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Latex Sex Slave - Training in Oral Servitude

Mz Tress S was having a very hard time finding worthy slaves to train to be her live sex toys to serve at her wild sex parties, so she decided to place an ad on one of those on-line BDSM sites and see if she had any better luck there. Most of the ones that responded were the usual selfish jerks that just wanted to pretend they were submissive if it meant they could “get off” themselves, but she was looking for something special. Someone she could train to be a total service slave, who would follow orders to the letter, not for fear of punishment, but because the slave was born to serve any way his or her Mistress chose. Basically she wanted a total whore that would suck anything placed near it’s hungry mouth and bend over for any one she chose on command.

She got a ton of responses and took weeks to sift through them and weed out the one’s she knew would never cut it, but finally she found one that had potential. She never asked him his name but she knew he was a latex fetishist and that was fine with her, she owned lots of the sweet shiny stuff and didn’t mind throwing some on from time to time if it got him to behave the way she wanted.

She ordered him to arrive at her home dressed as a female latex whore and to be prepared to be a nameless, faceless piece of meat for her (and anyone else she choose) to use. Like the good little slut, he showed up encased in latex from head to toe. Hood with eyes and mouth wide open, his cock shoved into a latex sheath that protruded from his cat suit encased body at full attention and the biggest damn set of breasts she had seen in quite some time!

Mistress was pleased. She didn’t want to see his face, that would make him too human. It really didn’t matter what he looked like anyway, all she cared about was could he lick feet well, suck cock & eat pussy like a pro, and did he have a tight fuckable ass.

She greeted him at the door wearing a sweet mix of latex & leather, and ordered the slut to his knees and immediately shoved her black rubber cock in his open mouth. He sucked it greedily. She could tell he had been waiting a long time to be used this way, but he did not know how to deep throat. If he was going to be used as a party favor in her household that would have to change!

She sat on the edge of the couch and placed her hand on the back on his head and forced his head deeper onto her huge strap on until she head him starting to gag and gasp for air. The sounds of his struggles started to turn her on.

Yes, she was a sadist at heart and loved to use her slaves to their edges. He definitely got the message and started to try to take that cock deeper and deeper into his hungry throat. This slut was really going for it!

She noted to herself that his enthusiasm was commendable but she also noticed that his cock was twitching in it’s latex sheath. He was certainly enjoying being used this way so it was not entirely selfless on his part. She would have to see if his enthusiasm keeps up when he discovers that his satisfaction and release are totally irrelevant to his new Mistress.

One of the things she discovered early on as a Domina was that if you let a male slave have an orgasm, they get lazy and lose their desire to serve. She certainly would never tolerate a lazy slave in her service so she is very, very strict about keeping all of her male slaves on excruciatingly strict orgasm control.

She has several types of chastity devices at her disposal and is very proficient at choosing the right one for the right slave. On rare occasion, and for cases of exceptional service, she will relent and sometimes milk a slave’s prostate as a reward but they are never permitted to have intercourse with her. (Although she has occasionally enjoyed making a slave listen to her having sex with men she does choose to fuck sometimes.)

She ordered her new slave to lie down flat on the floor and straddled his shoulders so that her big black strap on was just in reach of his lips. She teased him with it for awhile, testing to see if he was really hungry enough to keep trying right through the frustration of her denial. He was and she smiled. She thrust her hips forward and watched as that cock slid down his throat, deeper and deeper. She knew he couldn’t breath, it was a near impossible angle to accept a cock deeply at but he tried his best to take it for her. This pleased her immensely.


She pulled back out and sat up on his knees for a moment, letting him catch his breath. She began to admire his huge water balloon filled tits and suddenly wondered what it would be like to fuck them a bit so she popped back down onto her knees and slid her strap on between his tits. Back and forth and back and forth she fucked his fame titties for awhile and told him that if he was going to be her whore that he would be used by anyone she wanted when ever she wanted. She loved the sound of the groan that slipped from his lips.

This one was truly a slut at heart. She had him spread his legs for her and she got down in front of him and began to tease his ass with her fingertip. He moaned and squirmed like a horny little slut, making it quite obvious that he loved to be fucked in his tight ass. Mistress teased some more, she wanted him so hungry he would beg for her cock in his ass.

A little lube, a gloved finger, more teasing. There are 1000s of nerve endings around the anus and Mistress wanted to set each and every one of them on fire. She studied anal massage techniques with an erotically gifted gay male at a special school and she was a very good student. She kneaded and worked the muscles around his tight hole, stroked and teased his ass hole, making it want her, making it NEED her to enter it.

She wanted him to crave her cock with every cell in his body. She understood that many men in particular loved the fantasy of “being forced to serve”, however she found it far sexier when they offered her themselves freely and in fact deeply craved her attention. There was almost nothing on earth as sexy to her as hearing a man beg for her to torment him, like really beg, the kind of begging that smacked of near desperation.

She teased him some more, she could see his cock twitching in it’s latex sheath and she just knew that it was beginning to dribble in there and get all deliciously slippery. She began to toy with it, sliding the slick latex back and forth seductively over his rock hard cock. He began to buck his hips, she stopped and smacked his cock pretty hard. He was going to learn self control if it killed him.

His cock went down a tad as a reaction to the sharp shot of pain, but she quickly began to tease it back to full strength again. She wanted him on the edge, but not too damn close to the edge. It would spoil everything if he came right now.

She stopped playing with his cock and went back to teasing his ass again. Toying with it gently, pressing against his tight outer sphincter but not enough to slide in at all. He was moaning even louder than before. Oh yes! He was really starting to crave deeply now.

He started to mutter incomprehensible ramblings of pleading and begging, but she was still not quite satisfied wit his hunger. She wanted to see just how hot this new slave of hers could get before he lost it.

She pulled out a vibrator and placed it at his perineum, switched it onto low and sent deep rumbling vibrations right up into his prostate. His legs began to twitch. His begging became more insistent. She simply laughed and told him to crave deeper.

She started to rub the tip of her cock against his tight ass. Pressing it against his tender, hungry hole but not quite entering him. Again he started to buck instinctively and again she smacked his cock sending waves of pain through his body. He was a slow learner. If she was going to fuck him, it would be when she was good and ready and not one second before.

She could hear a hint of a sob I his voice as he apologized. He was beginning to understand how deeply she wanted him to crave and that turned her on immensely.

Suddenly she lifted his legs up by his sexy red thigh high boots and slammed her strap on deep in his ass. She could hear him stifle a scream and knew that that had hurt like hell eve with all the hunger and teasing but she wanted to see how he would handle a really sudden anal rape. Some of her friends were less considerate about warm up than she was usually and she needed her slave to be prepared for any eventuality.

She watched his eyes snap open widely and then close again to a squint.. she waited for them to relax again a bit before she started to rock her hips against him, fucking him more gently now, letting his ass adjust to the invasion.

She angled her cock up into his prostate, pumping against it slowly but deliberately with every stroke. He was moaning with pleasure again. She grabbed a hold of his cock in it’s latex sheath and could feel the slickness inside against his skin. Ohhh yes, he was dribbling pre cum as she milked him with her cock. She had a feeling if she kept this up much longer he might cum involuntarily so she slowed down to a crawl and alternated between teasing his cock and fucking jis ass over and over for what seemed like an eternity.

“You know you absolutely may not cum with out my express permission.. don’t you slave? I mean that should go with out saying, but I don’t want any excuse that you didn’t know it. If something I am doing brings you too close to the edge and you feel as though you might cum, then you must say, “Mistress, your slave is begs you to stop because he does not wish to cum”. Is that understood?”

Her slave groaned a miserable pathetic little sound but whispered, “yes Mistress”

“I can’t hear you slave! Speak up!”

“YES MISTRESS! I understand Mistress!”

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