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My Slave Training at La Domaine

by Suzanne Sxysadist

(based on very much of my true life experiences with Master R of La Domaine Esemar)

Let’s get one thing clear right now… I absolutely love the way his cock looks straining against the leather of those fucking pants and I want it so bad right now I could cry, maybe even be willing to die! And knowing him, knowing me, I will probably have to prove it to get even a taste of that sweet flesh tonight! And the sick and scary part is; I will gladly do so for him, over and over again!

A part of me has craved belonging to him and pleasuring his cock from the very first moment that he took me by the hand and put me on my knees before him. His voice low but clear and well practiced, like he had done this at least a 1000 times. Even so there was a touch of reverence in his voice during this special ritual, almost like a baptism as he submerges me into slave space and promises with smiled innuendos, more secrets to be revealed. As he spoke he touched me gently here and there, adjusting my body into perfect position. I tried to listen intently and remember every word, but my mind felt far away and a little foggy. (Probably from all the blood in my body rushing straight to my sex!)

“Your slave posture; kneeling, legs apart, always available but never vulgar. Your head held high, you are proud to be a La Domaine slave but your eyes are kept down to show that you are humbled by the experience. Your hands on your thighs, palms up: a sign of offering. And yet. deeper than that, you offer through your craving, in your body, your heart and your soul. To offer IS to crave slave. Do you understand that?”

“I think so Sir” (I didn’t really, not deep in my core where it mattered. But I soon would.

“Do not call me Sir, You may refer to me as Master or simply as R. That is all. Understood?”

I gulped a little I had known this man less than 2 hrs, and here I was on my knees wanting him like a slut in heat. This was happening so fast! How do I know I can trust him, I don’t even know his first name just an initial! Oh my God, what if he is too extreme for me? What if he hurts me? Oh my! What if he doesn’t wouldn’t that be a disappointment! Oh geez I must be crazy! What the hell am I doing here!?

My mind flooded with a stream of fears, random horny thoughts, and practical and not so practical what ifs, but I held my posture and searched for my deepest craving. I knew he would settle for nothing less.

“Yes, Master” It was shaky and a bit awkward but clear. I was on unfamiliar ground, taking hesitant blind steps. I was nervous, and unsure and oh-so-turned-on!

My eyes still lowered, I watched him lean back in the chair and sit that casual sexy way he does. With one leg up on the chair and one off to the side, he was stretching the leather tightly across his crotch and leaning back watching me as I traced his length and girth with my lingering eyes..

Even if I hadn’t seen him looking at me I would have felt him reading my face, breath, and movements on the surface and the energetic cravings pulsing through my veins. His gaze was penetrating and pervasive, his energy probing mine.

His expression blended the wisdom and experience of a seasoned chateau Master sizing up the value and usefulness of a prospective slave, with a dash of the sadistic and calculating hunter or rapist evaluating his prey, his next victim. It was a serious, studied expression mixed with a touch of gleefully cruel smile and more pure deep knowing than I had ever seen before. A look that whispered to me in throaty silence, “I know what you want slut. <chuckle> But, I also know that what you NEED, deep down. Things you may not even be aware of yet, and if you can measure up, I may just enjoy giving it to you, eventually.” However, something told me that this man did not impress easily.

I felt like an open book to him. Like every thought I ever had was spoken out loud to him and he had heard it ALL before. He watched me looking at him. My eyes still fascinated by the way that light, softly gleamed across the stretched black leather flesh, then faded to dark velvety shadows as it played across the contours of his body. It was plain to see that he had been blessed and as I relished the thought of that treasure inside me, I felt a delicious instant rush run through my body like a hot, wet, electric juice. It emanated from my cunt with a pulse and the wave radiated out ward from cell to cell turning my bones to submissive jelly and my insides to compliant molten desire. I swallowed hard, my panties felt wet, he knew just from watching me and he smiled wickedly.

He reached down with one hand and casually stroked the length from base to tip through those incredibly tight pants, his eyes still on me. I swallowed hard again and unconsciously licked my lips. I wasn’t really starting to salivate was I? Ohh but yes indeed I was, just like Pavlov’s dog anticipating the treat that goes with the bell.

I wanted to taste his flesh. I wanted to show this man how much I adore cock worship. And I wanted to believe I could sweetly rock his world with my hands and lips and tongue but when I lifted my eyes just enough to meet his gaze something in his expression told me that I was going to have to work harder for this than anything I have ever worked for before. My wants meant absolutely nothing in his grand scheme of things and I knew I had better get used to being “hungry”.

“Eyes down slave.” I dropped them lustfully back onto his crotch and watched as he very slowly continued to lightly stoke up along the length .. base to tip .. base to tip .. base to tip .. gently so sexy, I could see it starting to grow even fuller, longer, harder. Good God.. I wanted it so bad!

I watched his hands start to work that cock harder right through the supple leather flesh covering it, he squeezed and tugged at it. He adjusted the positioning and now it was running straight up the font of his tight jeans and I swear the tip was practically at the waist band.

I started squirming unconsciously and began leaning closer to him, falling slowly out of posture without really realizing it. He noticed and corrected me instantly with a low but firm voice “Mind your posture slave” I straightened up with a little frustrated whimper and tried to get my breath back to a smooth and steady pace. I needed to focus on something, anything other than the fact that every damn cell in my body wanted to be fucked open by that beautiful cock!

Suddenly he sat up and leaned so that his face was only 6 inches or so from mine. “Kiss me slave, but do not move”. In that instant he quickly pecked a little kiss on my lips and just as quickly pulled back to that 6 inch distance. “Kiss me slave!” Again he swooped in for a peck, I tried to meet him in the kiss but he was too damn fast for me. I stayed on edge, trying to anticipate his next swoop and he started to move, then stopped, chuckling at me as I kissed the air. He was toying with me, like a fisherman letting his catch wear itself out before reeling it in. And I was absolutely hooked.

He alternated randomly between swooping in for his tease kisses and stopping short, taunting me with my clumsy near misses. Demanding that I kiss him, but making it impossible to do so. I always seemed just a fraction of a second off and it was driving me mad. I could see him moving but my reaction time was just too slow to catch his lips in perfect synch with mine.

Finally, I closed my eyes and stopped trying to watch for his movements but instead “feel” for them. With my eyes closed I took a breath and cleared my mind and then felt into the space between us. I quietly dropped into a different place in my body that allowed me to sense his intention to move before he actually did was delighted to find that it worked! He swooped .. I felt the energy between us flow and shift .. and without thinking about it I just kissed,…. And finally met his lips in that first sweet peck.

“Very good slave” I could hear the smile in his voice and it lit me up inside. I took another breath, felt into our mingling energy bodies and as he moved toward me again my body reacted blindly and kissed again and again rapidly .. he tried to trick me with two .. but I felt it coming and responded appropriately

I could feel his surprise even as he casually praised the improvement and part of me was elated and part of me was growling low and deep inside with a hunger that wanted to pounce on him and just take what I needed like an wild animal. But I knew I had better learn to jump through his hoops like a good circus cat if I wanted even a tickle behind the ear.

He looked at me thoughtfully for a moment then popped up and disappeared into the next room only for a moment, returning with a lovely length of soft golden hemp. My whole body sighed in delight at the mere sight of that rope in his hands. I enjoy rope bondage a bit as a top myself and it isn’t easy for me to stay dropped in sub space with a novice top, my gut starts itching to teach and share rope secrets, but just seeing that piece of rope in his hands, I knew he was not a novice. He ran it through his hands and found center, then very quickly and very efficiently tied my wrists behind my back and worked a Japanese box style shinju across my chest, right over my low cut macramé blouse.

He had not removed or opened any of my clothing at all. Not that I would have objected at that point, trust me. Once he had my arms tightly bound behind my back and my breasts perked at attention, he leaned close to me and said he only intended to touch the bits of flesh I offered to him tonight.

He ran his hand gently over my cheek and then down over my vulnerable throat, pausing for a moment to squeeze just slightly at the carotids, his eyes fixed on mine. I gasped and swooned as my insides just melted into a pool again. I have craved having a man’s hand on my throat since the first session I ever had, when my first Dom taught me to fly that way. But, so few people are brave enough to go with that brand of edge play and even fewer of them have the confidence I felt in Master’s skilled fingers. He had done this before and he knew from my reaction that I had too and that I loved it.

He grabbed another smaller length of rope and began to weave a rope posture collar snugly around my throat. It was tight enough that I could feel the rope deliciously embracing my entire neck top to bottom but not so tight that it restricted my breathing at all. As he ran his fingers over the coils of rope on my throat, I could feel the rope vibrating on my skin. The smell and the texture and the feel of those coils of hemp was totally turning me on more and more by the second.

I was drifting out of posture again lost in sensation and desire but he brought me back to center by placing his hand again around my throat and just holding for a moment. I would swear I could feel the heat of his hand through the rope, and as my breath flowed in and out under his touch I dropped my head back offering him my throat and my breath fully, surrendering wide open to him. He began to squeeze again ever so slightly and the compression on the wider bands of rope brought me softly to that familiar edge. I felt warmth spread through my body as my vision started to fade tunnel like, closing into darkness. A moment of panic surged through my body as the self preservation instinct screams at me to fight or pull away, but all it manages to produce is a little rippling spasm running through my chest. I feel like I am free falling backwards into oblivion and although I can sort of feel my body convulsing and twitching I am not comprehending anything at all. There is no time or space.. there is nothing but a giant ocean like wave of sensation closing in on me and tumbling me round in it’s roaring, crashing surf. I do not even have the presence of mind to know which way is up and my only tether to the world .. is his hand on my throat.

Light begins to drift back to my senses slowly, my vision began to unblur and suddenly I am looking into the face of a complete stranger! I had no idea where I was, how I got there or who the hell this man was but in that moment he looked a lot like God to me. His hand was still gently wrapped around my throat, my arms and breasts were still tied, my chest heaved with in the ropes and as I realized that my nipples were screaming hard I suddenly knew that right now the only thing in the world I really wanted was to worship his fucking cock!!

I started begging incoherently, a long string of senseless, breathless pleading; “Master Please …. Please… Master, may I suck you Master .. please I need you Master .. I need to worship your cock … Master PLEASE!!”

“Crave deeper slave, don’t beg from your brain .. beg from your pussy.”

I felt like a damn burst inside me and I started sobbing with the most intense need I could remember and the words dropped away but the craving was clear. He stood in front of my .. the tightly stretched leather of his jeans less than and inch from my lips but I knew not to dare take liberty. Tears streamed down my cheek and he turned my face gently and pressed himself to the side of my face. I swear I nearly came.

The leather drank my tears as the heat of his cock penetrated into my cheek, I felt his pulse on the side of my face and sighed. Even that touch was enough to make me happy in that moment.

He lingered there for a moment then pulled back away .. my eyes followed him, still down cast in good slave posture, my head high my arms probably numb at this point I can’t really recall and it didn’t matter one bit. My focus was entirely on his cock.

“Kiss slave”

I gave a hesitant peck on the leather, similar to the “kissing game” pecks we had exchanged earlier. He rocked forward, I kissed again and again.

“That’s it slave, kiss each one hotter than before” I started planting a string of kisses on the shaft and as I went I focused my intention and my pure lust filled craving narrower and narrower, concentrating it to pure need on the tips of my moist lips. My lips started to linger, wanting to lick, and suck and taste god damn it!

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head sharply back. “Kissing is NOT licking slave, don’t get greedy! Now kiss!”

He released my hair and my lips sprang back to kissing lightly up and down the front of his pants, tracing the contours of his cock. I wanted so badly to please him but I felt like he wanted me dancing right on that insanity fueled edge of frustration, shame and lust. I want to scream, “What the fuck is wrong with you damn it .. just let me suck your cock already!” But I bite my tongue and keep kissing.

He takes a step away from me and I almost fall forward on my knees. He takes yet another piece of rope and ties one end to the coils around my throat and the other end to an eye bolt in the ceiling. I test my new leash and discover I can lean slightly forward but the more I do the more pressure I feel on my throat. He stands before me again and very very slowly begins to undo the button on those damn pants. I swallow hard and lick my lips again, anticipating, praying, craving. I can see the delicate underside frenum area peek out at me and he leans forward just enough that I can sneak a peck kiss and then pulls back again just out of reach.

“Kiss slave”

I lean up and forward a bit more and can barely touch my lips to his leather again.. I absolutely can’t reach the tip. But, I start to press more and the rope tightens… everything begins to gray just a little and I start to swoon back. I can’t reach him god dammit! I try again, he rocks toward me just a ½ inch, enough to let me run kisses up his length with renewed desire and then as I stretch and reach and try to run my tongue just under the tip of his cock he slaps my face and reminds me not to be greedy!

The hot sting on my cheek only turns me on even more as I lustfully whisper “Yes Master". I don’t dare displease him now for fear that he will simply stop and leave me like this! He steps back and begins to very slowly pull the zipper down .. one tooth at a time. I catch my breath as he begins to finally reveal himself to me. His long hard flesh glows beautifully in the soft light and the texture looks like silken sugar that would melt on my tongue. Even if my “posture” did not instruct “eyes down”, I know that I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of this part of him. Now fully out from the leather confines, he took it into his right hand and began to stroke it every so slowly and lovingly toward my lips, still just out of reach.

Unconsciously I began to press forward toward him, I just needed to be a little closer, just a little more, just a little… my eyes begin to blur and I rock backward yet again and this time need a few more seconds to recover. My head is swimming and body is charged with incredible sexual energy and I just don’t understand why this bastard won’t just let me suck his damn cock!

He could sense that burst of aggression flaring in me and as if to egg me on he started beckoning me with the tip, calling to me with it, teasing me and verbally taunting me all the while; “Come on slavie, show me how much you want it. Crave deeply.”

I started growling and grunting and struggling forward against the rope and he finally slid it close enough for me to begin to taste his flesh fully on my lips. I close my eyes and truly savor the feel of my lips pressed against the underside of his cock in a deep adoringly meditative kiss. His cock felt hot against my lips, the smell of sweat and leather filled my nose as I just rested there for a moment, my throat pressed against the ropes and my lips pressed against that sweet spot on the underside of his glorious cock and I was happy.

“Lick slave”

“Yes!” I cry out in energetic but silent joy, and immediately I start my tongue at the base of his cock and meander slowly all the way up the length, stopping just short of a glistening drop of pre cum forming at the tip. I stretch my tongue out teasingly and touch the tip of it right to that little drop and pull away slowly … letting the pre cum stretch like a web between us .. light glistens in it that clear thin strand … stretching slowly .. it breaks and I go back for more.

(To be continued)

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