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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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Web Site Awards & Kudos

I work very hard on this web site and spend countless late nights toiling over every detail to make it the best that I possibly can. Although I have had a minimum of web authoring lessons over the years I seem to do a pretty decent job.

I am always thrilled by letters of praise from people that visit my site and along the way I have been recognized as having done well by being honored with the following awards. Thank you!




Fan Mail

I get so many wonderful letters complimenting me on my web site. I am always thrilled to read them and somehow it makes all the hard work and late hours I put into doing the site myself all worthwhile. I just wanted to share a few of them with you... SxySadist


I've spent a very pleasant few hours exploring your web site. It is excellent! As a novice in BDSM, I have been searching the web for info and I have visited countless domme web sites. Yours is the best by far. The information you give, your caring attitude and the sense of fun and wonder you project about BDSM are a godsend to the many like me. It leads me to realize that not all pro Dommes hate men or wish only to whip them senseless. I just hope I can find a Mistress locally who lives up to the high standard you set!

Hello, I like the insights the diary brings, I hope you keep it for a while. Enjoyed your new opening page photo and hope to see the real thing again soon, and I'll be studying the diary for tips to make you happy. Gary

Date: 2/25/00 6:19:37 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Withheld

Hey MS Suzanne
just wanted to let you know I've been a huge fan of your site since you first put it up and it keeps getting better. You have to hands down be the coolest Domme to grace the net. Your site is probably one of the few sites where the writing is as attention getting as the imagery. keep up the great work. i cant wait to see what you put up next (hopefully a gallery of your nails =) ).
submissively Chris

Dear Mistress:
I hope you won't mind me being so forward to just write you out of the blue. I discovered your site this morning via Poetrician's site, and I just had to write you.

Your photos and your words are incredibly sexy. What got to me was the short poem on your main page. It is very rare to encounter someone who understands that a soft touch can be as devastating (if not more so) than a hard smack. I have loved soft domination for a long time, and your writing convinces me that you could gently tease a man to tears.

But your poem (along with your brief description of your soft toys - the fur mitt, the feathers, etc) made my heart swell with longing and my body ache terribly. I may never get a chance to meet you in person but you certainly may have the gift of my frustration, sparked by your sexiness and your playful attitude. It's a frustration that will likely always haunt my body, since your incredible words and sexy image are burned into my brain.
your fan, christopher

Hi Suzanne.

I'd like to tell you this. I think I'm a real lucky person to have found you online. You make me enjoy every minute playing the part.. You are just wonderful as a Mistress.....and as a person. You are one in a million My Mistress Suzanne! :)

I truly loved your page, very informative, very open, very honest. And you came over as a warm, caring, sensitive and sensible lady. I got the impression that you chose to become a pro Domme not because of the money, not because you had a raging need to express your power, not because you couldn't find a job . . . but because you get pleasure in the pleasure you are able to "inflict" on others.

If you live up to the image you project, you would probably be one of the most skilled and loving mistresses there are out there.

Thank you for a model site, for both the seriousness and the pleasure with which you endow BD/SM, for your stress on caution and safety, for the tremendous amount of information you impart.

Hey, I'm going on about you almost as if by just viewing your site I had already become your worshipful devotee. I'd better not go back to your site too often. God knows where my thoughts might lead me to . . . But hey, that mightn't be such a horrid fantasy, after all.

I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful web site..... I read threw it all!
You put much personality and talent in it ......especially the the making of the dungeon.......very nice!........I am a very novice Domme.....with boyfriend that is very submissive...... I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I thought about your web page... have a good day!

Mistress Suzanne aka SxySadist;
my name is deena/david and i just wanted to compliment you on Your web page. Your web page combines the rare combination of Your beauty but it is also very informative. Thank You for allowing me to view it and also to gaze upon Your beauty.

submissively, deena/david

Visited your site and it was wonderfully done and tasteful. A great help to me, thank you.

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