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Suzanne SxySadist Newsletter Winter 06

Hello there!

Thank you for checking out my newsletter! For those of you that may have been directed here recently, please check the travel and events section as I have added a bunch of events and such to it as my spring and summer is shaping up.

For those of you that are coming here for the very first time, Welcome! I hope you find some information of interest here. My web site has been recently expanded and updated in several areas to reflect my latest activities and ever evolving interests.

I have a ton of stuff to fill you in on so to help you select only areas that interest you, please feel free to choose items from this menu:

Topics in this newsletter:

Why I do what I do

Service Additions

Upcoming Travel, Events & Classes
(Upstate NY, Long Island, Chicago, Hartford & DC planned)

New DVDs & Videos on Sale!

Session Promotion

Live In Slave / Room mate

Why I do what I do

Recently I was trying to explain in brief to a mostly “vanilla” audience, what it is that I do and why I do it, and I thought some of you might find this interesting or enlightening. Those of you that already know me well will hopefully not find this at all surprising.

I am a professional dominant, sacred intimate and BDSM lifestyle educator. I consider myself a service provider with a healing intention. I am really passionate about what I do and feel that working with people in this way is how I share my gifts and my love with the world. As the dominant, I do assume a more masculine or leading role since in that moment it is my mission, my joy and my purpose to discover & intuit what I most need to do moment by moment, to open up the person before me to the best degree that I am able, within their emotional, spiritual & physical boundaries as well as within my own.

There have been times when I have truly known what it is like to have touched someone in ways that they will never forget or that will change their lives for the better. I cannot truly describe in words, how wonderful that makes me feel. I feel like what I do with my life is truly worthwhile because I share my love with others and make the world a slightly better place. Even if some days my best efforts just allow someone else a bit of respite from the pressures of their daily lives, I am really happy to do it because my greatest joy and pleasure often comes from serving and making others happy. That is what I do and why and it gives me great joy to be as good at it as I am.

I also recently added an essay to my web site that talks about many of the fascinating dynamics that are at play in a Ds relationship or scene. It can be found here World of BDSM. I would welcome any comments on it.

Service Additions -

I also recently decided to update my main site to include services other than profession domination that I have been offering recently. Specifically I have added sections and information in the following areas:

Sacred Intimacy -

A Sacred Intimate is a professional that uses whatever life experience, and training they have at their disposal to work erotically and energetically with those seeking connection, healing, guidance or transformation in their erotic and spiritual lives. This work can include anything from a simple but heart felt and intentional hug, to a Taoist erotic massage, or role play, bondage and sacred SM play or any number of other things that will meet the needs of the client while not crossing the professional & personal boundaries of the SI.

I feel that what truly sets a sacred intimate apart from other sex workers is their heart felt intention to help and to heal others, and their deep desire to share love in it's purest and most unconditional form. It is not just about sex and lust or “getting off”, (not that there is anything wrong with sex or lust or "getting off"), but Sacred Intimate work for me is about healing and reclaiming, rejoicing and celebrating the beautiful erotic spirit with in each of us.

For more information on what Sacred Intimacy Sessions are about click here: “What is Sacred Intimacy?” or here: “My SI Offerings

Masturbation Coaching

I have decided that it is time that I get more serious about sharing some of the wonderful things I have learned about male orgasmic response over the years in the form of Masturbation coaching. Do you realize that it is possible to have an orgasm (in fact maybe even several of them) without actually ejaculating? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to cum over and over again and enjoy multiple orgasms, like a woman, without having to wait for the refractory period to pass so that you can revive your spent penis? Well you can! Some of these assignments may seem pointless at first and others may not be easy for you to do by yourself initially and but trust me “grasshopper” I have a plan and a method to my madness, and in this series of lessons I intend to reveal to you the secret to controlling your orgasms and reaching heights you may have never imagined.

Testimonial from a formally skeptical but now very happy camper: “The "exercises" that you gave me seemed to have invigorated my libido and my ability to maintain an erection. What's even more interesting is that on occasion, I get an erection just for the hell of it again like when I was younger! I feel that our interaction has contributed to my recovery from depression. I'm off my meds, have lost 20 lbs and have, in general, a more positive outlook on life! Thank you Suzanne!”

Special Newsletter ONLY Promotion! I believe so strongly in helping you discover the joys of full body orgasms that I am willing to take 1/3 off this program if you order any 2 videos from the New School of Erotic Touch. (see below for a sample of DVD titles - (I suggest Fire on the Mountain for guys and Best of Vulva for the lady in your life)

Click here to learn more about this program: Masturbation Coaching or email me directly for more information: Mistress@SxySadist.com

Sensual Massage & Body Work

In 2005 I attended two separate two week long intensive massage training programs offered by the Body Electric School (www.bodyelectric.org) of Oakland CA. The first was offered in March and was a full 100 hour certified massage therapist (CMT) program which I completed and proudly display the certificate to prove it. The second course was an addition 100 hrs of specific Deep Tissue teaching offered in Nov. The incomparable Chester Mainard was my teacher for both of these wonderful courses and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to have learned to touch people from this gifted healer.
This is not your typical clinical massage. His teaching focused on intentional and heartfelt presence as well as connecting deeply and spiritually with the whole person, rather than just rubbing body parts. Although I admit that I am not licensed to charge professionally for massage in the NYS, I very much enjoy helping people feel truly at home and alive in their bodies by helping them to keep the focus on their own experiences and sensations while giving them a slow sensual full body massage.

BDSM Education & Instruction

When I first came into the lifestyle I was fortunate to meet many people that mentored me and taught me about many things. I still have an insatiable thirst to learn all I can about the BDSM lifestyle and all that it encompasses and love attending conferences that have classes, lectures & demos on various subjects.

Along the way I have learned and experienced a great deal and one of my favorite ways to "give back" to my community is to share that knowledge with other community members and interested parties. It is always an honor for me to be asked to present classes for different groups and organizations and I like to think that is speaks well of my skills, reputation and credibility. For information on some of my upcoming classes see Travel, Events & Classes or check my web site for class offerings and descriptions.

Professional Submissive Services

I have had more than a couple new dominants tell me that one of the classic catch 22’s in life is that is can be difficult to gain experience at something when no one is willing to play with you until you have experience. Umm yeah, that can definitely be a problem! I also understand how daunting it can be to be trying to develop a new skill with your submissive watching ever move you make, although I believe that is why blindfolds may have been invented in the first place. J Sometimes it is just far better to learn a skill from a professional and then when you develop confidence with practice go and try it at home.

As a switch I am very familiar with and comfortable on both ends of the whip and I have discovered that it can be very helpful to learn new topping skills by working with a submissive that is more experienced in that particular area. My skills and areas of expertise are quite varied and I very much enjoy helping new dominants to gain experience in general as well as facilitating experienced dominants to gain new skills.

Obviously these scenes need to be negotiated ahead of time because there are many things that are not permitted in a professional session that you can of course do to your own submissives in private, but I am sure that there are multiple creative approaches that we can take to help you gain the knowledge & experience you seek. For more information on this service please click here Professional Submissive

Couples Training & Sessions

Another area of keen interest to me is in the realm of couple’s work. I find it wonderfully rewarding to be able to work with couples and help them to explore new things together and have often enjoyed watching relationships strengthen as a result. I have been absolutely delighted to have been contacted by more and more couples over the last few years and am proud of the amount of experience I have gained in this area.

I know that there are probably quite a few men reading this site that have wives that are aware of but do not share your interest in “kink” in general and probably many more who are afraid to even broach the subject with their spouses to find out what their reaction might be. But for those select few of you that would like a gentle way of introducing your significant other to the topic of Female Domination, I would like to share a link with you that a dear friend of mine recently sent me. Caring Domination

Travel, Events & Classes

Travel Session opportunities:

March 3 & 10 & May 12 (so far more will be added) - Paddles NYC

This Friday and next I will be at Paddles in NYC attending the DSF (DomsubFriends) meetings and most likely staying to play afterwards. If you are in the area and want to stop in to say hello please do. You may even inquire about booking a public scene with me at the club either of these nights or at a future date.

Paddles is located at 256 W 26th Street between 7 & 8th. More info can be found by visiting their web site at www.PaddlesNYC.com

Mar 16 - 18 - Upstate NY - La Domaine Esemsar

Master R has invited me back to La Domaine to spend a few days enjoying his gracious hospitality and I will have full use of his fabulous dungeon facilities Thursday March 16 - Saturday March 18.

La Domaine (www.ladomaineesemar.com) is located about 30 mins from Albany in the foothills of the Berkshires. It is really beautiful countryside and deliciously secluded for kind of activities we most enjoy. <wink> If interested in visiting me during this time frame then drop me a note and let’s set it up.

If you can't make it for these dates, don't despair, I am generally up there for 2 days or more every other week or so. If you would like to be kept informed of upcoming trips to La Domaine drop me an email by clicking here: La Domaine Visits

Mar 23 - 26 & April 18 - 20 - Long Island NY??

I am considering coming down to Long Island a couple of times to visit family, friends, and get in some play time. If there is enough interest in these, I will set them in stone and either way I do plan to start making more trips to the island soon. (I especially love the island in the summer time - Lighthouse Beach anyone?

I also have a fairly new friend with a cute little dungeon out in Rocky Point and I am also open to booking "motel scenes" in western suffolk. I do require deposits for all "away" sessions so if you are interested and for real .. drop me a note: Long Island Session.

May 25 – 29 - Chicago IL

I am heading back for my third attendance of Shibaricon! I have a few people in Chicago that I have seen professionally and I am always open to meeting others. If you are in this area and would like to get together with me for some professional play time drop me a note by clicking here: Chicago Session

July 20 - 23 or so - Washington DC area

Since I will be in town for the Master/slave conference, it will be a great opportunity for me to play with some of my clients and friends in the area. If you are in the DC area and want to get together drop me a note DC Session

Events I am attending

Apr 21 – 23 - NYC Women's Celebrating the Body Erotic

I will be assisting once again during the Body Electric Women's CBE this spring. Please feel free to pass this info on to ladies you feel may be interested. For more info on this wonderfully trans formative weekend click here

July 14 – 16 - Summer Bash

This is a wonderful event sponsored by the great folks at the Albany Power Exchange. For more info visit their web site

July 21 – 23 - Master/slave Conference Washington DC!

I am REALLY looking forward to attending this one with my dear friend and mentor "Leather Dave" and plan to head down a day or two early to do some sessions in the area.

Classes I am teaching:

Apr 18 - Rope & Shibari Bondage 101 for LILNR

My old home group on Long Island has invited me back down to teach one of my favorite workshops. Class starts at 8:30p. Write to sub_giggle@yahoo.com for more information.

May 12 & 13 Classes for my Friends at DomsubFriends

The friday night will be either a rope suspension demo or advanced needle play.

But the Saturday class will be an extended rope bondage class.. details to be announced soon.

May 25 – 29 - Shibaricon III Chicago IL

This time they have me teaching 3 classes again: Bondage 101, CBT w/ Rope & my Intention, Connection & Breath class.

For more info about this fabulous event for rope lovers of all skill levels, check out their web site Shibaricon

June 17th - Gathering of the Tribes CT

I don't have a lot of info on this one yet, but I have been tentatively asked to teach a class at this event and as I get more info I will add it to the calendar of events.

DVDs & Videos for Sale!

Erotic Massage DVD offerings!

I have teamed up with my friends at the New School of Erotic Touch to bring you some really great erotic massage teaching programs. Those of you that know me, know that I am always raving about the wonderful things I have learned from the Body Electric School. I have personally been studying Taoist Erotic Massage with them for over 7 years and much of what I have learned through them is now available on DVD.

These educational and entertaining videos were created by Joe Kramer, the founder of Body Electric School, to allow you to enjoy these teachings from the comfort and privacy of your home. I personally own every one of these titles and have watched them many times & have even loaned them to friends. Whether you area man or woman or couple looking to expand your self pleasuring repertoire or wishing to learn new skills to pleasure your partner or others with, these video classes can help. For more info click here New School DVDs!

All My videos on sale!

For those of you that didn't notice, I had yanked my videos down from the site for a few months when the 2257 compliance stuff hit the fan, but have since realized that I was probably over reacting. Hell, the only person in my videos besides me is my slave richie and since he is my personal slave I could readily cough up ID info if I had to with some encouragement. So no worries for me there!

Anyway, long story short.. my video offerings are back up and I have decided to throw the whole lot of them on sale for 1/3 off! So basically they are 20 bucks each (excluding Hat Game & Delano Vac Bed DVD) Or buy 2 get 1 free! Woohoo! Such a deal! Click here to browse the titles: Suzanne’s Videos

General Boutique Update

While I was busy doing refresh work on the site I did an over haul on the Boutique page and updated it to <hopefully> make it easier for you to navigate. Pretty much the same stuff: panties, stockings etc but feel free to take a peek. Suzanne’s Boutique

Private Session Promotion

So the winter blues and blahs are definitely here and although this winter has been fairly mild for the most part it is still seems that people need to be encouraged to get out and play when it is cold outside. This time rather than offer a specific promotion or deal on play time I have decided to let those of you who would like to visit but need to maybe negotiate a bit, do so.

Things tend to be a bit quieter for me over the winter so I often have a bit more time on my hands and can afford to consider cutting deals here and there. This offer only applies to my home facilities of course because I have far less room to play at places where I incur travel expense AND pay dungeon rental fees.

Drop me a note and tell me what would work for you and if it is a reasonable offer and I have space in my schedule, I will consider it. Write to me with your offer by clicking here: Winter Warm Up

Live In Slave / Room mate

That's right! I am seeking a live in slave to tend to my personal needs. Light housekeeping and yard work will be part of your service as well as other more personal duties. You will be expected to maintain a good job (work outside the home preferred but not required). And you are of course expected to share in the rent and household expenses.

Age Race Gender and religion not important, Dedication to the leather lifestyle is! Please send a courteous letter of introduction with your previous experience. Dedicated novices to the lifestyle will be considered for a personal interview also. Serious only inquire. Email me here: Live in slave position

Well, that about covers it for the time being .. I hope that life is treating you well and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Suzanne SxySadist

"Sensual Sadism is an Artform... the body is my canvas"

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