuts. If you are interested, I have an elastrator (banding castration device make for livestock) and castration bands that you could make me put around my balls. Once on these bands cut off all the circulation to the balls, and i’m sure you realize how much damage that could cause. If you were feeling cruel and make me leave it on very long my balls would be really messed up. If this sounds like fun to you, let me know and I’ll give you a call. I will honestly try and band my balls for as long as you wanted.”

Now I have had some interesting offers before but never quite like this. I own an elastrator myself and have never been able to talk anyone into letting me try it out on his balls before, nipples yes.. balls not quite. I naturally perked right up and emailed him back and said basically: “Hell yeah!” And sure enough that little lunatic called me a few minutes later and did exactly as he was told, he popped one of those incredibly small thick green rubber bands over both of his testicles for me. I truly wished he had a web cam because I would have loved to have seen this process but I quite enjoyed the sounds effects.

I was fascinated and wanted to know everything, blow by blow how did it feel. He said at first it wasn’t really very painful, just an uncomfortable tightness. We continued our chat and I described some castration fantasies I have had to him. Such as how I think that in a “perfect world” all men that were either not excessively well hung or possessed of incredible stamina would be castrated and cuckolded, forced into “worker bee” slave mode and permitted to financially support the Queen (that would be me) :) Even if I didn’t castrate all the drone slaves, they would certainly not be permitted to breed. But I truly feel that it would be in their best interest to have the distraction of sex removed from their lives. (Purely for their own benefit and from the goodness of my heart of course.)

I also played out loud with the idea of creating my own human safe sex toy. If there was no way for sperm to escape his testicles there would be no way a slave could impregnate someone. It certainly would reduce the number of incidents of slaves cumming with out permission I would think, especially if I told him in no uncertain terms that I would leave the band on until his frigging balls shrivelled up, died and fell off, unless he could completely satisfy me. Yes, that would either do the trick or seal his fate in that moment, wouldn’t you think? I told him how hot I thought it would be for him to mail me his dried up testicles as an offering and ordered him to beg me to competely destroy his balls and he just moaned and wimpered which actually got me even more turned on.

As the conversation went on I could hear his voice becoming increasingly distressed. The band was really beginning to have an effect and he said the color of the ball sac was turning dark purple indicating the tissue has used up every bit of the oxygen in the blood and was now starving. I got out my vibrator and decided that I needed to do my best to distract him from his current situation and seduce him into hanging in there a while longer, and then just a bit more, and if possible just one more minute.

It worked for somewhere around 20 minutes and at that point he was practically sobbing from the pain. As much as I adore the idea, part of me didn’t see the point in completely destroying the balls of the only man that has offered them up to me on a platter (albeit long distance) if I wasn’t going to be able to watch and deeply relish the process. I mean hell, if I am going to castrate the guy for real, I want to put the band on myself and let him watch me enjoy his suffering!

So I gave him permission to remove the band and had a truly wonderful, toe curling orgasm while I listened to him whimper and cry! He wrote me a little while later to apologize for not being able to go longer for me and to let me know that they were still pretty tender but looked OK. He also promised to try to go twice as long next time. I may have to buy that boy a web cam myself! ;) Til soon… Suzanne SxySADIST!

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