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BDSM on a Budget - Shopping For & Making Inexpensive Toys

By Suzanne SxySadist

Disclaimer! Please be sure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing and who you are doing it with, before attempting any kind of BDSM play. People can get hurt doing this stuff and not in a fun or pleasurable way! “Let’s be careful out there!”

Reasons for inexpensive or pervertable toys.

Let’s face it .. this stuff can be expensive and many of us can’t afford everything we want.

You may also want to experiment with substitutes before buying more expensive props.

Fear of discovery – pervertables can be innocently & easily explained.

You can be health conscious & safer by using “disposables”

There can be pride & satisfaction in making something yourself.

Where to shop?

Department stores, Home “Dom/me” Depot, Pet & Tack shops, Kitchen stores, Dollar Stores, etc

You may be surprised by what you can find with an open mind and a touch of perverted imagination.

For Example: (most of these can be found or made for under $10.00

- Feather Dusters, lamb's wool dusters, rabbit pelts and chamois clothes are wonderful for tickling, teasing, cooling down the body or erotic sensation play.

- Pizza paddles, wooden spoons, cutting boards and spatulas make great paddles.

- Hair brushes are classic for spanking and great for sensation play too.

- Clothespins are possibly the original nipple (and other area) clamps and still very effective and inexpensive.

- Bamboo skewers & chopsticks can be fun for sensation play also. Tie two together with rubber bands and use as nipple or other area clamps.

- Bungee cords can be used in several imaginative ways: bondage, tugging on things or as a light to severe flogger if you strip the cloth off and bind one end.

- Scarves make excellent blindfolds or gags and are also readily available and inexpensive.

- Double ended snap hooks have a multitude of uses!! I have at least a dozen at all times!

- Fishing line sinkers make very effective weights for a little added tension to any clamp. They vary in price according to size. Drop an eye bolt in an old bowling ball.

- *Shrimp deveiners make an evil looking but safe gadget for mock knife play or wax removal. Turkey lifters & pickle pluckers are also a lot of fun.

- *Closet tie or belt racks are handy little items for hanging up any of your other toys.

- *Try pet stores for collars & leashes as well as plastic or rubber curry brushes. They are great for sensation play & massage.

- *Many drug stores carry sleep masks which are wonderful blindfolds.

- Go to a tack shop for a cheap riding crop. Also horse hobbles can make decent cuffs.

- Candles can be amazingly erotic but please be careful here and be sure you know what sort of wax to use and how close or far away to hold it! Grocery stores carry the tall glass candles and the little white Sabbath candles.

- Plastic water filled ice cubes are terrific frozen treats to use for a bit of sensation play, without the mess of real melting ice.

- Rope can be fairly cheap. Buy lots and cut it into handy lengths. You can either bind the ends with tape or learn to "whip" the ends with string. Nylon or soft cotton rope, 3/8 or 1/2 inch thickness works very well for most areas. I like thinner rope, (one quarter inch thick) for genital areas, and the thicker rope for anything that will be struggled against vigorously. If you use clothes line, try to get the stuff without the plastic core, I find it easier to work with. Please be sure to get bondage lessons from an experienced person before trying it yourself.

- Safety shears are a must to have if you do bondage. Think emergency release & get the good ones!!

- Rope or twine can also make a wonderfully soft, luxurious, inexpensive flogger. The more you use, the heavier it will be. A large round ring will give you a good place to anchor the lengths through, and then bind enough of it together at the top to use as a handle. Unravel the braided strands to give it a lush softness.

- *Large adjustable "C" clamps with at least a 6 inch spread can be use to turn a doorway into an excellent place for bondage. Hook the clamps over the moldings over the door and tighten. From there you can use them to bind the submissive's hands over the head. I do not suggest it for suspension bondage.

- Canes are fairly inexpensive and you can customize the handles a bit. is my favourite source. Also mini blind rods work pretty well as canes.

- A wooden dowel at least an inch thick and 3 foot wide can easily be turned into a spreader bar. Add an eye hook at each end; grab a couple snap hooks, some rope or cuffs... TA DA! You're in business!!

- *Practice golf balls (hard plastic, hollow, with holes in it) can make good ball gags. Put a rope or thong through the holes & the sub can still breathe with it in place.

These are just a few examples of the 1000s of things you could buy to play with or make yourself. Use your kinky imagination but please be safe!

Do it yourself Book:

There are also several great books that show interesting ideas and easy things to make for very little money and nominal effort. If you are even a little handy and can follow directions, you could easily create some wonderful playthings. One book in particular that I found to be excellent is "Kinky Crafts: 101 Do-It-Yourself S/M Toys" compiled and edited by Lady Green of the Greenery Press.

Other Resources:

(please be aware these are adult sites and by accessing the links below you will be by passing the adult content notices and disclaimers. Please be sure you agree to the terms therein by going to the site’s home page, before accessing these direct links)

· Look for BDSM Resources then TOY MAKING

· Make your own spreader bar

· A couple of toy making links

· Toy Making & Rope Book reviews

· Great resource for many kinds of “how-to” projects!

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