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Kiss My Feet

by Suzanne Sxysadist

I absolutely love to have my feet kissed and massaged and pampered! Fortunately, there are a lot of men that have foot fetishes and I am in a line of work where I get to meet lots of very willing and enthusiastic participants. I recall one afternoon session in particular with a very special foot slave of mine. He had requested a session based entirely on worshipping my feet and I happily agreed. He entered the play room and immediately undressed for me and lay his clothes on the rack, then dropped to his knees on the carpet. I approached him slowly, wearing my favorite little short leather dress, black thigh high nylons and shiny patent mule pumps. He dropped his face to my feet and began to shower light kisses on my toes and shoes. I take a step back from him, then walk over to the swing and sit in it so that my feet are about a foot off the ground. I beckon him to sit before me and when he crawls over I place my feet in front of his face. "Open your mouth for me." I order him and he complies quickly, opening his mouth wide. I slip the front of my foot and shoe into his mouth as deeply as I can and watch as an ecstatic expression fills his face. I wiggle my toes slightly, tickling the roof of his mouth and working my foot deeper inside.

There is now a very visible sign of his enjoyment. I take my other foot and drop it to his crotch, running the tip of the heel along his delicate flesh. He moans deeply and opens his mouth a little bit wider. I pull my foot out of his mouth and order him to suck the heel of my shoe as if it were a cock. He wraps his lips around the spiked heel of my shoe and begins to move his lips back and forth over it. "Lick it for me like a good slut baby." His slides his tongue seductively along the length of the heel and flicks it across the tip. I feel his cock stir beneath my other shoe and I respond by grinding my heel a little harder into his flesh. I let him go on that way for several minutes until finally I pull the shoe from between his lips and let it slip off my foot onto the floor. I continue to keep my other foot on his cock, pushing down slightly from time to time and listening for his soft moans.

I place the bottom of my foot fully over his face and begin to rub it all over his lips and cheeks and nose. I he specifically requested that my feet be naturally fragranced from a long day in my shoes and I had no problem complying with this request. I see him breathing deeply and inhaling the pungent aroma, savoring it and relishing the warm contact of my foot on his face. I run my toes along his lips and wiggle them till his lips open and then slide the whole front of my foot into his eager mouth. His mouth is warm and inviting as he sets to his task of worshipping my foot, he lifts his hands to cradle my ankle and take more of my foot between his lips. I lean back in the swing and pull my other foot off his groin and let the shoe slip to the floor.

"That feels good sweetie, go on and massage my feet for me now like a good little foot slave." He lets my foot rest in his lap as he begins systematically massaging it, rubbing first each toe gently in small circles, twisting them gently and tugging on them. Then he continues a little more firmly as he crosses the top of my arch and presses deeply into the sole of my foot. He continues massaging every square inch rhythmically as his talented hands work from one end of it to the other, back and forth, top to bottom and back again. By this time I am moaning softly as I stretch catlike in the swing and begin to relax more and more under his ministrations. I feel all the tension draining from me as he strokes and caresses my tired achy feet, ankles and calves with such care and admiration that it is awe inspiring.

When he finishes with one foot after what seems like ages, he lifts it to his lips and kisses it gently then lets it rest in his lap. Then he begins on the other and gives it the same treatment. "Oh yes," I think to myself, "this is a person that takes pride in his perversion, a man after my own heart." I truly love to see someone enjoying himself so much, especially when it also is something that brings me great pleasure. As he works I can’t help watching the look of pure joy on his face and smile brightly myself. "That feels so wonderful baby, you are very good at that!" He beams with pride as I praise him and grins adorably."Hmm, maybe I need my polish changed on my toes, luv. what do you think?" I playfully wave my toes under his nose for inspection. "If it pleases you Mistress, I would be glad to do it for you." "Very good dear, go upstairs and get the basin from under the sink and fill it with warm soapy water for me." He scurries off to do his task as I gather a few items from the cabinet nearby. When he returns I have a pumice stone, nail polish remover and all other necessary items for a proper pedicure, laid out on the floor beside a towel for him.

"Have you ever given a proper pedicure before dear?" "I think so Ma’am, my last Mistress trained me to do it the way she liked it but I hope it meets your approval." I give him a look of interested appraisal and decide to let him do his best and see what happens.I remove my nylons and rest my feet in his lap as he carefully but thoroughly removes the old polish from my toes. Once this task is complete, I slip my feet into the warm water and sigh softly. The water feels wonderful on my freshly pampered feet and the temperature was perfect. He begins to stroke them softly, letting the heat and water soften the skin on the soles of my feet. After a few moments he begins to gently rub the pumice stone over my heels and the ball of my foot, removing the rough spots and calluses and bringing out a soft pink glow. He worked the bottom of each toe lovingly, holding each firmly as he scrubbed the bottom with the stone. I squirm just a bit and giggle cause it tickles like crazy but I continue to endure this torturous procedure for his benefit alone. (Yeah right! Like I am sure you believe that!)

Once he is satisfied that my feet are as soft as can be, he lifts them from the basin and rests them on the towel in his lap. He begins to pat them dry very lightly and picks up the orange stick so that he can push back the cuticles. I am amazed by the care he takes not to hurt me in this normally somewhat painful task but he still manages to accomplish the purpose quite well.

Then he uses the nippers to carefully remove the bit of cuticle from each toe, but accidentally clips to far on the last toe and draws a drop of blood and a bit of a yelp from me. "I am so sorry Mistress!" He scrambles to wipe the blood from the toe and looks so pathetically crushed that I can’t even bring myself to discipline him for the offense. I mean after all, the poor thing was doing such a wonderful job all along and now he looks so miserable and upset. Geez, I am getting to damn soft hearted."It’s OK dear, just kiss it and make it better." He sighs with relief and gratitude that I am not holding it against him as he brings my foot to his lips and intimately kisses my poor little injured toe. His kiss starts softly and delicately but soon he begins to slide his tongue and lips over, under and between my other toes. His caress is passionate, sensual and erotic and before I know it I have forgotten all about the nick in my toe and I close my eyes and lay back in the swing to enjoy some more of his special brand of pampering. It felt great before through the stockings but this was even more incredible. My feet felt ultra sensitive from the abrasion with the stone and the hot soak so I could feel even the lightest caress, even his ecstatic breathing on my flesh.Lost in the ecstatic feelings he is producing in my feet I stay to sway back and forth very slightly in the swing and whisper words of praise just loud enough for him to hear. His tongue works magic on my toes and delicate soles but eventually I realize it is time for him to leave for his business meeting. I gently remind him that he has yet to apply new polish to my pretty toes, and he reluctantly stops kissing them long enough to do so.

When he is finished I inspect the job and find it quite satisfactory, in fact better than some of the nail salons I have visited, but then he labored out of love so I am not surprised. I kiss him gently and thank him for a job well done as he gets dressed to leave. Then tell him that maybe I need to get him to learn to do my finger nails as well. He smiles with pride and thanks me for a wonderful afternoon and promises to return again soon. Some how I know he will and I look forward to it as well.
Best wishes always Suzanne

"Sensual sadism is an artform... your body & soul are my canvas"

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