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Slut Tammi

by admin on Apr.04, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Live sessions, NiteFlirt Callers

One of my favorite NiteFlirt phone sluts finally came to visit me the other night and I had a delicious time using, abusing and traing her as my slutty sex slave.  That nasty little whore just went crazy sucking my big strap on! I swear it was as deep in her throat as it could have possibly been and she just wanted more!!  I made her suck it over and over telling her how much I was enjoying using her and training her to be my good little cock sucking slut and that if she got good enough at it that I might then start to pimp her out or turn her into my little cuckold fluff pig and make her suck some lovely big cock nice and hard for me to then fuck while she was forced to listen.  We both got pretty turned on by this scenario. ;)

Then I bent her over my curved arch and gave her a really nice spanking to warm up that sweet ass of hers. I love fucking a bright hot pink ass, and once she was sufficiently warmed up I slipped into her tight ass from behind and fucked the hell out of her! When it was all said and done we both lay on the sheepskin sweaty, wet and gasping and really really happy.  I decided to let the slut spend the night right there on the floor in my dungeon while I went upstairs to curl up next to my boyfriend and dream sexy nasty hot dreams. I am sharing a few non identifiable photos of my little slut here and have asked her to send me some comments when she has a chance.  I will stop back and add them when she sends them along.   Enjoy!! 

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Sexy Fun in the Office

by admin on Feb.09, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, NiteFlirt Callers

So one of my long lost favorite NF callers rang me up this afternoon and together we spun out a really sexy little scenario that I have decided to share with you…

I am a new secretary sent over by the temp agency and you are my very horny, sexist womanizing boss. I know what a pig you are at heart and I enjoy employing all of my assets to their best use. Translation: I like to dress in very short skirts and show off my ample cleavage because I know it makes your dick hard but I also fully intend to get the upper hand before long. <evil smile>

I spent the morning taking dick-tation and of course I noticed the way you looked at my legs as you stuttered and stammered your way through your earlier missives.  Although I did modestly cross my legs you naturally noticed that I am wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt that was peeking out just under my fairly short skirt. Several times I would look up from my steno pad and find you staring at my legs and trying to get a glimpse of my panties.  Ohh yes, the bait had been set .. now it was time to reel you in. <grin>

Now it is late in the day, everyone else in the office has gone home and I am almost done with all of the typing.  You buzz the intercom to tell me that you need yet another letter taken. <eye roll> This time when I came in to take the letter I came all the way around and sat on the corner of your desk, hiking my skirt up a bit more than would be considered lady like. <wink> You were momentarily dumbfounded and speechless. I like having you off guard.  I slide across your desk until I am seated directly in front of you on your desk with my thighs slightly spread.

“I know you have been trying to peek up my skirt all day Mr Douglas, I think it is time you got a better view, don’t you?”

“I.. I dunno what you are talking about!” you stutter.  I lean forward and grab your tie, pulling you toward me, spreading my legs slightly further as I do. Suddenly a long but slender lavender cock springs out from under my skirt. Your eyes get really big but you do not pull away as I pull you to me by your neck tie.  “It’s time for you to suck my cock like a good boy…. ” I pull you off your chair and push you down to your knees… your mouth opens and I grab a hand full of your hair and push your still speechless face down onto my cock. You start sucking and I order you to take me deeper. To open your throat for me and swallow my cock deeper and deeper. I want you to suck it all!

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and you try to pull your mouth off of my cock but I hold your head in place and say loud and clear, “Come in!”  The UPS guy walks in holding a couple of packages and starts to say that he “would have just left them on the desk but he needs a signature… “.  His voice trails off as he takes in the scene in front of him.  You are still trying to pull away from my strap on cock and I lift you face off my dick for a moment, just long  to slap your face hard enough to let you know I am not playing and then force your mouth back deeply onto my beautiful cock.   “He looks good with a cock in your mouth wouldn’t you agree?” I look at the UPS guy and lick my lips.  He is young, handsome, muscular as hell and it is quite obvious this scene is turning him on tremendously! 

Hell it was turning me on tremendously and needless to say it turned on my buddy Douglas from New Orleans who came quite suddenly and unexpectedly around the time I bent him over the desk and took his ass with my strap on while making him suck the UPS boy’s cock. :) Perhaps I should flesh this story out a bit more and offer it for sale through NF .. what do you think?

The thumbnails on this page were taken from a 30+ full size photo set called ”The Secretary Strikes back!”. 
You can own this set for only $9.99 click here to:

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Strap On Play Anyone?

by admin on Feb.05, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Live sessions, Sex Toy & Product Reviews

Why should he have all the fun?

Why should he have all the fun?

So like OMG this has been such an amazingly hot week in the dungeon! I got a visit from a really sexy little slave boy this week who totally wanted me to use and abuse him with my strap on and that was definitely working for me! He even showed u with a gay sex porn DVD that I promptly popped into my widescreen lap top and had this boy on his knees sucking my hot hard rubber cock while I watched the stud on the screen shove his cock down another boy’s throat. It was nasty and sleezy and so damn HOT to hear them grunting like animals while this boy sucked me off!  ;)

I especially loved pulling my cock out of his mouth and slapping his face with it and then making him beg to suck it some more! Mmm! I was getting so turned on in fact I decided to pull out one of my favorite personal toys; my purple Feeldoe! For those who have never seen or heard of these babies they are a deliciously unique approach to strap ons! The shape of it actually allows a woman to insert it into her vagina and have the other end be sucked or inserted elsewhere.  :) 

The whole collection!

The whole collection!

It is still really helpful to use a strap on harness with these babies because no matter how strong your vaginal muscles are there is still the issue of it sliding out if you get too wet!  (Is there any such thing as too wet?) Needless to say, I REALLY love these babies.  I currently own all but the newest Red one which is the largest one yet! I may have to add that baby to my wishlist and see just how much deeper I can get with it that with any of the others! 

Anyway, once I got my purple baby slipped in and strapped in place I bent my little ass fuck toy over on my bench and made him watch the boys on the screen fuck as I slammed his ass! Mmmm grrr!  It was a really hot damn scene and I totally loved using and abusing his tight ass for a good long time!

While I was at it … I told this little darling some of my own personal cuckold fantasies and described to him in detail how much I would love making him suck my personal slaves perfect cock for me.  He seemed to like that idea as much as I did!  Maybe I should write down some of those nasty fantasies… what do you think?  :)   More soon!

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Cock sucking sluts!!

by admin on Feb.02, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Live sessions, NiteFlirt Callers

My newest slut toy!

My newest slut toy!

Tonight has been quite the day for cock suckers!  It started with a new slut that came for a live session this evening and started off on a bad foot by showing up almost a half hour late!  Yeah, I know she is lucky I even saw her but I was feeling generous (and horny) so I decided to slap the slut around make her suck my dick like the filthy horny pig that she is and then send her home. :)  But wait.. I will let her tell you about it: 

I was late for my session, Mistress would have to punish me. She quickly had me strip and put on my sissy maid outfit. Then she proceeded to tie my hands behind my back. She was teasing me and then rubbing her big pink cock in my face. I needed to suck her big cock. All I wanted to do was suck her cock like a slut. After sometime doing this she did something that was so hot! She tied a rope around my throat and tied it to something behind me. I needed to suck her so bad and please her as her sissy slut as I leaned forward to suck her cock, the rope was becoming tighter around my neck. What a feeling! I just had to take more into my mouth, leaning forward more and more! I so desired to be a good sissy slut for the Mistress.

Then she used my ass for her pleasure, using her fingers and then a vibrating butt plug. She had me is sub space, I would do anything to please Mistress Suzanne! Because I was late she did not let me cum even though the picture shows me playing with myself!Thank you mistress for this evening. Even though it was short, it was wonderful time to go into the world of submission and realize my hidden desires. I cannot wait to have another session with you!  

And no, I decided not to let the little slut cum this time.  I wanted to keep her horny so that she will remember that cumming is a privilege and not one easily earned by being TARDY!  But I sure did enjoy using her tonight and as it turned out .. she totally set the mood for the next little whore that called me!

Tammi -  One of my favorite phone slaves, called me about an hour after I finished with the first slut.  I was still wet.  :)  Now, Tammi and I have been talking for quite awhile now and this little whore loves to suck cock more than just about anyone I know!  She has in fact told me some totally delicious stories about some of her slutty real life adventures!  

One of the hottest ones I recall was about a cab ride the hungry little whore went on where she somehow managed to seduce the driver who then had the slut kneel in front of the cab while he (the driver) sat on the hood and had the the bitch service him out there in the open.  It totally turned me on to think of this nasty little pig kneeling in the gravel with the headlights on her slutty face gobbling cock like a starving animal.  I totally got off on all the juicy details that she gave me and had a pretty sweet orgasm myself!

She also loves to perform on cam for me and I have watched this little slut fuck herself by attaching this big suction dildo to the wall and back her tight ass onto it and hump the wall like a bitch in heat!  Man! I have even made her suck it clean, gag on it like mad then fuck it again!  I love to watch her get into a slut frenzy. She gets so submissive and sexy when I tell her about how I want to whore her out for me.  She would be such an easy piece of meat to cuckold and use as a fluffer! 

We have talked about getting together live and in person several times, we even got really close once but our schedules have just been misaligning thus far… but I am sure that I will have this little pig on her knees for me one night in the not so distant future and then I will have to take a few pics of my cock down her throat to share with you all.

Talk more soon!

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Cuckold Phone Fantasies

by admin on Jun.24, 2008, under Blog Entries & Musings, Cuckolds, Sluts & Sex Slaves, NiteFlirt Callers, Personal slave

I have not really posted much about my NiteFlirt guys yet. I guess part of me was respecting the delightful anonymity of the process and yet, I have grown quite fond of a few of my regular callers in a fairly short period of time and thought that a couple of them might enjoy reading a little bit about themselves on my blog from time to time. One of my most favorite phone slaves is slave Paulie. Not only does he check in with me on a very regular basis, (which goes a long way toward developing a good solid relationship) but he is a very polite and respectful slave on one hand and a total slut on the other. Since he confided in me that he has forced bi fantasies, I LOVE telling him about all of the ways I would enjoy having my Brett use and abuse him for my amusement.

Some of the things we discuss are pure fantasy but there are definitely a few recurring scenarios that have been turning me on more and more the deeper we delve into them. For example, I have been getting pretty turned on by the idea of acquiring a cuckold slave for my sadistic amusement. Cuckoldom as I understand it involves a woman that requires that her husband / boyfriend / slave be completely faithful to her while she is free to do as she pleases with others with or without his knowledge. I actually found the Wikipedia entry fairly fascinating since it elaborated on the past usage of the term as well as a few more modern examples of this popular fetish.

The truth is Brett and I have already agreed that his orgasms and his sexuality belong entirely to me, although I may do as I wish with others with or without him being present, so technically he is already a voluntary cuckold to me. However, the commonly accepted reasoning behind this arrangement is that the male in question is not “man” enough to sexually satisfy the woman, so she fucks other men basically out of necessity and mocks the cuckold for his inadequacies. This is not and never could be the case between me & Brett though because one of the things that I love most about him is his sexual self control.

While it is true that we agreed quite some time ago that he is only permitted to cum in my presence , I certainly do not ask him not to masturbate. In fact I insist that he “stay in shape” by doing his “exercises” each and every morning, teasing and toying with his (in my opinion) perfect cock, keeping it erect and turned on for at least an hour without cumming. As a result, he absolutely delights me with how long he can stay deliciously hard and fuck me on and on and on until I am completely and totally satisfied.

So where does my cuckold fantasy fit in with slave Paul? Well, although the typical cuckold format does not apply and I absolutely have no intention of giving up my right to use my Brett sexually however & whenever I wish, there is a bit of a turn on factor to the idea of forcing another man, to suck Brett’s pretty cock for me. I may in fact want Paulie to “fluff” that lovely piece of meat for me and then force him to watch while totally bound in the corner as Brett makes me scream and cum over and over again until I am thoroughly sated. Then, perhaps I may have that cuckold boy open his mouth & throat wide, licking, sucking and swallowing that wonderful cock slave of mine spotlessly clean for me while I watch knowing that he is tasting my juices all over that cock. I love the mental image of having this young handsome man on his knees, hands bound behind his back, mouth wide open as my sexy alpha slave steps up to him with a lovely hard on, grabs a hand full of his hair and forces his sticky cock down his throat. This of course would get me turned on all over again and I am pretty sure it would work for both of these guys as well. I could go on in explicit detail about the other things I imagine having my Brett do to this other slave for my amusement but I guess I will save that for my next chat with slave Paulie, or Mike from Long Island or maybe even that new toy Glen that talked me up for 2 hrs last night about how much he would love for me to objectify him. Mmm I love my life!

In the meantime, although I have not presented Brett with any overtly bi sexual encounters just yet, I am definitely considering some real time possibilities. Camp is coming, more soon… <grin>

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