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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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I am way better with a whip than with website code and it has come to my attention that my application form has been malfunctioning... again!! Grr!! So I am going back to an old fashioned email way of doing things.

Please send me an email with all of the following information in it but please be sure to read the No/Not list first and keep in mind I do not engage in illegal or extremely intimate acts with people I do not know VERY well & that includes strap on play. It may take you a very long time to earn that level of intimacy if ever with me.

Copy all the info below this line and paste into an email to me at Spelling, grammar and politeness count with me:

Real First Name:

Email address:

Confirm email address: (because you would be amazed how many people cannot type their own address properly):

City / State: (If not in the tri state area when do you hope to visit?)


Phone if possible:

Health & emotional issues: (please list past or recent chronic conditions, injuries, disabilities, or phobias)
Also list any especially sensitive areas and medications that could impact our session. Please also inform me of any emotional issues that you feel may cause a potential trigger or bad reaction: (rape, incest, child abuse, race concerns) or anything that I should be aware of that is a potential problem for you in a scene emotionally.

What, if any, marks are acceptable to you & for how long? (Please note: Some BDSM activities have the potential to leave temporary marks such as light bruises, welts, or imprints like rope marks on the body. Although I am very good at what I do and rarely leave marks on people that do NOT wish them, I cannot absolutely guarantee whether you will get a mark or not or how long a mark will last.)

Describe your SM or related experience thus far if any. What do you know you LOVE (fetishes etc) and what are your hard limits? What is the most important aspect or feeling that you wish to experience in a session with me?:

Please briefly describe in as much detail as possible what you envision for a first scene with me. What do you imagine seeing, hearing or feeling. Do you want to be bound and vulnerable, tied securely and comfortably, tortured and teased to just within your limits for instance. I want at least a paragraph or two in this field or don't bother continuing. (Remember I will not be naked or showing you my tits. There is no sex and no promise of an orgasm so please do NOT assume you will get a massage with a happy ending. I mean it.)

Is there anything else you think that I need to know about you and what you are looking for?

Do you want more pics?

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