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The Party Whore

by Suzanne SxySadist

One of my favorite slaves had admitted to a long time fantasy involving forced bi-sexual acts among other things. I had told him time and time again that as interesting as that sounded it would be impossible in the context of a regular professional session between us. First for the obvious legal reasons and second cause off hand I didn't know any willing male subjects to force him to service. That all changed when I was invited to a very special party that a very dear friend of mine was hosting. She had long been involved in the "swingers" scene and although I really didn't care for that lifestyle myself, I certainly respected not only freedom of choice but also the courage it took to enjoy the things that they wished.

I told my little slave boy not to make any plans for this particular evening... and that I had something very special planned for him. I went on to tell him that if he chose to accompany to this party that he would have absolutely no rights as far as stopping any activity that I chose to allow to take place. I assured him that all safe sex and health precautions would be guaranteed and that I would see to it that no permanent harm would come to him. He readily agreed! I further informed him that I expected that he would be cleanly shaved in his genital region and that I expected him to thoroughly cleanse his bowels with an enema.

When the night of the party arrived, I had him meet me at my dungeon, where I had him strip for my inspection. I looked him over carefully then attached a thick leather collar and leash to his throat, as well as placing his cock on the "gates of hell". For anyone not familiar with this device it is a series of rings that slip over the penis when flaccid and will become increasingly tight and uncomfortable if an erection occurs. I reminded him that this evening was not about his pleasure... he was going to be in service to anyone and everyone at the party in any and every way they wished. I told him that he was forbidden to speak unless asked a direct question, and then he was to be extremely polite and accommodating of anything requested of him. I proceeded to slip blindfold securely over his eyes and had him dress in jogging pants and a jacket (the less and the easier to remove the better).

I drove us both to the location of the party and helped him inside still blindfolded. I wanted him to have not only no clue where he was but also to not be able to see who he would be servicing. The suspense was building sweetly and once inside I had him strip again then kneel in the foyer as I attached cuffs to his wrists and ankles. I then fastened the wrist cuffs to the ankle ones so that he could not stand up. I then tugged at his leash and indicated that I wanted him to follow me, by shuffling on his knees that way into the main room where the party goers were already gathering. I glanced at his cock and could already see that it was beginning to strain against the steel rings. I smiled wickedly to myself and tugged harder at the leash as I entered the room.

I was of course immediately greeted by several friends who hadn't seen me in ages and we chatted a bit while the party whore fidgeted nervously. I had him kneel beside me upright and had him hold the end of the leash in his teeth while I fixed myself a drink and greeted my friends. Several people of course asked "What do we have here" and I told them that I had brought a party favor along and that he was to there to be used any way that anyone saw fir for the evening. Several of my girlfriends "oohed" and "ahhed" and a some even smiled wickedly as I saw them appraising his lean muscular body. Oh yes, this was going to be a very interesting evening.
Even though most of the people at the party were swingers, there were a few people from the BDSM scene that I knew in attendance and I always welcome an opportunity to kick off some kinky fun. This evening would be no exception. I took the leash end from the slaves lips and lead him, still blindly scuffling along behind me on his knees to a padded table that was close to the center of the room and helped him onto it. I had brought along a set of urethral sounds with me, which is an activity that this particular slut absolutely adored. He had no idea I had brought the sounds with me, which are a series of steel rods that are inserted into the penile shaft. Generally we start with the smallest one and then gradually use larger and larger diameter rods with plenty of lubricant, until the urethra is stretched a bit. I am told that the sensation is very bizarre but can be extremely pleasant as the rods rub against and massage the prostrate gland from the inside.

After securely binding him to the table, I slipped on my examination gloves and began to lube the end of the first sound. I could see him squirming in anticipation as I began to gently toy with that sensitive opening in his now very hard cock. The flesh of his cock was now straining against the metal rings of the "Gates" and I considered taking it off but decided to let him suffer a bit more as I began to very slowly slide the rod inside him. I watched as his muscles tensed a bit, then slowly start to relax a bit as that familiar sensation began to register. Further and further I slid the rod inside him, I could feel it slipping deeper into him as I held it steady but gently straight up. A bit further, now I could feel it through his sac. Oh yes it was very deep now. I gently withdrew it and flipped it over to use the other, slightly wider side. I applied plenty of lube once again and began to slide it inside as before.

A few people began to gather round to watch. One called out, asking if it hurt. I nudged him, indicating he should respond but he was having difficulty speaking at first. I withdrew the rod and waited. He took a deep breath and replied that "No, it feels wonderful." I smiled and reached for the next size up... lubed it as always and began to slide it inside him. This one was very slightly stretching his urethra. He began to moan softly. I slid this one in as deeply as I dare and began to very gently rock it back and forth inside him. His breathing became a bit shallower and more rapid. He was really enjoying this.
I leaned forward and whispered in his ear so that only he could hear. "You like having all these people watch me fuck your cock slut?" His cock jerked reflexively and I had to hold it steady so he didn't send the rod flying or drive it deeper. "Oh yes Mistress, thank you so much Mistress." I smiled although he couldn't see, I was very very fond of this little slave and I enjoyed pleasing and tormenting him nearly as much as he enjoyed serving.

I withdrew the rod and flipped it to the other side... lubed it like crazy and began to slide it in. This was really stretching him. He was moaning quite loudly now. I glanced quickly at the faces that had gathered around us. Some seemed fascinated, some of the men looked ill, but none could take their eyes off what I was doing.
My little slut was beginning to enjoy this way too much now though and I decided it was far too early for him to orgasm (I honestly hadn't yet decided if he would be allowed to at all). So I cleaned the sounds and put them away and began to untie him. Most of the crowd dispersed gradually but a few lingered behind asking me questions about the procedure they just witnessed. I had the sub get off the table and once again assume his position kneeling at my feet while I answered questions and chatted to the party guests.

At one point I became thirsty and I removed the blindfold from him so that he could scuffle off on his hands and knees with his leash in his teeth to get me a drink. While he was gone, a male Dom that I know asked whether or not the slave was bi sexual. I replied that he was there tonight to be used by anyone and everyone, in anyway they wished as long as no permanent harm comes to him. As the slave returned with my drink, I made sure that the Dom had his back to my little slave so that neither could get a good look at the others face. I thought that for this first encounter the air of mystery would be a delightful additional edge. I quickly slipped his blindfold back on and led the party whore to kneel at my feet before the Dom, then went on to say that I had been training him to suck my strap on but that I really had no clue whether he would be a good little cock sucker on a real one. I looked down at him and he began to blush and drop his head. I asked the Dom if he would like to have my slave suck his cock and the Dom said he would very much like to spank him a bit first.

I reached down and took the leash from the slaves lips and handed it to the Dom and said "Enjoy!". The slave hesitated nervously but I could see his cock begin to twitch again. Ahhh yes, he was frightened but excited. I liked him in that state. The Dom took a few steps back toward the table and ordered the slave to stand and bend over it. He did so a bit too slowly for the gentleman's tastes and was rewarded with a very loud and stinging swat to the ass for his slowness. I took a seat close by so that I could see not only the slave's face but his ass as well. I can tell a lot by the faces someone makes... even with a blindfold on. The lips and sounds can tell such a story it is amazing. First the Dom clipped my slave's feet and ankles securely in place, then began to slowly but steadily spank his firm ass as I watched. I was actually becoming wet watching his sweet flesh become first pink then more and more red, and listening to his moan and whimper with increasing urgency as the strokes came harder and faster.

I waited for an opportunity where it seemed the Dom was taking a slight break in the action to get up and stroll over and casually drag my long nails across that sweet tender flesh. His body shivered beneath my touch and I knew he was as horny as I was at that moment. I got the Dom's attention and whispered in his ear so that the slave couldn't hear my conspiring. The Dom quickly agreed to my idea. I began by slipping on a latex glove and grabbed a bottle of lube and began to let it drop slowly down the crack of the slave's ass. He had no idea it was me doing it and his ass began to squirm nervously. I signaled to the Dom to say something while I pulled my strap on out of my toy bag and got it on. My friend the Dom said "I was told that I could use you any way I wish... and I intend to do just that!! Just at the moment I slid behind the slave and began to press the tip of the strap on against his tight ass. Gently at first, just so that the very tip was opening him up and sliding in... I again signaled the Dom. "Get ready slut, here it comes!"

I slammed forward harder than I ever have and drive the entire length of that dildo into the slave's ass. He wailed in response and I could feel his body tighten but I just continued and with drew slightly only to thrust it into him again! I let it linger for a moment and gently rocked it back and forth and his muscles slowly began to relax. I began to rock it deeper and faster in and out of him... he was beginning to enjoy it now, then suddenly I pulled out. I signaled to the Dom that the slut needed something in his mouth now so he went over and sat on the table spread eagle just out of reach of the sub. I bent over beside the table and whispered in my slave's ear "Do you like being the party whore baby? What's it like to be fucked and used by anyone that wants you? The slave just moaned in response and I grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and lifted his face off the table. His lips opened invitingly and the Dom slid forward and unzipped his pants. His now very hard cock (which was much larger than I would have guessed sprang out of his fly and I pushed the slave's lips close to it and told him to make me proud of him.

The instant his lips touched warm flesh he began to greedily lick and suck at that cock. I smiled as I saw the look of ecstasy creep over the Dom's face and could hear the slurping sucking noises coming from my slave's mouth. I began to again slowly spank his very hot ass and said out loud. "Anyone else want to use this slut's ass?" The slave kept sucking the cock deeper and deeper but began to wiggle his ass invitingly. Yes, he was quite a slut at heart! I noticed several people watching but none stepped forth immediately to take advantage of the offer so I repositioned the strap on for entry and again slammed it into him. His muffled screams were turning on the Dom as much as me so I kept banging away at his ass with that big sweet cock.

The Dom was getting very close to orgasm now and he suddenly grabbed the slave by the back of the head and began forcing himself deeper and deeper into the slave's throat. I kept filling him over and over with the strap on and asked him if he liked being filled with cock. He moaned and squirmed and bucked back against me and sucked that cock deeper and harder. Then the Dom started to moan very loudly and then before I knew it he suddenly pulled out and was spraying cum all over the slave's face (and my blindfold I might add.). I pulled the cock out of the slave's ass and gave him a wipe up with a few wet naps, then slipped the strap on off. The Dom was already off the table and butting is pants. He gave me a respectful nod, smiled appreciatively and sauntered off without a word to the sub. It had been understood that this slave was property for the evening and not entitled to niceties or thanks so that was fine. I removed the blindfold and made the slave clean it for me and gave him a few minutes to compose himself before I had him once again assume his position at my feet.

I saw him nervously glance around the room... trying to see if he could determine whose cock was in his mouth moments before but he could not. Having seen the clothing from behind was not terribly helpful as black T shirts and jeans seems to be standard issue for male Doms in the scene. My little slut was feeling exactly as I had hoped for the evening, like a piece of meat. His only purpose in the world for that night was to be used and abused any way that amused me... fucked and beaten, forced to suck cock or maybe eat pussy.. who knows.. the night was still very young and guests were still arriving.

I decided I was very much relishing his awkwardness and that I really wanted to exploit that feeling in him tonight. I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from my bag and handed it to him. I instructed him to write in as large letters as he could fit.. "I am a whore and painslut, please use me!" on the paper. I placed a hood on him that had a large opening for the mouth and led him to a very visible corner where I had him kneel with his hands cuffs behind him facing into the corner with his ass in the air and his nose deep into the corner. I proceeded to tape the note to his ass so that it was quite visible to anyone that came near. told him I had a few things to do and that I would be away for no more than an hour but that he should behave and do whatever is asked of him until I return. He whimpered slightly at the thought of no longer having me close to "protect" him but knew that protesting would only annoy me. I left him there, looking totally vulnerable and exposed with that inviting message on his ass and went to the ladies room.

When I came out I saw a couple of people that I know standing near my little offering and reading his note, laughing out loud wickedly and considering the possibilities. One of my best friends, and the beautiful hostess of the party, Mistress Lady Lori, was there and I quietly slipped up to her and gave her a huge hug but held my finger to my lips indicating a "shhh". I didn't want my little friend to know I was back in the area.

Suddenly I had a very wicked thought. Lori is nearly famous for her "spanking game" and I know that this little friend of mine was not familiar with it so I whispered to Lori that she should give him a dose of it. She laughed and quickly agreed, while also understanding that by making him continue to think I was not nearby was adding to hid fear and vulnerability.

"Well, well, well.. what have we here?" she began to taunt. "A totally open and available ass for me to beat huh? Isn't that just the loveliest thing in the world?" The slave began to fidget nervously but said nothing. Lori ordered him to stand up and lean into the wall presenting his ass properly to her so she wouldn't have to bend. She told him that she had a little game that she likes to play with naughty pain sluts, and asked if he knew how to count to 20. He naturally said "Yes, Ma'am.. I can count to 20 ma'am" (He is a very well trained and polite little slut I am proud to say.) She said, "Good than this should be easy for you. All you have to do is count off as I spank you. 1 thank you ma'am 2 thank you ma'am 3 thank you ma'am.. all the way to 20. Sounds. simple right?" Yes, ma'am, thank you ma'am" She said "Good!" and laughed wickedly. She went on to explain that she would begin by using a fairly stingy leather paddle but if he messed up... he would get a much harder swat with a very large, thick wooden paddle and then they would have to begin again at 1. "Understand the rules?" "Yes, ma'am thank you ma'am." She was delighted and smiled at me... I snickered silently to myself cause I knew what was coming next.

She got out her two paddles and laid them close by on a chair and began to run her long nails over is firm fuzzy ass, relishing the moment. She asked him is he was ready as she picked up the leather paddle and gently laid it against his flesh, letting him feel the coolness of the leather that would soon be setting his ass on fire. He politely said "Yes, ma'am I am ready ma'am." She pulled the paddle back from his ass and was just about to strike him with it and stopped. "Oh," she said, "I almost forgot to mention and important detail!" "Detail, ma'am?" he asked curiously. "Yes, a minor detail really... each cheek is to be counted separately.. so if I swat the right cheek twice then the left cheek for example.. it would be 1 thank you ma'am, 2 thank you ma'am, 1 thank you ma'am. Got it?" He stammered for a second, realizing this was not going to be as easy as he had first thought, but managed a quiet almost whispered, "Yes, ma'am I understand ma'am."

"Very good!" she smiled and began by suddenly swatting his left cheek moderately hard. He blurts out quickly: "One thank you ma'am!" Quickly, almost before he finishes speaking she swats the left cheek again then the right cheek once and back to the left cheek. He responds: "two thank you ma'am, one thank you ma'am... ummm two .. I mean three thank you ma'am!" Realizing he fucked up already his voice trails off and he knows he is about to get a punishment swat. Lori began to tsk tsk at him and tease him that he didn't get very far into the game and that he is really going to have to pay better attention if he hopes to win, but I know he actually has no frigging chance of winning this game. No ONE has EVER won the spanking game against Lady Lori!

Lori laid the leather paddle aside and lifted the big heavy wooden one. This particular paddle is like a trade mark of hers and has her name etched deeply into it. She lined it up gently on his ass, letting him feel the surface area that is about make contact. I saw my little subbie friend take a deep breath and thought good, he's definitely going to need it. Lori peeked over her shoulder to catch my eye and winked at me, this wasn't going to be too bad after all, she is still just toying with him. She drew back and swung with a fair bit of force but nothing like I have seen her deliver in the past. Even so, my little subbie friend cried out in surprise and nearly bonked his head on the wall, but I could tell he was ok.

"Now, shall we try it again from the beginning?" Lori asked in her sweetest voice and my very well behaved little subbie friend replied, "Yes ma'am if it pleases you ma'am" Lori looked over to me and made a cute face as if to say "Aww isn't he sweet?" and I just smiled proudly, he was very well trained and was doing wonderfully.

Lori again picked up the leather paddle and held it against his warm pink ass letting him know they were about to begin. She began by slowly swatting his right cheek twice the his left cheek twice then each cheek once again. He was doing very well, but she was going very slowly. As she started to pick up the pace a little at a time and alternate cheeks a bit faster, I could tell he was starting to stutter and get nervous. He was going down fast. He had gotten all the way up to like 10 on the right cheek and 12 on the left, when Lori swatted him very quickly in rapid succession from one cheek to the other so quickly I couldn't even tell what she had done. He just whimpered and said "I am sorry ma'am I have failed again." This time I know Lori will not be so lenient on him.

to be continued...
Best wishes always Suzanne

"Sensual sadism is an artform... your body & soul are my canvas"

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