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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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Overview of My Services

I offer a variety of domination training services to fit practically every submissive desire & budget. Rest assured that no matter which type of training you seek I will approach it with the same determination and desire to see that both your submissive needs and my wicked dominant desires are met.

My preference, by far, is for live, in-person training sessions. There is no substitute for laying my hands (and implements) on bare flesh.

That said, I also offer domination by phone, online chat, web cam, and email training for those interested in my services but too far away to see me in person. These approaches can be a very effective way to maintain connection and "continuity of training" between in-person sessions. This medium has opened up a world of possibility in terms of financial / "blackmail" domination and one of my favorites - "key holder services" (for those desiring to wear my chastity devices).

I offer training for individuals, couples & small groups. Naturally, the tribute amount varies depending on which type of service you seek and the duration of the session. I also have trained other dominants seeking to improve their skills or add new ones to their repertoire.

I dislike having my valuable time wasted by people that have no real interest in the scene or folks that "just want to get-off". BDSM for me is not just about "kinky sex" If that is what you seek then please do not contact me.

Lastly, please realize that I am a professional with a tremendous amount of equipment & experience and expect to be compensated accordingly. The list below details the services I offer with appropriate tribute & contact information.

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Live Sessions with Mistress Suzanne "SxySadist"

My favorite way to play! There is nothing like running your nails over someone's flesh, watching the look in their eyes as they squirm and hearing them moan as they submit to your / their desires. Whew.. great stuff! I very much enjoy playing and I am told it clearly shows how much fun I am having.

I can be very gentle and go ever so slowly when someone is nervous and or new. I can also be as extreme as an experienced or hardcore masochist could possibly need or desire if your experience level and pain threshold allows for it.

I do live sessions in a private home in Northwestern Connecticut that features four fully equipped play areas. These are strictly professional sessions. Please read my list of "No No's" BEFORE contacting me! If you ask for any of the items on that list you will be ignored. Period!

My tuition for slave training, private sessions or lessons is about average for a NY/CT area Dominatrix. I do discuss discounts for extended & overnight sessions. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to meet with me please go to the contact page and follow the instructions there. Once I reply to your application we can set an appointment date and time. 

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Distance Training

There are so many absolutely wonderful submissives that unfortunately do not live close enough to the CT area to make visiting me a possibility. Others have extenuating circumstances or are just afraid to take that leap to live sessions. Some of my regular clients also enjoy these options as a way of staying in touch with me between sessions or to continue their training in a particular arena.

Phone Sessions

I offer several varieties of phone consultations these days:

Fantasy & Fetish Role Play Sessions

For those of you that cannot serve in person but that still enjoy interacting with a real live Mistress.

We can discuss your fantasies and I can make you blush or have you prove your devotion by obeying my commands over the phone.

BDSM & Kink Education

I am a highly experienced kink educator and I travel the country every month teaching sexy fun BDSM classes to kinksters and lifestyle couples at private parties, conferences and even national events!

I have vast realms of experience and knowledge in a wide array of kinky topics as well as more than a passing exposure to Tantra and Taoist sacred sexual healing arts especially those involving control of male erotic massage and ejaculatory control. For a list of my other qualifications and resume' click here: Class Schedule.

Coaching & Mentoring

Want advice on how to introduce your "vanilla" partner to a little bit of kink with out freaking them out? Want tips on how to meet others in the lifestyle? Need advise on places to shop for fetish gear and toys? Want insight on what it is like to go to a munch, play party or national conference?

It can be a bit scary and overwhelming for those who are new to the lifestyle to find their way around initially and it can help tremendously to have an experienced guide "show you the ropes" so to speak.

I can provide advise and insight into a great many aspects of this amazing lifestyle and also help you put some of the confusing terminology and so much more into perspective. Just give me a call and tell me what you most need and we can take it from there.

New Customers: Sign up with Night Flirt and get your first 3 minutes FREE!

Online-Chat Sessions

I used to do a lot of cyber many years ago, but gave it up when I started doing RT sessions. Cyber just didn't compare, but I was pretty good at it. However, I still find there are a fair number of slaves that cannot meet in person or who cannot do phone consults that still desire a way to get a sense for what this lifestyle can feel like, so I also offer chat sessions and consultations.

Cyber consultations are available in 15 minute blocks for $30.00 each - there is a discount for multiple bookings. To begin your cyber submissive training you may order your first session by clicking the link below, then send me a polite email at with Cyber Session in the subject line detailing your areas of greatest interest. 

Key Holder Services - Enforced Chastity

Let me hold the key to your manhood! Perhaps the ultimate form of surrender, how would you like to give up all control of your sexual release and wear a chastity device for a contracted period of time? There are many such devices, ranging from the simple but effective CB2000 to custom-fitted devices made by my friends at Access Denied. I even have a rare Kali's Teeth Bracelet (KTB) - quite probably the most sadistic male chastity device made.

Be forewarned though, take care in deciding what period of time you contractually commit to me, because I will not waiver in my determination to help you achieve your goal! (laughing wickedly). Early release may be possible (if not specifically excluded via contract) but all early terminations are subject to a financial penalty negotiated PRIOR to you being locked up. If you do not live in close proximity to me, I can work with you to arrange to have a fellow Domme in your area hold a spare key in case of emergencies. (Don't worry, she'll be no easier to sway than I in helping to ensure you achieve your goal!) And don't let business travel or a fear of metal detectors keep you from surrendering. I can help you to be fitted with a device perfect for your (and my) needs.

NOTE: I am contacted constantly for this service so I require a tribute up front to demonstrate your sincerity. There are several payment option available. More info can be found by clicking the link below.

Once your deposit has been sent, send your inquiry to me at: and then we will make arrangements to discuss the parameters of your service contract.

Key holder sincerity deposit $50.00

Click here for Ordering Information

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Financial Domination & Money Slaves

Those of you that have a need to be used financially have also come to the right place. Whether your desire is born out of a need "give" or a desire to be financially "raped" or "blackmailed" by which you are forced (seemingly against your will) to "pay or suffer the consequences," we can structure a contractual relationship that meets your needs.

NOTE: I am contacted constantly for this service so I require a tribute up front to demonstrate your sincerity. There are several payment option available. More info can be found by clicking the link below.

Once your deposit is received, I will contact you to discuss the parameters for further training and appropriate tributes.

Bronze Money Slave Payment $25.00
Silver Money Slave Payment $50.00
Gold Money Slave Payment $100.00

Click here for Ordering Information

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Masturbation Coaching

Intro to Male Orgasm Control – an exploration of new heights and pleasure potential

Some of my greatest interests and passions surround the realms of sexual healing and heightening erotic pleasure. These lessons and assignments are taken from some of the things that I have learned during my exploration into Taoist erotic massage and Sacred Sexuality. Yes, I said sacred which to me means “that which we hold treasured or holy”. In my mind (and in many tantric traditions) in is accepted that sexual bliss can bring you into communion with the “divine.” I strongly believe that healthy and positive sexual energy is the root of creation and the vehicle that can bring mere mortals close enough to touch the face of God (and hey, it just feels so damn good!) This may sound strange or “out there” to some but if you practice these exercises fully, I can assure you that your enjoyment of sex and your “performance” will improve which will also bring greater pleasure to your sexual partners.

Do you realize that it is possible to have an orgasm (in fact maybe even several of them) without actually ejaculating? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to cum over and over again and enjoy multiple orgasms, like a woman, without having to wait for the refractory period to pass so that you can revive your spent penis? Well you can! Some of these assignments may seem pointless at first and others may not be easy for you to do by yourself initially and but trust me “grasshopper” I have a plan and a method to my madness, and in this series of lessons I intend to reveal to you the secret to controlling your orgasms and reaching heights you may have never imagined.

Testimonial from a sceptic:

"I have been communicating with Mistress Suzanne for some time, as well as, being a member of her web site. I told the Mistress that I was looking for some on-line discipline. She suggested a tantric exercise program that she was working on. Not exactly what I was looking for - BUT. I'd had some erectile dysfuntion problems due to diabetes and several medications that I was taking, so I thought what the heck.

My first week's assignment was a series of penile exercises that I was required to do - basically tightening and releasing the muscles in my genital area. It seemed kind of silly but I took it as a challenge for my Mistress. After doing the exercises several times a day for a few days, I whined. I was told to continue my "exercises" and I would be very happy with the results. In the evenings, I was to work on arousing myself without cumming. This was alright especially after Mistress suggested that I tie myself very securely except for my "exercise" hand and picture her standing there sexily dressed overseeing my activities.

The next week we added additional daily exercises and continued working on arousal. I had to take myself up and down a masturbation scale. When I was about to cum, I had to stop or slow down my hand speed. Needless to say, between the arousal created by the bondage and the masturbating, I had some failures and came - HARD. She said not to worry and keep practicing - which I did.

After three or four weeks of working up to squeezing my penile muscles for 30 seconds at a time, Mistress raised the ante. Now during my masturbation "exercises", I was to take myself up and down the scale but make myself orgasm. That sounded great to me. There was a catch, of course. Once lubed up and ready to cum, I was told that I had to squeeze my penis muscles and have an orgasm without ejaculating - like that's going to happen. Okey Dokey, here we go. I worked myself up and down to different levels of excitement, getting just to the verge of orgasm, then backing off. Finally, it was time to take it over the top and then bang, as I was orgasming I tightened the muscles in my penis(about 10 seconds) - no ejaculation. Interesting! I decided to try again, knowing that I probably won't be able to get it up again. I quickly got hard again and back up the scale I went. A more intense orgasm and again I clamped my muscles and no ejaculation. By the fifth time, I was seeing stars when I orgasmed and finally just let it go. I couldn't e-mail Suz fast enough. WOW!

I was very skeptical that this was a bunch of bull. This is pretty cool stuff that I highly recommend to everyone.

Here are my two morals to this story.

1) Even with my E D problems, I don't think I had gotten that hard and that big since my twenties. ( I'm over 50 now and my record for consecutive non-ejaculating orgasms is 8)

2) My wife says to me after we had sex that "it really seems like you lasted a REAL LONG TIME" (So much of a Change that she noticed and commented on it) Thanks Suz!"

Masturbation Coaching Program - 4 full weeks of lesson plans - $300.00

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