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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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Soul Mates

by Suzanne SxySadist

I enter the candle lit dungeon and see him standing in the shadows, waiting for me. He has promised to make this day, our third anniversary as lovers, partners and soul mates very special for both of us. Moving closer, I kneel at his feet, then gaze up into his eyes and silently tell him all that is in my heart. He can see my adoration and devotion. He can see right into my very soul. He reaches for my hand and pulls me to my feet, then embraces me. He caresses my cheek delicately, then kisses me with intense passion and smiles. "I love you" he says, "and tonight I want you to suffer for me more than you ever have before." My heart skips a beat and I feel a warm, fluttery tingle rush through my body that turns my insides to liquid. I know in my heart that I want nothing in the world as much as I want to please him tonight and for the rest of my days.

He slips cuffs onto my wrists and binds my arms overhead to chains. Running his hands lightly all over my naked flesh, he warms my skin with his touch, and yet I shiver slightly in anticipation of what is to come. I know and love that he is a sadist, and that torturing me excites him. Yet he is also the most loving man I have ever known, and his gift of pain is one that I cherish whole-heartedly. He strokes my hair gently away from my face, then slips on the hood. The world goes dark and is filled with the scent of leather, as the rest of my senses come alive. I hear soft music and the rustle of flogger tresses, as he selects them from a wall filled with implements of pleasure and pain. I feel a cool breeze on my skin, but my mostly I feel myself slipping into sweet submission. I cannot see him, but I feel his presence as he moves about the room and then is standing right behind me. He moves closer to me, cupping his hands over my breasts and my heart, then lets me feel his body against mine. He is naked now too, and I can tell that his body is deliciously alive and can feel excitement growing within us both. I gasp softly and wriggle against him, letting him know I am ready for anything he wants, anything at all.

He steps back and I hear a soft whoosh through the air… then feel the meaty thump of a thick deerskin flogger on my back. I let my head drop forward and allow the sensation to fill me. Moments later, whoosh whump! Harder this time. I feel my breath leave my chest, I feel a warmth on my back, I feel myself becoming moist, and I feel myself slipping deeper. The flogging continues, gradually building then ebbing, then building again as time passes slowly, like a dream. Heavier floggers massage my body all over, elk, moose, bull, intermingled with deer and even rabbit. My body responds to each stroke, I sway and move with the force of the stronger blows and reach out to take in the lighter caresses. Soon the stingy braided cats begin to turn up the heat to a fevered pitch. My skin is on fire and he cools me with a touch of his hand. I am conscious but floating. He is reading my body and weaving a beautiful tapestry of diverse sensations. He is an artist and I am his canvas, awaiting his magic touch to bring out and create a kind of beauty that only he can.The room goes suddenly silent, the air expectant, I draw a breath and hold it. An incredibly loud snap, like a gunshot fills the air and I feel a puff of air like a breath from a living thing, whisper across my ass. My knees grow weak but my bound wrists keep me upright. The signal whip is fluid and alive in his hand, like an extension of his touch. He reaches right through it and alternates between soft touches, and pinches, kisses and bites. Moving easily around me, my entire body is a target, open and waiting, wanting and needing his sweet and sadistic attentions. He lays a deeper stroke across my ass, I cry out in pain. He brushes my nipples so gently with the fluff of the cracker, then flicks one of them viciously. Suddenly I feel his lips on that sweet tender nipple, a gentle kiss. I purr with delight, then gasp and purr some more.

He steps close to me again and kisses my lips sweetly, then moves the cuff clips much lower down on the chains. I had not even realized how tired my arms were. They feel almost like lead as the circulation begins to return and I shake them slightly to move it along and help the tingling subside. He runs his hands warmly over my skin, feeling the new textures left by his ministrations, feeling heat in some places, coolness in others. He removes the hood, looks deeply into my eyes then kisses me again. He tells me I am beautiful when I am suffering for him and my whole being just lights up with joy. Then he tells me he loves me, but he doesn’t have to say it for me to know that it’s true. I can see it in the way he looks at me even as he torments my body. I can feel it with every cell of my being, and every moment we spend together only serves to make me love him more. He looks deeply into my eyes again and takes a slow deep breath. I draw one too and soon we are lost for a moment, sharing a breath, our eyes and hearts locked in time.I know what is coming next, and I shift my feet a little from side to side then bend just slightly at the waist and continue taking slow deliberate breaths.

He reaches for a cane and I close my eyes. Then I draw a very deep breath, smile and wait. The cane sings through the air and connects with my flesh, sending a white hot flash ripping across my ass. I let out my breath with a loud hiss, and seconds later an incredibly delicious heat spreads like a wave through my entire body. I smile and moan lustfully while wiggling my ass for him, letting him know that was a good one. My breathing slows again and I draw deeply and hold: swish… SNAP! Again, fire blazes and I release the breath with a bit of a scream this time, then await the sweet warmth that always follows closely behind the initial lightning flash. Each time he generously allows me time to process the stroke before, waiting for me to draw that deep breath, signaling that I am ready for another, which he will lovingly deliver. The canes strokes continue steadily, impossible to count. I float away, unaware of time, space, or pain. The world outside this space we share no longer exists. I am aware of nothing at all but my breathing, and the heat building on the surface and inside my body, and that he is with me.He knows me like no one ever has, knows my body, my heart and my soul. He knows I would do my best to do anything he asked of me and endure anything I possibly could for him. He knows that I adore him and I know that he feels the same way. I have never known love as deeply as I do with him. A love that goes far beyond physical aspects of lust and pleasure, a love that transcends pain, but that can use it as a vehicle to reach higher ad higher connections of body, spirit and soul. A love, that can and will endure anything at all.

He delivers 5 or 6 very rapid stingy strokes and I cry out, unable to process them as pleasurable that quickly. My breathing becomes ragged, he delivers several more fast, harder strokes, I struggle to hang on. He presses himself against me from behind and reminds me how much this excites him. I buck against him, wanting him so badly I can nearly taste it, but he just teases me, then steps back and canes me some more.

He wants to push me now. He wants to see how far he can take me, how long will I endure for him past the point of pleasure. He picks up a heavier cane, and delivers an even harder stroke. I try not to scream. I bite down on my lip and swallow the pain. My breathing is loud and faster. Each exhale is accompanied by the sting of a cane, each stroke with more force than the one before. My ass is screaming as I writhe and dance to the rhythm he is creating. The endorphins in my body have been able to keep me aloft for hours but now I am growing weary. I feel I may have reached a plateau, but I don’t want it to end until he is ready to let it. I want so badly to serve and please him. To let him take me as far as he wishes and make him proud of me. I want to make his dreams come true, now and always.He moves his next set of strokes to my inner thighs. I struggle not to cry out in agony but those just feel so brutal. My instincts tell me to pull away but my soul tells me to offer them willingly. I spread my legs a little further and offer him that tender flesh. "Please, please let me hang on just a little more."

I beg silently for the strength to endure but I feel it slipping away from me. I fight back the inevitable tears but slowly they begin to creep down my cheeks, and he sees them. He stops for a moment and touches my face, gently catching one tear with his finger. "Baby, don’t hold back, you know how much I love your tears" He kisses me again and raises the cane. An indescribable feeling of release washes through my body as the next cane stroke sails through the air then connects with my most delicate of areas, sending me into convulsive sobbing. Not an unhappy sobbing but more like a joyous liberation and catharsis. He continues for several more strokes on my ass, thighs and breasts, helping me to ride out the waves as they crash through my body and then he stops and uncuffs me.We sink to the floor together with him holding me and then he wraps me tightly in his arms as I continue to sob and let my tear filled face lay upon his chest. He takes my face by the chin, brings my lips to his, and kisses me so deeply I feel as if I have melted into him. In many ways, I have.

We have shared sides of ourselves with each other, which most people would never understand and found acceptance and trust. He has pushed me willingly to the furthest reaches on my physical and emotional endurance and trusted that I would not think him a monster for his sadistic desires to see me suffer for his enjoyment. And I completely trusted that no matter how far he decided to push me, he would not harm me or think me weak or subservient in my desire to submit totally to him. We have bared our secret demons for each other and they have brought us closer together than ever before.

We will go down to the bedroom now, not as a Master and a slave, nor a Dom and a sub, but as a man and a woman, equals in every way. We both know that we have shared something truly special, something even many long time "scene" couples never really find. We didn’t just play, we made love in the most intense and intimate way. The heat of my bruised and welted skin, and the fires that the evening fanned inside each of us, will add to the energy that we create and share in together for the rest of the night. We will make love passionately, over and over again, until we fall asleep in each other’s loving arms.Then tomorrow night, perhaps it will be my turn to let my sadistic desires take control as he offers himself up to me to do with as I please. To relish his suffering for my pleasure, to delight in his pain and his tears, and to adore him for loving me the way he does, no matter which of us holds the whip.
Best wishes always Suzanne

"Sensual sadism is an artform... your body & soul are my canvas"

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