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Whether I am working one on one with individuals or standing before a group, I consider my work to be educational in nature. Not only is it educational for the person or people I am working with, but it ia always educational for me as well. The more people I meet and the more I learn about what others desire and want to explore, the more I am faced with mirrors and opportunities to expand my own horizons and self awareness.

I am experienced with many forms of BDSM and erotic sexual play and love to share knowledge with private individuals and other community members as a group, couple or individually.

I am capable of and enjoy teaching many more topics than the ones listed below. If you or your group has a particular class in mind that you are interested and do not see it listed below drop me a note at and ask me about it.

Current List of Classes & Descriptions:

Bondage Classes -

Diamonds and Other Gems

Weaving beautiful diamond and hex shaped rope art onto a body can be an artistic expression, a wonderful way to wrap your partner in your ropey embrace as well as a functional harness for anchoring them to something and reducing mobility. These can be tied on a naked body or worn over or even under clothing halfway down the body or encompassing the entire body. In this hands on class I will show you several varieties and variations on the themes. Please bring at least two longish lengths of rope. If you have a petite partner two 25 – 30 footers should suffice. If you are tying a more ample proportioned body please err on the side of longer lengths like one 40 or 50 foot length as well as a 30. Time permitting I will show you rope netted dresses as well. Bring four 20 footers pieces for that.

Good for beginner to intermediate skill levels - hands on - 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for lots of hands on practice.

Intentional Bondage - Thinking Through Your Kink

There are so many reasons to do bondage and the intention behind your bondage will affect all aspects of your scene; from location, to rigging style, positioning, equipment needed, right down to the type of rope you’ll use.

Whether you intend to focus on form, function, or whether these factors will be equally important to your scene, realize that the rigger’s intentions and the bottom’s are not always compatible. They may have complementary desires or they may not.

In this class we will discuss how you can communicate what really matters to you about the scene you desire, the gamut of different bondage intentions and their impact on all the other aspects of creating your memorable scene.

Interactive discussion good for beginner to intermediate skill levels - 90 mins to 2 hrs

Fun with "Floor Work"

Sure tying people to fancy dungeon equipment can be a blast when you are at an event or a club, but what if you don't have any of that in your living room at home? And yes, suspension work is hot and sexy as hell (not to mention dangerous) but if you aren't ready for that quite yet what else can you do with some rope & your imagination? There are dozens of ways to have fun with someone when all you have is some rope and an open piece of floor.

In this workshop we will explore as many different positions and uses for them (wink) as we are able in the time allotted. Bring a partner if you have one, your rope bag and a mat, pillow or blanket for working on the floor more comfortably. If you are single looking to tie or be tied come on down and we will do our best to pair folks up for practice purposes.

Good for beginner to intermediate skill levels - hands on - 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for more hands on practice.

Adaptable Bondage

Not all bondage bottoms resemble the teensy little Asian gals for which many of the popular shibari ties were designed. Many bottoms have past injuries or inflexibility issues that the bondage top needs to take into account when planning the scene. I believe that it is up to the top to do their best to design a bondage that will work for the unique body they will be tying without shaming or otherwise injuring the bottom further in any way.

In this class / demo I will try to demonstrate some of the ways that I have learned to adapt bondages over the years to accommodate people of different abilities and sizes. I intend to cover different ways of tying wrists that do not meet behind the back, as well as a few variations on chest ties, and arm binders for people with flexibility issues. Time permitting I will also try to get to floor work bondages such as hog ties and crab leg positions. Volunteers of all shapes, sizes and abilities will be sought from the audience and treated with care and respect.

Good for beginner to intermediate skill levels - hands on - 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for more hands on practice.

One Column Wonders

There is almost no end to the array of quick, easy, yet effective ties that can be created by simply tying this column to that column. Some of these include what I jokingly call the lunch ties: Crab leg, frog leg, hog tie and chicken wings. Most of these ties can quickly and easily be changed from one to another to prevent ADD or relieve cramping in those that cannot stay in any one position too long. This is a fairly fast-paced part demo and part hands on class but is suitable for all experience levels. It is very helpful if you know how to tie a non-collapsible cuff but if not it will definitely be covered. Bring one 30 footer and two 10 - 15 foot pieces of rope, wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket if you have one.

Good for beginner to intermediate skill levels - hands on - 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for more hands on practice.

Rope Bondage / Shibari 101 & 201

Bondage plays at least a small part in more kinky sexual fantasies than almost any other activity, and yet bondage can be an entire world unto itself. There is no end to the ways that one person can bind another and the reasons or intentions for doing so can be as varied as the means. Rope bondage in particular can seem daunting to some who may fear they would be required to learn a lot of fancy knots or overly intricate ties, but I wish to assure you that if you can tie your shoes, you can bind your lover for mutual pleasure, good times and fantasy fulfillment.

The 101 class begins with a slideshow presentation about bondage basics, negotiating a scene, rope selection and care, and good basic safety information. Afterwards there will be some hands-on workshop time where I will teach some basic utility ties & cuffs that are suitable for any gender or sexual persuasion.

In the second half we will expand upon the skills we started with earlier and start to incorporate a simple shibari chest harnesses suitable for men or women as well as crotch ropes for both genders. Time permitting we will move on to some very simple diamond harnesses, arm binders or other decorative but useful stuff. The focus of these classes will be on keeping it simple to understand, follow and remember so that you can actually learn and retain these ties.

All are welcome to attend but if you would like to participate please bring at least two 30 - 40 foot sections of pliable rope and someone to share it with. If you do not have a partner but wish to learn to tie someone or have a chance to be tied in a safe environment, come on in anyway and there will be an opportunity to pair up for practice purposes! Includes 4 page hand out.

Best done with a minimum of 90 mins - 2 hrs - more time when possible allows for more hands on time & more ties or to be done as a 2 par class

Giving Good Head (and face bondage)

One of the quickest ways to send some bottoms flying is to apply your bondage to their head or face. I find that it really draws on all the senses since it allows you to limit their sight and muffle their moans. They can hear the rope whisper past their ears as you work and smell the scent and possibly even taste the rope, creating a delicious smorgasbord of sensation! But the question is where or how to start with no obvious anchor points other than the neck? (Sorry, this class doesn’t include breath play!) Please bring at least 15 to 20 feet of thin-ish smooth rope similar to paracord or thin linen rope and we will experiment with several ways to do head and face bondage. We will cover hair bondage as well if time permits, but this class is suitable for any gender and hair length.

Good for all levels - hands on - 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for more hands on practice.

Binding the Jewels - Cock & Ball Bondage

The male genitalia lends itself beautifully to many types of bondage and it is a wonderful way to remind him that YOU are totally in charge. In this class we will explore some basic safety info and then do a hands on demo of some of my favorite cock & ball bondage ties. It is suitable for all skill levels.

Please bring a subject to work on and some fairly thin rope, cord or twine. If you do not have rope I will bring extra to give to you. Also, if any unattached males show up I will be seeking volunteers from the audience to demonstrate on. Includes a 2 page hand out.

Good for all levels - hands on - Minimum 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for more hands on practice.

Thinking Outside the Box tie - Chest & Body Harnesses

For most bondage bottoms, there is nothing like the feeling of rope encasing your chest so that you feel it with every single breath. Chest harnesses also have many advantages for rope tops which can include presentation, decoration, attachment points and more! In this class we will explore as many different chest harnesses as time allows. Please come to class with at least two 25 - 30 foot pieces of soft pliable rope and someone to share them with. If you do not have a partner and wish to participate in the hands on we will do our best to partner folks up.

Beginner to Intermediate Best done with a minimum of 90 mins - 2 hrs - more time when possible allows for more hands on time & more ties or to be done

Oooh, Aahhh, Ouch!! Foot Bondage for beauty, comfort and pain!

Feet! They are the subject of the most popular fetishes of all! We adore making them pretty with polish and shoes and they can give their owners a great deal of pleasure or exquisite amounts of pain. In this hands on class we will explore some micro bondage (so please bring a 20 feet or more of paracord). We will also explore a couple of techniques that will allow us to use our bondage for good as well as evil so bring a regular length of standard bondage rope! Couples and single are welcome because un-partnered people can work on their own feet.

Good for all levels - hands on - 90 mins to 2 hrs - longer allows for more hands on practice.

The Joys of Flying "Low"

Suspension is suspension whether you are 2 inches, 2 feet or 20 feet off the ground. Yes, sometimes added height can be an advantage for certain types of play or for "showy" or performance art scenes, but I have discovered some of my sexiest and most intimate suspension play can happen when my partner is barely off the floor.  These days I love to slide in underneath them and lie on my back while they are hanging there just above me barely a breathy kiss distance away as I languishly run my nails across their body.  Ahhh yes, there is much that can be said and relished about low to the ground suspension work and this is also a great way to get a feel for and experience with suspension while minimizing risks associated with falls from higher altitudes.

In this hands on class we will explore some ways to play with partial and full suspensions that are close to the ground. My preference would be that you attend my earlier class "Fun with Floor work" as a pre requisite but if you have at least a good solid intermediate level knowledge of bondage and can demonstrate thus, then you may attend. As always please bring your rope bag, a partner if you have one, and a pillow or blanket if you are able as we will ALL be on the floor for at least part of this class. If you are single looking to tie or be tied come on down and we will do our best to pair folks up for practice purposes.

Torture Ties and Bondage for S&Mers

Who ever said bondage is supposed to be comfortable? Bondage arts have been used for centuries to arrest, interrogate through torture and even execute unfortunate victims. While I prefer my play partners to walk or at least limp away when I am through with them, I certainly do get turned on by putting folks into some pretty extreme and torturous ties. (volunteers will be sought from the audience!) <grin>

In this fairly advanced class we will explore sadism, masochism & edge play with rope and include topics such as predicament bondage, partial suspension & hojo jutsu (perhaps even a bit of breath play) This class is NOT for newbies and no one will be admitted more than 5 mins late to the class.

90 mins

Basic Boy Bondage

There are a great many bondage classes that feature beautiful ties on the "fairer" sex .. but not as many that focus on ties for those of us that tie men more often than women. In this hands on class we will explore several ties that work and look great on male bodies. Please bring at least two 30 foot sections of rope and someone with whom to share them. There will be an opportunity for unpartnered attendees to pair up for practice purposes.

90 mins

Other SM & Edgeplay Topics -

BDSM 101

The world of BDSM is a vast and multi faceted one and it can be quite a daunting and frightening realm for those with little to no experience to enter. This very basic class will start with explaining some key terminology such as what does BDSM stand for anyway and what do those elements involve? Why do people do that kinky stuff? How can someone protect themselves while "learning the ropes"? Where can someone just starting out get more information?

Bring your questions and an open mind and enjoy an informal and educational evening with an experienced lifestyler and professional dominatrix.

90 mins is best to include a good Q & A section

Ecstatic Caning Class & Workshop

Few implements in the S&M world strike as much fear into the hearts of some people as the cane. The mere mention of the word alone can make many cringe in fear and start muttering about safe words & hard limits. However, there are many of us that understand that a cane in the hand of an experienced and talented Master or Mistress, has the capability of delivering an exquisite range of sensation and producing some of the most amazing endorphin fueled journeys imaginable.

In this class Suzanne SxySadist will talk about the difference between rods and canes, cane selection, care and cleaning, where to cane, positions for caning, techniques for different effects and sensations and most near to her heart, the use of conscious breathing techniques to help the bottom to fly ecstatically and beg you for more.

Time permitting she will open it into a hands on workshop and assist those that are still developing their own caning skills and styles to incorporate some of what she has shown experientially. Bring your implements and a willing partner if you have one, but singles are welcome as well and best efforts will be made to get you some practice time.

Minimum 90 mins for class or 2 hrs for Hands on workshop

And the Floggings Will Continue!

In this hands on class we will start with a brief overview of the many types of floggers, what to look for when buying a flogger and where on the body you can safely flog. And then pick up a flogger and get some hands on practice with the dominant and non-dominant hand as well as an introduction to two handed flogging aka Florentine. Please bring a flogger if you have one. A good portion of this practice will NOT be on a partner but towards the end we will more to working on people. Un-partnered participants will have an opportunity to pair up for practice purposes.

Best done with a minimum of 90 mins

Single Tail Class & Workshop

Ahh nothing says sweet sexy sadism like the "swish.snap!" of the single tail whip!! What REALLY makes someone good with a whip? Is it the ability to consistently crack it at deafening decibels? Is it the ability to hit your mark with in a 6, 4 or 2 inch range more often than not? Is it the ability to read your bottom's breath and movements and know exactly how much contact to make with the whip when and where and the delightful ability to kiss and caress the flesh in one moment and then deliver a fiery napalm like strike that takes the submissive or bottom to the edge of their endurance and then whisper kiss and stroke their flesh softly as they catch their breath and beg for more?

Some things you can learn by discussing, some things you can learn by watching, and some things you can learn only by doing and doing and doing. So, there will be very little lecture here but a lot of whip throwing going on. If you are new to the signal whip and still trying to figure out which end to hold or how to get the damn thing to go where you want it to or if you are an experienced handler and want to be in whip space with other whip lovers or offer your own techniques and advice, please bring your whips and come on by. If you do not own one and are curious what it is like to throw one, I will bring several for people to try. If you simply adore the sound or kiss or sting of the whip, then by all means cum on by. Includes a 4 page handout.

Minimum 90 mins - needs to be a large space.

CB & NT from A-Z

Genital & Nipple torture is a world all its own and in this class we will take an alphabetical journey through some of my favorites. Although I will be gearing the class towards Cock & Ball torture many of these activities are also quite appropriate for female geni-torture as well. The class will consist of part lecture and part live demonstration. Volunteers of both genders may be sought and limits respected.

Breath & Blood Flow Play

There's something tremendously erotic about surrendering your very life to someone you (believe you) can trust. Breath play is edgy, scary, dangerous, and hot as hell! Why do you think so many people love it!?

This class will demonstrate some of the most common forms and styles of breath play from smothering to bagging and even include blood flow play techniques such as carotid artery compression.

It will also include enough safety information that you can make fully informed decisions as to whether the risks are acceptable to you and what styles of breath play are "safer" than others.

This is NOT a 101 class and definitely not for everyone! Includes a 4 page hand out.

Minimum 90 mins

BDSM on a Budget - Shopping for Inexpensive Toys

Suzanne SxySadist is a lifestyle switch, professional dominant and well respected member of the SM scene, with over a decade of experience. When first starting out in the lifestyle she quickly discovered that BDSM toys can be very expensive, so she used her imagination and a bunch of everyday items you can find around the house to fill her kinky toy bag.

Although her toy bag is now quite extensive and filled with lots and lots of expensive toys, she does still enjoy making toys of her own and finding kinky treasures in unlikely places. In this class she will tell you some of her favorite places to shop for "pervertables", show off lots of examples and demonstrate a few simple things you can make yourself.

Minimum 90 mins

Needle Play: The Basics & Beyond

Rarely has such a small "prick" caused such pleasure - but a well placed needle is the exception!

This workshop will cover the basics of doing needle play; what you need, safety and basic insertion techniques etc. This presentation includes a slide show presentation of some more advanced techniques such as lacing, body adornment, surgical stapling & suturing.

There is also a hands-on training portion that includes a chance for members of the audience to try it themselves - either by being pierced or by piercing a willing participant. If you have ever wanted to actually learn how to do safely and erotically include needle play in your scenes, here is your chance!

Minimum 90 mins to include a short hands on portion .. longer if possible

My Other Class Offerings (The "woo woo" stuff)

"Learning to Fly" - Ecstatic Percussion Workshop

What makes for a truly great percussion play scene? Is it the implements involved, (a cane, floggers, paddles, fists) the dynamic between the players (Master / slave, Dominant/ submissive, top / bottom) the intention of the scene or something more?

As a switch, I used to occasionally struggle to endure through the pain of heavy corporal in hopes that it would eventually "get better" or the top would get tired and move on to something I found more enjoyable. Then I discovered how the use of ecstatic breath work could help me stay more grounded, relaxed and connected to my partner, and thereby help me to transform and eroticize strong sensation into something not just to be endured but relished and enjoyed. Suddenly we were embarking onto some of the most amazingly connected and endorphin fueled journeys I could have ever imagined. I finally learned to fly on canes and I owe it all to learning how to breathe with my partner.

In this class we will now put to use the Ecstatic Breathing techniques we learned earlier to practice in a practical workshop setting. Tops will be encouraged to coach their bottoms to breathe more fully and will learn to become attuned to timing our strokes with the breath and vice verse. This class is not about basic percussion play skills and it will be assumed that the participants are already familiar with the basics of doing percussion play. Bring your favorite implements and a willing partner if you have one, but singles are welcome as well and best efforts will be made to get you some practice time.

minimum 90 mins

Intention and Connection

Have you ever wanted to add a more "magical" element to your play?  Or perhaps you have a yearning to build on the trust and intimacy already present between you and partner and transform it into something even more special. Most of us have a desire to share great levels of love, intimacy and connection with our chosen partners but think that that kind of connection and magic in a scene either just happens or takes a long time to build.  This does not have to be the case. I believe that anyone can transform their play and other intimate relationships by understanding each other's intention and desires and by focusing on staying connected to each other during the scene.

This class focuses on understanding what drives us internally to engage in "what it is that we do" as well as exploring and expanding your use of specific intention to guide a scene and create a deeper and more meaningful shared experience for you and your partner. We will also explore what it means to be energetically connected to our play partners and others through the practice of some verbal as well as non verbal communication skills. We will use several tools and experiential exercises that will help you to strengthen intimacy, and create a stronger sense of purpose in your scenes. It is my belief that incorporating some of these practices into your play is one way to take your experience beyond the physical into the realm of the energetically ecstatic and spiritual. Includes a 4 page handout.

Minimum 90 mins - longer when possible and works best when offered with the following class as a series:

Ecstatic Breath Ritual & Workshop

Breath is primal. It is the first thing we did upon entering this world and it will be one of the only constants we will know until we draw our last breath upon leaving it. The use of breath to attain altered states of consciousness has been practiced for centuries. It can also be used to manage pain, shift the body's physical and emotional state and connect you energetically to other human beings.

In this workshop we will explore completely safe conscious breathing techniques that can be used with in the context of BDSM scenes and other forms of love making. Some of these techniques are designed to help us connect more deeply to our own core, while also allowing for a deep connection with others and enjoying amazing shared experiences including "Breath Orgasms".

Please note that this class is about bringing our consciousness to breath and voluntarily altering your own breathing patterns to achieve ecstatic effects. It has nothing to do with "Breath Play" which is an entirely different topic. It is strongly suggested that you wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a mat or thick blanket to lie on as we will be laying down on the floor for the final breath exercise. Includes a 2 page handout.

90 mins is very tight - 2 hrs preferred No Late Admittance and should be a carpeted "warm" space.

Sacred "Root" Play

The base chakra work or more simply put: "ass, anal & prostate play" is an area that calls to a lot of men in particular but sadly is also one that has a lot of stigma and shame attached to it. Quite often ass play is done from an attitude of humiliation or degradation which can further increase the shame attached to the exploration. As a result there is a great need for healing work in this realm. I prefer to approach "root work" from a place of respect, reverence and sincere caring.

This class will briefly cover some good basic knowledge such as anatomy and safety as well as suggestions for preparation work to this kind of play. It will then shift to focusing on relaxation techniques such as conscious breath work and massage for the surrounding area and will also cover specific strokes and techniques for opening the root chakra gently and painlessly to allow for sensual exploration. We will also cover prostate massage and reveal the elusive "million dollar spot".

This class will be limited in size and once the doors close no one else will be admitted, so please get there early. Includes a 4 page hand out.

I have special requirements regarding attendance and "FEEL" of the space. No late admittance!!

The Art of Tease and Denial - Taoist Erotic Massage For Men

Erotic Massage techniques are simple to learn and can help your man achieve greater levels of pleasure than he has ever imagined. In this literally "hands-on" class you and he can learn how to build erotic energy to a fevered pitch using a wide variety of strokes, and delay orgasm through conscious breath work and energy cycling. This can lead to the ultimate in Tease & Denial, or to ecstatic states of divine union rarely experienced through "traditional" sex.

This class is open to men and women who wish to learn how to please their favourite cock (even if it is your own). Bring a towel, a sheet and or mat to lie on, a bottle of lube, gloves if you desire and a willing cock. Time permitting anal massage strokes and prostrate work
will be included as well.

Includes a 4 page hand out. I have special requirements regarding attendance and "feel" of the space. No late admittance permitted!!

Don't want to wait for a class? Order the video offered by the New School for Erotic Touch!

Presenter Bio:

Mistress Suzanne SxySadist

Suzanne SxySadist is a Connecticut based lifestyle switch, professional dominant, Life Coach and BDSM Educator with over a decade of experience in the public scene. She has been asked to present for many NY, CT and New England groups as well as several national and international conferences on a variety of topics and loves sharing her knowledge & skill with others in the community.

She is passionate about her personal thirst for knowledge and growth in the lifestyle and she has been especially drawn to rope bondage in it's many forms including shibari, suspension and predicament styles for many years now. Some of her other scene specialties and passions include percussion / impact play especially single tails and canes, sensual sadism in all it's glory and kinky medical role play, just to name a few. Her favorite scenes are always ones that include a spiritual connection and deep sense of shared erotic energy between partners.

Some of her other fields of expertise include sexual healing & energy work, Taoist erotic massage for men & women and she is a Body Electric trained Sacred Intimate. More info on her can be found on her web site at

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