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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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About My BDSM Instruction

When I first came into the lifestyle I was fortunate to meet many people that mentored me and taught me about many things. I still have an insatiable thirst to learn all I can about the BDSM lifestyle and all that it encompasses and love attending conferences that have classes, lectures & demos on various subjects.

Along the way I have learned and experienced a great deal and one of my favorite ways to "give back" to my community is to share that knowledge with other community members and interested parties.

I am available on both a private and public level and would be delighted to discuss your individual or group needs with you. Just drop me a note at and let's discuss it.

Personalized Instruction for individuals & couples:

I very much enjoy working individually one on one and with bonded couples that seek personalized guidance & coaching to meet their specific needs and desires.

Obviously, with a couple that can very easilly be accomplished as I give dominant training to one partner while the other partner receives from them.

I will also occasionally consider bottoming professionally for the purpose of helping a new dominant to develop his or her topping skills. These sessions must be heavilly negotiated and many restrictions apply.

- Why seek professional training?

Perhaps you are brand new to or even just curious about the scene and not sure where to begin. Or perhaps you have recently discovered that your partner has kinky fantasies or desires and wish to understand or explore them in a safe, nurturing yet professional environment.

By engaging a skilled & knowledgable professional you will receive quality and trustworthy training from someone that really knows what they are doing. I am not just some bit of "eye candy with a whip". I have been living this lifestyle personally, for over 10 years and BDSM is not just what I "do" it is truly a large part of what makes me who I am.

- Some of the things you may want guidance in initially are:

Understanding your or your partners fetish or "kink"

Realizing that you are not alone and there are others that share your desires & needs as well as your fears & concerns

Basic BDSM safety and instruction in things like bondage, flogging and much more

Learning to negotiate/communicate to meet both partners needs.

- As you move further into the lifestyle you may wish to learn about:

Shopping for Toys on any budget

How to meet other lifestyle couples & individuals

Further instruction and training on specific scene activities

Dealing with boredom and/or burn out in the lifestyle

Group Presentations, classes, workshops & demonstrations:

If you represent a lifestyle group...

and wish to arrange a class for them, you may be interested to know that I have presented for many groups & events such as:

Bound in Boston / Dom sub Friends / Long Island Leather & Roses / The Albany Power eXchange / Partyman's Summer Bash / The Sensational Play Party of the Hudson Valley / TES / The Boston Dungeon Society (now NEDS) / Western Mass Power Exchange / Long Island Leather & Roses / The Society of CT / Thunder in the Mountains / C.O.P.E. / Dark Odyssey Leather Retreat / Black Rose & Shibaricon

If you would like to discuss...

having me come to your area to do a class drop me a note at

Also be sure to check out:

Upcoming Class Schedule

Class / Workshop Descriptions

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