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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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The "No / Not List"

I realize that many people that seek the services of a professional such as myself may have also seen full service escorts. I do not consider myself better than them, I simply do not offer the same services. Although my sessions can be very sensual & erotic, my personal boundaries do NOT include having sexual relations or exchanges of body fluids of any kind with clients. In addition to the obvious, this means: I do NOT allow any form of oral body worship on the most personal areas of my body. I will occasionally allow clothed face sitting in a smothering type scene with submissive (once I feel they have earned that privilege) but do NOT ask to orally worship or satisfy me sexually as part of your submission. That is simply not going to happen in a professional setting.

I also appreciate that many men find me attractive but I get very annoyed by people that wish to treat me merely as "eye candy" or suggest that they would "enjoy the scene a lot more if I was wearing less". I will often accommodate a leg or foot fetishist by wearing nylons & heels but do NOT think for a moment that you will get to see me if you expect me to be naked or wearing "nothing but boots & a thong" in our professional sessions. On that note, I have come to the realization that I do not enjoy working with people that are completely and solely focused on particular fetishes. I feel that the majority of latex fetishists, for example, are far more focused on what I am wearing than the connection between us, or my skills or anything else that makes me uniquely me, so I am extremely particular about what fetishes I will entertain.

In my professional sessions I do NOT engage in any form of "showers" which includes: NO golden / brown or roman showers nor do I offer enema play sessions. Although I do anal play with some of my favorite submissive clients .. I consider it an extremely intimate act and not one that I am willing to engage in with just anyone. It is generally something that must be earned with time and devotion to me, so if that is a primary interest of yours then you should be aware that I do not "fuck on command". If and when we do cross that threshold you will be given instructions on how to arrive prepped and ready by doing an enema on yourself before you get here. I see that as a simple matter of respect and it makes the scene more enjoyable for us both.

I will NOT intentionally engage in what I deem dangerous activities or things that will do permanent damage to a sub's body. Which means NO: "bagging," heavy damaging type ball kicking, castration and the like. (You would be AMAZED at some of the horrifying things I have been asked to do to some people.) Also I do temporary piercings but rarely do permanent ones, sorry. Although I do enjoy very heavy and sadistic play with my favorite pain sluts, I also have limits. If flirting with death is your kick, good luck to you, but do NOT ask me to go beyond what I consider safe, and sane play.

I am absolutely NOT a female supremacist and I do NOT enjoy scenes that are based on abuse or humiliating and degrading people. While a bit of playful embarrassment can be amusing, if you feel that you need to feel extremely humiliated in order to explore this realm then I am not the right Domme for you. I am a strong believer that you attract to you the kind of energy you put out to the world and generally I feel "humiliation energy" as a negative force so it is not one that I enjoy working with on the whole. I feel that most of us already carry far too much shame in relation to our sexuality and I do not like feeding shame in people. I prefer working with people to expel it from their lives. Also, I am not overly fond of scenes that involve "forced" anything. I much prefer working with people that come to me with a desire to serve and explore and enjoy the energy that we can create together. I do not enjoy working with people that are just out to "get their kinky rocks off".

I also realize that many of you reading this are not necessarily submissive men and while that is understandable I absolutely expect to be treated with respect. Humility and open mindedness is appealing to me. So is intelligence and literacy. I dislike receiving text messages and emails riddled with "spelling short cuts" and typos. I find myself turned off by laziness, slang and blatant spelling errors.

If all of this is acceptable to you and you wish to meet with me, then read on.

Contact & Booking Information

Do not even consider contacting me until you have read and understand my No / Not List above!!

Once you have done so, all prospective submissives are required to fill out an extensive application form no matter which type of training you are seeking. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

This form helps me decide if I wish to meet with you and also provides the info needed to plan our first encounter. The form may be filled out by clicking this link: application form.

You may email me with specific questions at

Availability & Location:

Northwestern Connecticut

I can most often be found at my home location in CT's Litchfield County. I am specifically located in Winsted which is about halfway between NYC & Boston. My location is is private & discreet with safe off street parking.

To get an idea of driving distance from your location to within a few miles of mine click the link below.

I am also easily accessible via bus out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC. For schedule information please go to Peter Pan's Home Page and put Winsted as your destination.

I prefer to take appointments here Mon - Fri from 10 am - 6p but evening and weekend appointments can be arranged with special notice. Overnight sessions are also available on a very limited basis. I much prefer to book new people at least 48 - 72 hours ahead so that you can follow my confirmation procedures.

For a more photos and a more detailed listing of what these facilities offer, please click here: Home Facilities

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