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Newbie's Welcome!!

Are You Curious and New to the Scene, but hesitant to take the plunge?

I consider it an honour, privilege as well as a responsibility to be someone's "first" and very much enjoy showing newcomers to the scene "the ropes". I take extra care and go very slowly in these cases. I also will often take much more time to explain things through out the session and ask for feedback and open communication so that I can be sure their needs are being met. Want to know even more about how I approach "Newbies"? Please read on.

I have often done what I call a "Newbie Sampler". This seems to work well for "first timers". Generally, I review your form to check for any thing I need to be aware of (medical, health or other issues etc.) and get an idea what you have expressed the most interest in i.e.: corporal play, bondage, humiliation etc. Then I'll take a few things from each category and loosely structure our time together.

I start very slowly and do my best to put you at ease, this is supposed to be fun after all, and if you are a nervous wreck it is hard to enjoy yourself. I am not a huge advocate of shoving "safewords" at newbies. Yes I think it is a great concept and there are many situations in which I do feel they are indispensable but I tend to prefer open communication. I like to go slowly and watch reactions to things. If something looks like it hurts and you aren't enjoying it, I stop and ask if you are ok and would like to try something else, simple. I remember long ago forgetting a safeword in a scene once and being too embarrassed to admit it to the Dom. Also, in the case of not-so-newbies that I manage to push to subspace, you find out pretty quickly that verbal communication is not always possible. I tend to believe that if a Dom/me has to rely on safewords all the time to know if a sub is in trouble then the sub needs to find a new Dom/me.

Throughout the session I monitor your reactions and get a feel for what feels good and what doesn't and what we may need to save for another time. I encourage verbal feedback if you are comfortable enough to give it, but body language and facial expressions tell me volumes about what you are feeling. I don't try to "push" newbies the first couple sessions unless they ask me to step it up a bit. I find it so much more rewarding to begin slowly and watch them progress at their own pace.

There is no required level you must reach... no particular thing you must endure before I am satisfied. While I do enjoy (very much) playing with experienced players that can handle tremendous amounts of sadistic torture, I also adore seeing the look in someone's eyes when I know their fantasies are being fulfilled and they are pleased with the time we have spent together. After a session I encourage new clients to write me a letter telling me what they liked most, what they might want to not do again, what they may be interested in for a future session and any other relevant feedback they think I would find useful for future sessions. It is important to me to know I did my best to satisfy the needs of my playmates, but I realize I may not meet those needs for everyone, especially the first time. I am not strict or demanding enough for some peoples' fantasy Domme scenario. I tend to be very playful and erotically teasey, but am quite sensually sadistic with those that can handle it.

Hey, let's be honest ... the financial tributes I receive as a Professional Domme are critical to my staying in business to (be) serve(d) another day (lol), but I really LOVE what I do, whether it be with hardcore pain puppies, cross dressers or total newcomers, I enjoy fulfilling fantasies within the BDSM realm. I am a strong believer in "following your bliss"... and I have found a way to do just that and it brings much joy to my life. I wish you all the joy that comes with living your dreams.

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