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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, and so that I can avoid responding to the same questions over and over again in email, I have decided to add this list of most frequently asked questions and my replies to them.

Please read these carefully and if you don't find the information you seek also check out my "Interview" page above.

If after thoroughly checking my site you have other questions that you would like answered you may email them to me at

Q: Is that really you in the pics? How tall/ old/ are you? What's your shoe size etc.?

A: <rolling eyes> Yes that is really me in all the pics on my site and most of the pics are no more than 3 months old. My birthday is Jan 26th (I am an Aquarian) but when asked the year I generally say "I am old enough to know what I am doing and young enough to still have fun & look good doing it". Those that are privy to the actual number usually tell me that they are surprised since I have a very bubbly & energetic personality and certainly "don't act my age".

I am 5 foot 9 inches tall in my bare feet but enjoy wearing 3 inch heels or better in session putting me closer to 6 foot.

For those that enjoy buying me clothing as gifts, I take a size large in most fetish clothes. I wear a size 8.5 shoe / boot. Your best bet is to err on the side of too big rather than too tight since I like to be able to move & breathe when I play... silly me huh?

Q: How long have you been a Domme?

A: I began in the lifestyle as a sub in the early 90's and started "topping" after about two years.  I still consider myself a switch and I thoroughly enjoy both sides of the whip.

Q: What do you enjoy most in a scene?

A: Well as romantic as it may sound, what I love most is making fantasies come true for my very special playmates. I screen the applications carefully to be sure that there are some common interests before I will set an appointment with a new sub.  My attitude is "If I am not going to have fun... then the sub won't have fun either." Once I decide to meet someone I use the form to plan the scene around what things we are interested in and have in common. I enjoy a wide variety of activities but most of my faves are listed on the site under Activities.

Q: Is there any sex permitted in a scene?

A: (Laughing) People do actually ask that on a regular basis, and NO there is NO sex permitted in my sessions. OK, well actually I guess dildo training is a grey area, and can be considered sex from a legal stand point but I only engage in that activity with people I know well - or wish to get to know well (wink).

I DO NOT get undressed, NOR do I let a sub touch me in any sexual way. There is NO oral worship allowed on my private areas and you can trust that I will NOT be doing that for you either.

I have a boyfriend and I am in a committed relationship emotionally. He is

If you have other questions as to what is and is NOT allowed please see my No / Not list.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not torturing people?

A: Hmmm, well although that is always high on my list of favorite activities.. I also have several other passions including: dancing and bonsai!! I also spend a lot of time learning about things that interest me and working on the web sites. I am currently taking Dreamweaver, Photo shop 6 (can you tell from my little purple background change above that I like that one?) and also basic HTML, so that I continue to make my web sites the best they can be. (Yes, I do them myself and it is A LOT of work!.)

Q: Do you enjoy dominating with other Mistresses and is it better than dominating on your own?

A: I prefer one on one sessions for the most part. I find it easier to get into the scene when I have complete control over it and I can concentrate on my play partner's needs and responses. I do occasionally do sessions with a few wonderful Dommes who are my friends.

Q: Do you enjoy clubs, parties, nightclubs? Do you attend such events or places, regularly??

A: I definitely love playing in public at BDSM clubs, events and private parties both as a Domme and with my Switch mate as a sub. As far as special events go, he and I have attended the Leather Retreat in PA three years in a row and Black Rose a couple of times which was a blast!! I try to get to Paddles in the city when I can but my schedule is pretty hectic and I don't get there as often as I would like. There is however,  a local group in the Hudson Valley that sponsors play parties once or twice a month. Those are always a lot of fun.

Q: Do you ever play for free or just the fun of it rather than doing pay for play sessions? Are you looking for any domestic servants, personal slaves or live ins? And Do you have female slaves?

A: I can answer these in one shot. I play as often as I am physically able most weeks, but my schedule is insane!! I do all the work on my web sites myself, and I am forever taking college courses on things that interest me. I do pro sessions usually 4 or 5 days a week and then I go to the play parties on the weekend to have some fun with my friends and still try to make arrangements to get a trip to subspace myself when possible at least every other week. It is very relaxing for me and I need the stress relief.

I am NOT looking for any personal pets, subs, slaves, domestic help or boy toys at this time. I have a domestic partner that I live with and who also happens to be my favorite playmate.

I don't think most subs have any idea the kind of expenses Dommes incur and what it costs to stock a good dungeon. I love this lifestyle, but the money helps make it affordable to me, which helps keep me available to you. Simple, huh?

I am good at what I do, have probably somewhere near $30K invested in equipment & toys and I deserve what I ask for as "tribute" for my skill and expertise.

When I am playing for free, it is for my own enjoyment and that of my partner & dear friends, of which I have no shortage of volunteers. :) I have several female friends that I enjoy playing with at the club I go to but I do not have any female slaves, nor do I invite them into my professional sessions to be shown off in front of clients.

Do you want more pics?

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