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The First Experience

by Suzanne SxySadist

Your heart begins to race a little faster as you descend the concrete stairs to the dungeon where Mistress awaits. You have fantasized about this moment for a long time and now as you enter the dark basement you wonder if you are really ready to do this. A strange haunting melody plays in the background as candle light dances eerily on the walls, only vaguely illuminating the sinister looking items hanging all over. Your eyes slowly begin to adjust to the dimness as you peer around at your surroundings. Floggers, cuffs, whips, paddles and many other instruments of torture hang neatly from little hooks on the wall closest to you. You try to imagine how each will feel on your skin as you feel your palms begin to sweat. The candles cast a soft glow on a chair beside you that has part of the seat cut away and at least a dozen eyebolts positioned at various places around the frame. Directly in front of you chains dangle from the ceiling and you do not have to guess why. Then you see her sitting on a padded table in the shadows.

"Welcome," she says in a soft reassuring voice, "you are on time, that pleases me." She slips off the table and begins to approach you slowly. Her long legs catch your eye as the candle light gleams on her silky black nylons. You see a hint of lace garter peek from below her short black spandex skirt as she moves gracefully, closer and closer to you. Her chain vest glistens over the sleek black body suit that covers her full breasts. She stops in front of you eyeing you appraisingly from head to toe then she reaches out with one long polished nail and lightly scrapes it across your cheek. She turns away with a bright smile, sweet yet slightly evil, and walks over to a small couch and sits down crossing her long legs again.

"Take off your clothes dear and get on your knees." You get undressed quickly, laying your clothes on the chair and drop to your knees. "Very good... now crawl over here like a good little boy." Carefully you begin to crawl across the floor on your hands and knees... feeling the scratchiness of the carpet beneath your skin. You come to a stop, kneeling before your Mistress, your eyes downcast, hesitant to meet her gaze. "Come a little closer dear, I won't bite." She giggles playfully and goes on to say, "OK well... maybe I will, but that is part of why you are here... isn't it?" Her voice is playful, not menacing and you must admit she has a point. You are here to explore that thin line between pleasure and pain. To finally live that dark fantasy you've kept secret for so long.

You slide forward closer to her as excitement and apprehension build inside you. She leans toward you and gently places her hand on your chin and lifts it slightly so that she is looking directly into you eyes. "Much better dear, now let me slip this on you." She pulls a leather collar with a ring in from off the table beside her and slips it around your throat. Her hands are warm as they linger on your neck while she snaps the collar snugly in place. "From this moment on till the end of the hour, you belong to me and will do whatever I say. I will not force you to do anything we have not discussed nor will I harm you in any way. Do you understand?" You realize that while she can be teasingly playful and non threatening, she can also be very stern and serious. You gulp, and nod your head so slightly it was almost unnoticeable. Her fingers slowly move from your neck to your throat and then down over your chest, lightly dragging her nails across your flesh till she reaches your nipples. Then she starts circling them with smooth even strokes. "I think that required a verbal response, don't you?" To emphasize her point she grabs the now hardened nipple between two nails and pinches sharply enough to make you gasp loudly. "Yes Mistress," you respond in a near whisper. "Excuse me? I couldn't quite make that out." She gives the nipple a quick twist this time. "Yes Mistress, I understand!" "Ahh, that's better dear, now give me your hands."

You do as she commands quickly this time and she slips a thick pair of leather cuffs over your wrists and binds them tightly. 'Good, now hands behind your back." You comply and she links the cuffs together so that you lose use of your hands. "Very good. Now to do something with this..." She toys with your dangling semi hard penis with the toe of her high heeled shoe. "Stand up!" You struggle to your feet as she pulls a length of thin rope off the table and begins to fashion one end into a loop. She slips it over your penis and under your balls cinching it up closely to the body. Then she continues skillfully wrapping and looping it over, around and between your balls so that they are separated but bound closely together. Then she continues up, over and around the shaft of your penis, handling it firmly but gently, tying coil after coil of rope around your most sensitive areas until she has reached the tip.

The entire process takes only a few moments, but as her fingers glide and tug at you while she works it seems like an eternity. When she is through she sits back to examine her handiwork and smiles. The result is a neatly wrapped cocoon, tight enough that you definitely know that it's there that but so tight that it is uncomfortable or restrictive. Finally she takes another length of rope and twists the end into a miniature hangman's noose and like the other, slips it over your cock and balls close to the body. She pulls it snug around you, then stands and gives the free end of the rope in her hand a good tug. You wince a little as she pulls a little harder. "Makes a handy little leash, eh?" "Yes Mistress." She flashes that playful smile again and moves very close to you, her body brushing up against yours as she whispers in your ear, "Open your mouth for me." You tremble slightly as you feel her hot breath on your neck and she slips one hand around your waist to steady you as she nips lightly at your ear. Your lips part as you gasp breathlessly wondering what else she has in store for you. She tugs the rope one last time and brings the loose end to your mouth, "Say ahh dear." Your lips open a bit more and you quietly whisper, "Ahh." Then she slips the rope between your teeth and orders you to hold it tight and not drop it no matter what happens.

"Follow me slave." She gets up and walks over to where the chains dangle from the ceiling and stands beside them. You follow carefully, concentrating on holding the rope. She unfastens the clip holding the cuffs behind your back and then lifts your arms and binds them to the chains over your head. Suddenly she slips a blindfold over your eyes and the room goes black. Standing behind you so close you can feel the silkiness of her skirt against your ass, you feel her hands and nails begin to caress your body. Gently over your shoulders, a little harder as she drags her nails across your back and down to your ass where her hand lingers squeezing your ass cheek firmly. She rubs in small circles over one cheek then the other, slipping her finger down between them, tickling and teasing. Suddenly, she snaps her hand across your ass, "Whack!!" Bright hot pain briefly runs across your flesh, and you nearly drop the rope in surprise. She pauses just a moment and then smacks again several times, whack, Whack, WHACK!!! Louder and harder with each stroke. You can feel your skin begin to heat up as she continues spanking your ass, over and over, changing the tempo and force of the blows. Moving from one cheek to the other, up and down, back and forth. Your skin begins to turn a nice shade of pink as she abuses it thoroughly.

"Mmm, I love a slave with a red hot ass." She caresses your tortured skin softly with her hand. Then you feel her body pressing against yours from behind as she rubs against your ass feeling the heat through her skirt. "Ahh yes, very nice, don't you think so?" Your head is swimming just a little realizing how hot this makes her so you don't acknowledge her question. Suddenly she grabs a hand full of hair and tugs backward, causing the rope to tug sharply at your cock and balls. "YES!! Yes Mistress, if it pleases you Mistress." You try to speak while still holding the rope between your teeth. "What would please me more is to see just how much my new slave can take before you call out and beg me to stop. Does that sound like fun dear?" "Yes Mistress, thank you." She is testing you. You had said you didn't know what your limits were when you filled out the pre scene negotiation form, and now she is going to help you find out. You bite harder on the rope and try to prepare yourself for what is to come.

You hear her selecting items off the hooks on the wall and walking back behind you. "All right dear, now I am going to start off with some fairly soft to moderate floggers and work my way up to the more severe things as I go. If at any time it gets to intense all you have to do is drop the rope and I will stop what I am doing. Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress." "Good boy." You can hear the smile in her voice as she takes a step back and takes aim with the first of her weapons. "Swisshhhh smack! You feel cool, fairly soft tresses of deerskin strike your back. Swish smack! Again a little harder this time. Swish smack again and again the flogger slaps against your skin. Then there is a moments pause and a new material, slightly coarser than the last begins to hit you. It is heavier but not painful as is pounds against your back and ass at least a dozen times. You feel yourself begin a little lightheaded as you slip deeper into submission, but hang on to the rope. SWISH Whack!! An even heavier material slaps against your back, stinging a bit this time. You lose track of the time as you stand in the dark, feeling the flogger strike you over and over again. She pauses and moves close enough for you to feel her against your back again. She runs her hand lightly over your skin feeling the warmth, examining it closely.

"How are you doing luv?" "Good Mistress." You reply through your clenched teeth. She steps around to the front of you and feels your hands to make sure they are still warm, checking that the cuffs are not biting your wrists at all. "Excellent dear, you are doing very well. I am very pleased with you so far. Now let's see how you like my crop." She begins to tap lightly with the crop on your already tender ass. Lightly then a little harder she snaps the crop with a flip of her wrist. She moves the crop down your ass, then smacks the back of your thighs with stinging strokes. Then she takes the crop and starts tapping it between your thighs lightly, signaling you to spread them a bit further. She begins to snap the crop harder and harder all over your body, moving from place to place, slowly at first, then faster and faster, leaving little red marks where ever she hits. The pain begins to get more and more intense as she continues snapping the crop harder and faster on your ass.

Just as it gets to the point that you think you can bear it no more and you consider dropping the rope, she instinctively senses that you have taken all you can bear for now and stops. She places the crop aside and once again begins running her smooth hands over your hot flesh, soothing it. She tugs at the rope and takes it from your lips, kissing your cheek softly. "You have done very, very well dear." She unfastens the blindfold and runs her nails along the side of your face. She then drops to a crouch position and begins untying the ropes that are wrapped tightly around your dick. Unwrapping it slowly, running her warm fingers over the bumps left by the ropes. She finishes taking off the rope and lays it aside then stands up and smiles at you. Finally she reaches up and un-cuffs you.

"You may get dressed and go now dear." "Thank you Mistress. That was wonderful." You pick up your clothes and get dressed, watching her as she gathers her toys and equipment and places them neatly back where they belong. As you begin to climb the stairs you peek over her shoulder and catch her eye as she watches you go, and smiles knowing you will be back.
Best wishes always Suzanne

"Sensual sadism is an artform... your body & soul are my canvas"


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