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World’s Oldest Newbie

an essay by Suzanne's slave T

At the age of 65 I submitted myself for the first time to a wonderful Domme who proceeded to strip me and whip me. I was walking on air - I felt like a new man, and I am enthralled by this wonderful Domme, Suzanne SxySadist!

How did I get there, and what took me so long?

I’m an Ivy Leaguer who had a successful career in publishing, enjoyed 32 years married to a fabulous woman, losing her when she was struck by a car. Our daughter, graduate of another Ivy League school, is an Air Force pilot. My life is certifiedly vanilla.

Almost by way of apology I explained to SxySadist at my first session, “I really think I am a balanced, happy individual.” No scoffing, please. And yet if life was good before, it became better as soon as I surrendered to my Domme’s control.

Almost from the start, however, the contradiction arose: How can what I know personally to be so great be so misunderstood by the general public? I’m walking on air, yet I just know, from my years in the vanilla world, that most people believe the world of BDSM is kinky at the least and possibly depraved. Shudder. (The letters are abbreviations for, among other terms, bondage, discipline, dominance and submission.)

The first play party I attended quickly showed me just how depraved this world is. A cluster of young women were standing around a kitchen table talking. One of them told her friends that a relative was suffering from a serious disease. Immediately there was a chorus of ‘I’ll pray for her.’ I thought I was at a church party!
Overall, the people I have met in the BDSM world are kind, thoughtful, gentle, and generous. I admit, however, that, as with any large number of people, this world is populated by all types ranging from the depraved to the saintly - er, sort of like the population at large!

For an example of how the same activity can be used or abused according to one’s intention, look no farther than a Veterans’ Day parade. While most of those marching are there to honor those who served - and often died - for their country, we usually find at the front of the parade a bunch of politicians smiling and waving. Yes, some are truly there to honor veterans, but I think you will agree that some are there for their personal gain.

The more I thought about how BDSM affects people, the more I became convinced that for most of its practitioners, it was a useful way to improve their mental health. Those with difficult personal issues are struggling to deal with those issues. Others who are relatively free of issues are attempting to enrich their ordinary lives. And indeed there are many who are using the practices of BDSM to deepen their spiritual lives! Amazing. Here we have possibly one of the most effective tools for enriching peoples lives -- and it is wrongly scorned as weird and kinky!

All this motivated me to write three short essays:

The first argues that it is not sex that drives BDSM behavior; it is striving for happiness and personality integration that is driving the process, and there are some very subtle reasons why BDSM practices take advantage of the sexual drive; The Connection Between Sex and BDSM

Second, a new name for what we do would be most helpful. As usefully all-encompassing as is “BDSM,” it is terribly hard to explain to the vanilla world, it gets us into controversial details instead of describing the overarching benefits gained by these practices, and it will never be successful in freeing us from the misconceptions that trouble the public. I propose - and defend - the new phrase “submission training.” Before you start finding the flaws in this phrase, read the essay! Submissive Training

Third, I have been presumptuous enough to undertake to outline a system of personal development, The Five Steps to Strength, Freedom and Happiness, that tie the development of five key virtues to the practices found in BDSM and its allies, erotic massage and sexual healing. If I am right and people are truly growing spiritually through BDSM, it is important that we spell it out, as a first step to asking the vanilla world to accept and welcome the world of BDSM, for those who find it helpful. This 2 part essay can be found here: The Five Steps and here: How Submission Training advances one in the Five Steps

I am eager to explore these three areas with all of you who read this and I welcome your comments. Please direct them to Mistress Suzanne

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