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Sissy Pants Diary Continued…

by admin on Apr.15, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Cuckolds, Sluts & Sex Slaves, NiteFlirt Callers

The slut didn’t send me a pic this time but she did send me an update about the weekend following her first full week of training. I will add a few more entries here as they “cum in”.  :)

Greetings Mistress Suzanne.
Thank You so much for allowing me to “relieve my tensions” this weekend. i just about hit the celling when i finally came!! It had been building up for over a week, and with all that You have had me doing, it truly was building up. i tried to force myself to eat my cum but as usual i whinnied out after i came. Your new idea of a chastity devise has me terrified and hard at the same time. If You required my to eat it, i will for You. i have consumed about a dozen ounces of pre-cum and think i am ready to take the “whole” load for You.

Thank You for your time, consideration and training

Yours always, slave sissy pants.

April 20th  Update:  Sissy Pants and I both had a busy week or two but the little slut touched base with me this week and sent me this video of himself wanking off and licking his pre cum off of his slutty fingers.  :) What a slut!  I told him I plan to make him eat a whole load on cam for me one night soon because he has never done that yet!  Hmm  something to look forward to eh?  In the meantime check out his wank video in the crothcless panties that I love so much!  Sissy Pants Wankin’

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“sissy pants” goes crotchless

by admin on Apr.08, 2009, under NiteFlirt Callers, Other Distance Training

These are some really hot little panties! I like them so much I ordered the little slut to send me a pair as well. :D The slut seems to like them too judging from his “perky condition”. But hey slut …. how about a rear view now & then? ;)

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“sissy pants” first diary entry

by admin on Apr.08, 2009, under Other Distance Training

As promised my new little “slave sissy pants” has sent me his first entry and I am sharing it with you here. I also need to teach this little slut the difference between stalking and stockings. LOL! As well as what it is to be a voyuer who loves to watch other people and an exhibitionist who enjoys being watched. I suspect this panty slut dreams of being the latter so perhaps I can help the little whore out with that, what do you think? :D

Dearest Mistress Suzanne, i wanted to thank You for allowing me to train with You by email. It has been about a week so far and already it has been MUCH MORE then i could have imagined. So far You have given me two assignments. The first was to purchase at least 3 pair of sexy ladies panties and a pair of stalkings for myself and to provide you with photos of me in the same. While i have never had any interest in dressing like a women, the idea of buying these undergarments at Your request and wearing them was wonderful. So far i have purchased a pair of black lacy panties (which you have pictures of me in) and a small nude color thong (which you also have pictures of me in). i am going to get out today and purchase the the “Big” set, a black tiny thong and matching stalkings. i will provide you with photos as soon as i get them.

You have also assigned me the task of taking a picture(s) of my worthless cock out while i am eating at a restaurant. This has proven to be a little more difficult then i originally anticipated. i am working on it and as soon as i have been able to pull it out, photo it and not get caught i will forward the “proof” pictures to You.

i thank You so much for Your time with me and look forward to O/our training.

Yours, slave sissy pants.

And here are a few pics sent by My new little panty slut. Cute huh? :)

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The Misadventures & Humiliation of “slave sissy pants”

by admin on Apr.06, 2009, under NiteFlirt Callers, Other Distance Training

So I have come across and begun toying with a new little slave from the midwest who I am choosing to refer to as “slave sissy pants” for the moment. This enthusiastic little bugger seems to be a bit of a thrill seeker and LOVES the idea of being ordered to do things that put him at risk of public exposure and sending me proof that he has complied with my instructions. :D I like that part a lot and expect to be quite amused over the coming weeks.

I have already sent the little slut shopping for panties and a webcam and have informed him that he needs to begin sending me “diary” entries of his misadventures including photos for me to post to my blog so that I may further humiliate him publicly and hopefully amuse some of my readers as well. Why should I have ALL the fun right? Ohh right because I am the Mistress, that’s why! ;)

More soon!

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Slut Tammi

by admin on Apr.04, 2009, under Blog Entries & Musings, Live sessions, NiteFlirt Callers

One of my favorite NiteFlirt phone sluts finally came to visit me the other night and I had a delicious time using, abusing and traing her as my slutty sex slave.  That nasty little whore just went crazy sucking my big strap on! I swear it was as deep in her throat as it could have possibly been and she just wanted more!!  I made her suck it over and over telling her how much I was enjoying using her and training her to be my good little cock sucking slut and that if she got good enough at it that I might then start to pimp her out or turn her into my little cuckold fluff pig and make her suck some lovely big cock nice and hard for me to then fuck while she was forced to listen.  We both got pretty turned on by this scenario. ;)

Then I bent her over my curved arch and gave her a really nice spanking to warm up that sweet ass of hers. I love fucking a bright hot pink ass, and once she was sufficiently warmed up I slipped into her tight ass from behind and fucked the hell out of her! When it was all said and done we both lay on the sheepskin sweaty, wet and gasping and really really happy.  I decided to let the slut spend the night right there on the floor in my dungeon while I went upstairs to curl up next to my boyfriend and dream sexy nasty hot dreams. I am sharing a few non identifiable photos of my little slut here and have asked her to send me some comments when she has a chance.  I will stop back and add them when she sends them along.   Enjoy!! 

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