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The National Alliance of Pro Dommes

is a select organization of women who have honed their BDSM skills to a high level of expertise. These women practice their Art with sanity, safety and mutual consensuality at all times.

A reference for a gentleman from any woman on whose site this symbol is presented is respected and honored. All the members of this group continually work to maintain their high levels of expertise in their fields of interest. These interests may differ from woman to woman but every Member is held in respect by her peers.

The women of this group network to insure any man who blatantly abuses their trust and time will be made known to other Ladies.

What to expect from sites displaying this symbol:

Safe, Sane and Consensual BDSM is adhered to by all. This by no way means every Member has the same interests, education, experience or level of skill.

Offers references for worthy gentlemen to other members of NAOPD.

References for traveling gentlemen. This is invaluable for those gentlemen who travel for business or pleasure.

References for gentlemen who would like to explore other BDSM activities outside their current Domme's interests or experience to possibly one day become "shared" property.

The NAOPD will share within itself any behavior similar to the following:

- making appointments and not confirming or canceling according to the guidelines of the individual Domme

- not respecting a scheduled appointment time (arriving too early or not notifying of unavoidable tardiness)

- being under the influence of any recreational substance for a session (alcohol or drugs)

- pressing for sexual activity during the course of a BDSM scene

- making any sexual or threatening overtures during the course of a BDSM scene

- those who find it enjoyable to offend through poor personal hygiene

- wankers who make prank phone calls (we have caller id ... we have your number

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