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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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Submissive / Client Testimonials

Many of my real life "victims" have written me letters after a scene to thank me. Some have even written specific references for me and I will post a few here. It always warms my heart to get letters like these and makes me happy to know they enjoyed out time together as much as I did.

More will be added on occasion but in all cases I am withholding names to protect their identities.

And no, I didn't coerce them to say good things with threats of severe beatings! Although many of these little darlings would consider that a wonderful reward.

I am also able to provide on line or email references for any newbies that may be a bit hesitant to meet so don't be afraid to ask if you are still not convinced.

Best wishes, Mistress Suzanne "SxySadist"

Brief Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of serving Mistress Suzanne (AKA SxySadist) many times and can't say enough good things about her skills, humor, scene presence, sensuality, versatility, equipment or concern for those who serve her.

She's very selective about who she sees, takes the time pre-scene to understand what makes you tick, and strives to take you places you didn't know existed. She's a class act.

LOL... I should probably shut up now... last thing I need is for her schedule to book up to the point where I can't get in to see her on a regular basis. I need my fix!!!

"SxySadist is a wonderful Mistress. She looks for what makes you happy and then goes for it. Whether it's bondage or flogging you will enjoy your stay with her. Just remember it's your ass if you disobey her so you better be on your best behavior or suffer the punishment."

Hi Mistress, Thank you so much for sending the pictures, they turned out great! Also I want to thank you for the greatest session I have had in quite a few years. You go all out and give 200% in your sessions and I certainly appreciate it. You are a beautiful person, inside, and of course out.  Again thank you for all that you did for me and have a great Christmas!!! My rear is still pretty sore so you know you did a good job.  I hope I continue to have your permission to see you again and look forward to the next session. Bill.

“Over the two years that I have seen you, you have always provided a wonderful, warm, and caring environment in which I can spend a few short hours with you. In those brief moments you instill a joy and a pleasure and serenity in my life. And that, Ms. SxySadist, is probably one of the greatest things that we can possibly hope to achieve with any other human being.”

“i love your smile and how comfortable you make me feel. i left feeling like their was a bond(age) between us, in a way that was quite touching. i felt like you really would like me to return for another session and not just for the business, but for mutual pleasure.”

“I have to say you fulfilled my desires. You are very experienced in what you do and that makes me comfortable to trust you with my body. It was wonderful experience.”

Wow, when I think about how last time you managed my orgasm and didn't let me ejaculate, I still have my mind blown! That was so incredibly erotic!! The way it worked was really nice: I had tried to seriously relax my PC muscles until I reached the "Point of No Return," and then I pushed down on them as hard as I could. With your helping me by compressing my urethra, that truly shut down all physical release. But I still experienced the neural release. That was the first time I had ever experienced that sensation, and it was amazing! That was awesome!!

Thank you for an unforgettable experience on the morning of July 6th. You took me through my fantasy and beyond to places I never considered going before. I would not have changed a thing about the session. The moments of tenderness you added were unexpected and added a heightened sensuality to the whole experience. Your statuesque figure is captivating in person and really enhances your dominant role.

I thought you to be understanding & you made me feel at ease knowing that I was very nervous. Thank you so much. Your patience with me relaxed me a great deal. I look forward to coming again.

I want to thank you again and again for having me over. You were patient, understanding, careful, playful, seductive, and sensual. Next time I intend to be less nervous and hope to be able to enjoy the experience even more.

On a personal note, I found you very warm caring and just how good you really are comes through your personality. Your approach to the scene is comfortable and you want your participants to like the session as you do.

Please accept my thanks, again, for the opportunity to get together with you during my visit to Ny. I want to tell you that, not only did I thoroughly enjoy our session; I must tell you that it was about the very best session I have experienced. You are masterful, insightful, skilled AND extremely attractive. You were able to easily take me where I could not imagine and I wound up enjoying the challenges. You certainly knew exactly how to lead me and where to lead me. I thank you once again for this powerful experience.

I am writing this for all of the newbies out there who have fantasized about seeing a Dominatrix. I know you've dreamt about doing this for a long time. I did too. I read the various papers, searched numerous web sites, trying to find just the right woman. At the same time thinking what am I doing, you don't know this person. What if she's a flake? What if I get there and she seriously hurts me? These things go through all of our minds.

Well, let me put you at ease. I drove over 2 hours to visit Suzanne. It was without a doubt the most exhilarating experience of my life. When I arrived I was extremely nervous and she quickly put me at ease. She went very easy with me, knowing that I was a total newbie. I felt that she could have pushed me much harder but she was more concerned with me than seeing how far she could push me. She was gentle, kind, concerned and very caring during the entire time. She has a wonderful personality and an awesome sense of humor. Obviously from her pictures she is very attractive, much more so in person than the pictures on her web site show. Rest assured, she is not some man hating bitch with a whip trying to work off her aggressions. I experienced a little bit of CBT, nipple torture, some time on the cross being flogged and caned and then over to the bondage table for some introduction to electric toys and then some waxing. By the time I left her awesome dungeon I knew I had found the woman to introduce me to my fantasies and I would definitely be back to see the Sexy Sadist.

If your considering contacting a Mistress, please do yourself a favor and contact Suzanne.

Dear Ms Suzanne,

I can't begin to describe how incredibly wonderful yesterday was. There is no doubt that I came to the right person to lead me on the path that I started on yesterday. Your wisdom, dominance, experience and sensuality gave me the trust to know that whatever you decided we should do was the right thing for me to experience at that moment. You made it so easy to turn myself over to you. It was all so natural and so right with you. I know, with no reservations, that you are the one to teach me this way. I can't wait until we can arrange for my next lesson. You are incredible.

Thank you, Name Withheld 

Excerpts from Feedback Forms

Did you enjoy our session: Yes, I really did enjoy the session. You are kind and considerate, and loving as well the few moments you spent covering me up and holding me and telling me i deserve the best was amazing.

Any other comments: Well MzSxy, all i can tell you is thank you. You took your time with me and i appreciate that. Your kind words during, and the fact that you seemed to not only enjoy it, but puzzled alike, made it especially enjoyable. The time you took to hug me in the beginning was wonderful and also afterwards the extra special care that i needed Thank you very very much!!

Did you enjoy our session: Oh My, Yes!

Impressions of me: Filtered by the delightfully foggy mist of this slave\'s \"Afterglow\": No words are adequate to describe how much you have again made me so very happy to be alive. Seeing you and being with you for even a short time has rejuvenated my spirit. As always, your ability to positively touch my heart and soul and fantasies, is a gift, one I will always remember - forever - Thank you Mistress.

What did you enjoy the most: Your rope work, the way you would see right through me, and your \"in-your-face\" sensuality

What did you enjoy the most: Learning the breathing technique. The CBT in the swing is mind blowing.

What did you enjoy the least: That It had to end.

What would you like to do most next time: Explore the erotic massage techniques.

Impressions of me: You are a very professional Mistress and i liked the fact that you respected my limits. You are definitely very good at what you do and when i decide to have another session you are the Mistress that i will have it with because you definitely proved yourself to me.

Did you enjoy our session: I enjoyed it more than I can say - I left feeling light in spirit and as happy as it's possible to be!

Impressions of me: Just what I'd hoped - you were kind, yet 'in charge,' and there was a perfect balance of teasing and pain. All one or all the other would not have been as good. You have incredible skills and a beautiful personality.

What did you enjoy the most: I enjoyed being fastened, helpless, but most especially when you stood very close and leaned your body against mine -- slightly threatening yet full of love.

Impressions of me: Where to start on this one? The first words that to come to mind are: honesty, openness, and sense of self. Based upon your website, reputation, and home-based location, I knew that I would be meeting a lifestyle scene player. What I did not expect, and what was a wonderful surprise, was your willingness to share information, background, opinions, experiences, and most of all your life details. I felt honored to learn so much about you during our first session.

Did you enjoy our session: Very much so. Thanks!

Impressions of me: As you come across in your website that’s how you are in person, no phony. You enjoy sceneing and it comes out in a session

What did you enjoy the most: Of course anal and dildo play. You knew that's what i was into and arranged our session around it.

Did you enjoy our session: Yes very much I didn't appreciate how much until I left and thought more about what I just experienced.

Impressions of me: I found you to be easily likeable, comfortable to be with, attractive, perceptive to my needs, and most seductive.

Did you enjoy our session: Yes, very, very much. As a novice, you made me feel very comfortable. I am glad that you were the first to teach me.

Impressions of me: I think you are a wonderful person. My impression of this life style is a little scary, but you made that go away. I like your manners and the way you handled me. You made me feel at ease. You are truly a wonderful person.

What did you enjoy the most: I enjoyed all of it! Even the metal rods! The way you introduced everything to me, I wanted more. After I left, I had a smile on my face that I think no one could have removed. I really felt good. I liked everything so far. The way you explained things to me, made me feel part of all this.

Did you enjoy our session: Hmm.. on a scale of 1-10?......its a ten, no hesitation

Impressions of me: You walk that very fine line between pain and pleasure very successfully. There is something about you that is intangibly very sensual, obviously intelligent, eyes that possess a great deal of expression, very powerful when you want to be...but internally vulnerable...just my impressions

What did you enjoy the most: Nipple torture...(my personal erogenous zone)...anal tease.

Did you enjoy our session: I enjoyed it more than you can imagine. As nervous and scared as I was, you have a way about you that calmed me down.

Impressions of me: You're everything I could image and more. You play the body like a professional violinist. The power, sensitivity and sensuality, all mixed with your sense of humor and playfulness is a powerful combination. You are one special woman.

What did you enjoy the most: When you tied me up. The skill you displayed in doing so, plus the fact I never knew what you were going to do next. You definitely, pushed my limits.

Did you enjoy our session: Suzanne, I had a great time!! You pushed a lot of different buttons (Even taking my cherry!!) but it was an awesome session.

Impressions of me: You were great. You're as attractive in person as in photos. I thought you were strong yet playful. It's obvious you enjoy what you do. Additionally, you were able to pick up on statements I made very quickly and use them in the session.

What did you enjoy the most: The experience!! I needed to connect with someone in the BDSM world that was real. You were fun, engaging, honest, and had fun along with me. Physically, I enjoyed it all. As I said before, I've not anywhere near covered the spectrum of things to do so trying new things was great. In particular, your approach to the urethral sounds was very soothing for me - I didn’t know what to expect.

What did you enjoy the least: There really wasn't anything that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Any other comments: Suzanne, I thought the session was the best I’ve had in years. Our personalities meshed, it was fun, and my horizons were expanded. Thank you, can't wait to see you again.

Descriptive Testimonials

These bring back wonderfully fond memories every time I read them. Thanks again to you all for taking such time and care to recount our adventures together... Love Suze

My first session with Mistress SxySadist

Being introduced in to the scene a few years ago I was always Dommed by what the scene would call an amateur Domme. To say the least while driving to meet Mistress Sadist I felt quite apprehensive not knowing what to expect. When met at the front door, she was more than any man or Subbie could expect, God she was beautiful and greeted me with a smile that made me melt. After few moments of conversation and introduction the Mistress said I was cute and she was going to love to torture me.

Right there and then I wanted to turn and run out the door with my tail between my legs. But her eyes were hypnotizing and I could not. She led me into the dungeon with my heart racing a mile a minute not knowing what I was going to have done to me was torture in itself. She made me undress and stand in the middle of the dungeon so she could properly inspect me. Next my hands were bound with wrist restraints, and attached to the ceiling I was totally helpless and now there was no running away. I looked into her eyes as she now had me and could do anything she wanted, looking into her eyes was like looking into a deep dark abyss, a void of evil I have never seen before.

The Mistress then proceeded to gag me and blindfold me, she would not allow me to see what will happen next, but feel it and that I did. With music playing in the back ground, I could not here what she was doing. The next thing I felt was a pleasant pain on my nipples, that was not to last. The pain continued to much higher level and more intense and there was nothing I could do about it but enjoy that the Mistress was enjoying herself. I was then introduced to a good flogging and she enjoyed as my ass turn red and then beating my inner thighs, this feeling was completely new to me. The sharp stings of leather on me were pure pain and being gagged and blindfolded made me weak and fall and hang from my wrists. She continued this for a while until I was a wonderful color of red to her liking. After hanging there a while she removed the gag and blindfold only to look down to see clothespins attached to my nipples and my nipples a wonderful color purple that she enjoyed. She removed the clothespins pulling them off, not even opening them just pulling them off, the pain of the blood rushing back to my nipples made me lose the ability to stand again and just hang there from my wrists.

Having a moment to regain my strength the Mistress felt it was time to introduce me to a Violet wand. I cringed not knowing what I was about to experience. The next thing I felt was a pain as she ran her hands all over my body watching sparks leaving her finger tips, her torturing my nipples, cock and balls were a pure pain never felt before, her making me jump and attempt to break free, she enjoyed seeing me in pain and pain she kept administering. She then decided it was time to proceed to the next step of my submission training. I was unchained from the ceiling and then ankle restraints were put on me, I was led to the swing and my legs were chained to the chains of the swing and my hands chained behind and me with my legs spread wide. I watched as she padded her finger nails and put on a gloves, now she told me she was going to show me that there was no area of me that she could not inspect or invade. Watching her pour lude all over hand I dreaded what she was about to do next, with my legs spread wide open she began what I can only describe as medical examination.

She began thrusting her fingers into my ass, forcing my ass to give way to her fingers, all I could do is look at her face, smiling and laughing at me telling me to submit to her totally. The thrusting of her hand caused the swing to go back and forth and her fingers to go deeper in me and then there was a final swing back as the swing came forward she thrust her complete hand in to me, MY God she was fisting me, i could not scream or say a word as she kept ramming her hand into me deeper and deeper and finally hearing her say GOOD BOY, brought tears to my eyes knowing that I was finally pleasing my Mistress. She said she was pleased with me and that she would need longer sleeved gloves for she was deep inside me and the gloves she was wearing could not be seen anymore, it felt as she could grab my heart and pull it out. all I could do is to look into her eyes, those deep ruthless eyes. My whole body fell limp, and then she began to pull her hand out and thrust it back in again, my sphincter muscles could no longer constrict and I was left wide open for her to easily run her fist in and out of me as she wished. There was no longer any pain but absolute pure pleasure. Seeing this the mistress stopped, for it was not my place to be pleasured, but only for her to have pleasure.

The next thing I saw was her re-appraoaching me with a very wide and big strap-on attached to her, Now she said she was going to make me her little slut and fuck my ass as along as she wanted. As she enjoyed using the strap-on and hearing me scream I want to make you happy Mistress she kept thrusting deeper and deeper and then all of the sudden i had an orgasm, spraying the semen on to my body she yelled for me to open my mouth and catch and swallow all of my sperm. then yelling and beating my ass for doing something i was not permitted to do (She keeps an Immaculate Dungeon). She released me and made me clean the mess up. She then made me do chores for her for being a bad Subbie. After a good yelling and finishing my chores I was led to the table and told to lay down upon it, my hands then were bound to my thighs and my ankles to chains at the end of the table. Mistress then decided it was time to make me understand that there is nothing I could do without her permission. Laying there on the table all I could do is think about what was next to happen, in the background I heard her putting gloves on again OH no I screamed to myself, not another fisting, but I was not to be that lucky. All I could feel was lube being putting on my ass and then insert into my ass, and then it began vibrating.

I was allowed to look now as she laid sound sticks on my stomach and telling me how much she would enjoy me squirm and scream. The next thing I could see was her applying surgical lube to the sounds and begin to insert one in to my penis, all I could feel was is as if my cock was going to explode and not being able to grab the stick because my hands were bound, my body arched upward to where my head and the back of my ankles were touching the table and nothing else. She removed the first sounds and decided I needed a thicker one, and proceeded to insert the next one and the next size up and then again a thicker one, I was so helpless and speechless, I could not scream or speak all I could do was look at her for mercy and watch her look at me and seeing me in such pain pleasured her. She the removed the sounds and then told me my real torture would begin, I started thinking to myself, what else could she possibly to me and then to my surprise she showed me a TENS unit, attaching the electrode pads to the base of my cock and one at the tip, and then the true training began.

She turned on the unit and electrical current began shooting thru my Dick, small pulses at first and them more intense again my body attempted to rise from the table, but being bound to the table i was not able to, she applied more power from the unit making me whimper like a little puppy dog and i could do was say, Please Mistress tell me i am pleasing you, she kept turning the power up and down making me scream with pain and watching her being pleased put me in a euphoric state. The power was then turned down and then I felt something again being slipped in to my ass like a big butt plug. She then told me she was not sure I still understood how that she was in complete control. She told me that the plug in my ass was part of a PSE unit and now I would truly understand that I will always obey and without thought. As she turned on the PSE unit it felt as my ass would explode and then the power on the Tens unit was turned up, all my body could do is fly upward from the table, my hands restrained, all my hands could do were fly open, i couldn't even clench my fist (she took a PIC of that) This lasted for a while, all the while screaming Mistress I'm sorry forgive me I will obey all you say and not ever have an orgasm again without permission again, I want to please you Mistress.

After hearing that from me she asked me again would I do all asked and I cried yes, Good she said and turned the power settings down on both units, not all the way but enough to still feel the electrical surges going thru my cock and ass. Next thing I knew I felt my right nipple being cleaned with an alcohol pad and her asking if I was going to be a good boy, which I immediately replied yes. She then asked me to take a 3 deep breathes and upon the exhale of the last breathe she passed a syringe needle thru the underside of my nipple, I did not dare to move, I wanted to show my new Mistress that I truly wanted to make her happy, and seeing her finally smile and a glow come to her eyes I knew I had accomplished that. It was then she told me that I would be allowed to return for a second session, laying there on the table a load from my shoulders was lifted, knowing that she would let me return to continue my training. The Mistress then instructed in some things I could and could not do till my next session. Believe me i will do as told, i won't be able to lie to her when she Sees me again I'm sure she'll know if i did.

To conclude this story I have only 1 thing to say to anyone wanting to see a Dominatrix, I feel as my body and soul were Cleansed. What a great feeling, and Mistress Suzanne will be able to do the same for you. Adventurous One

Another First Timer...

Mistress Suzanne is a wonderful person. When I signed up, she asked a lot of questions. I liked that. I felt like she was really interested in what I wanted. Not just in a hurry to meet, greet, beat and retreat. Boy, was that feeling correct!

She allowed me to send a detailed description of what I would like as an ideal scene. I remember thinking how it would be a miracle if half of it really happened. As I wrote it down, I tried to make it realistic - something that could actually occur in the space of a couple hours - and I put all the things I crave into somewhat of an order. Ultimately, it all did happen!

When I got there, she said I looked hungry and made me a little food. She was right, I don't eat when I'm nervous. I wondered if this eating time was taking away from play time but I soon found out that she very much likes to play and that wouldn't be the case.

After I looked comfortable to her, we proceeded to the first playroom. It was a medieval dungeon just like I fantasized. She told me to get naked and she disappeared. When I got naked I felt the rush starting. While waiting for her to return I carefully snooped around, not knowing if I was supposed to touch anything and hoping not to get caught. There was a rack absolutely filled with whips and canes. An enormous sight! I was getting excited as I touched them. I know that sounds silly. As I looked further around I found an exotic steel restraint. The kind of thing that goes around your neck and holds your arms too. There is no way out of one of those, I was thinking, and then she came through the door.

She now was dressed the part. I could have fainted. It's one thing to see the pictures and quite another to be standing there.

I'll say now that what followed was to the letter, what I had wrote that I'd like. I didn't write up a fantasy scene, such as an interrogation or a kidnap. I guess I'm too shallow for that. Instead, I had written a series of specific events I'd like to experience. I was amazed as we proceeded to act on them ALL.

A dildo gag was soon in my mouth and firmly strapped to my head. My hands were soon in cuffs suspended to the ceiling. As I looked down, my poor cock was being tightly tied in a very elaborate way. As the ropes tightened, it swelled and ached. Then came the clothespins. I remembered I had asked for
it but I wondered if I could take it. One thing was for sure, there was no talking at this point. A couple of times, I tried to talk but nothing but moaning and drool came out. This made it all the more exciting!

Then we went to the next playspace...

The gag was removed and I was led, cock still tied and bulging, to a room with a huge "exam" table. This table is fitted with all sorts of lovely restraint points. I got on the table. Restraints were applied to my ankles and wrists and believe me, I wasn't going anywhere. She took the rope off my cock and replaced it with a velcro band with electrical contacts. "Would you like the TENS unit or the Violet Wand?" she asked. "Both", I said hesitantly, now almost regretting I asked for so many things. She attached on electrode to my hand and started torturing me with the wand. She has many unique ways of delivering this high voltage, (harmless high voltage that hurts so much!) including a bone saw (look it up) that makes the electricity hit you in a bunch of small places at once - perfectly frightful!

I was a bowl of jello at that point. This had gone on for a long long time, I figure over an hour. She then brought out a metal dildo that had a wire attached to it. Part of her TENS unit. Her TENS unit is, by the way, remote controlled. In went the dildo and the circuit between my ass and my cock was complete. What followed is impossible for me to describe but that's how I came.

All these things were what I was craving and I got just what I asked for. It was as if she had rehearsed it just for me. And that's my story!


An Anal Slut Recalls..

As you walk down the flight of stairs that leads to SxySadist's dungeon, you get the feeling that this day will be something special. The second you enter her realm, your senses come alive. You first notice the sweet aroma of incense. That unmistakable pleasant smell that fills the air is only the beginning to your day of pleasure and pain. Candles are plentiful as they give a warm glow to the dungeon while casting strange but eye-catching and fascinating shadows. You take a deep breath and start to become more aware of your new surroundings. You hear the soft, hushed sounds of familiar yet unidentifiable chamber music coming from the stereo that fills the dungeon with the perfect ambiance.

Finally, you get enough courage to take a good long look around the room. With your mind already racing with thoughts of the next blissful hour, you discover an entire wall full of wonderful and interesting BDSM toys and gadgets each having its own special place to hang. There are whips of every conceivable material, restraining devices, leather hoods, cock and ball torture paraphernalia, nipple clamps, and of course, plenty of rope. On the table that is somewhat secluded from your line of sight, you see a host of dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. You become instinctively aroused, feeling like a kid in a candy store on his birthday. In your mind, you have already picked out your favorite items and stare at them, all the while getting more excited with each passing second.

SxySadist approaches you, smiles, gives you a gentle kiss on the cheek, and tells you that she is very happy to see you. She whispers in your ear that you have far too many clothes on and orders you to strip and take them off. You do so without question and without uttering a word. There you stand, naked as the day you were born, but a lot wiser. You feel the cool dungeon air against your bare skin, especially on your butt and erect cock. Suze takes you by the arm and leads you the middle of the dungeon. She tells you to stay put and not move. "Yes, Mistress" are the only words that you seem to be able to say. A blindfold is placed over your eyes and you feel the softness of the sheepskin collar that is being placed around your neck. Your wrists are cuffed then lifted and attached to the mounts in the ceiling so that you are standing in the middle of the dungeon, arms spread and vulnerable. You are ordered to spread your legs and you do so without hesitation.

For a moment, there is nothing. Then you feel the titillating sting of her whip. You wince with every pleasurable pass of her whip, knowing that this is why you are here. Suze knows your limits. She knows exactly how much pleasure and pain to subject you to. She will take you to your utmost boundary, that proverbial line where the pain is no longer pleasurable. She will test your limits as well. You have no fear standing there feeling the sweet caresses of her whip because there is a trust between the two of you like you have never experienced with anyone else.

As for me, there are many scenarios that I like to pursue with SxySadist. One of my favorite themes is anal penetration. Suze is an expert when it comes to the use of dildoes and strap-ons. I incorporate the use of bondage whenever we do this type of scene. She will have me lie on her special table, blindfolded and wrists cuffed to the ends of the table. My ankles are also cuffed but they are attached to a spreader bar that keeps my legs far apart. My legs are lifted off the table and the spreader bar is attached to the ceiling. A pillow is placed under my butt and I am now as vulnerable as one can be. Suze starts out by placing clamps on my erect nipples. There is a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. Next, I feel the strange sensation of something being placed on my cock and balls. I am not quite sure what it is. After a moment, I realize that she had just placed the electrodes from her TENS unit there. All of a sudden, I start to feel the excitement of the tiny electrical impulse running through my penis and scrotum. She increases the intensity a tad, and this is just enough to cause me to moan with extreme delight. Sensing my enjoyment, she switches the TENS unit from continuous to pulsating mode. I feel that I could cum at any moment, but don't dare. I hold back knowing that this is only the beginning.

After lying on the table blindfolded, with my legs spread high in the air and the TENS unit emitting its rhythmical cadence of electrical pleasure, I suddenly feel the hot sting of melted wax. Suze releases my nipples from their torture, and while still very sensitive, begins to drip hot wax on them. With each passing second, I writhe in my restraints as more and more melted wax finds it way onto my body. The sudden burning sensation followed by the quickness of the wax to release its heat is a feeling that you have to experience to appreciate it and Suze is a waxing guru. A minute passes and nothing happens. No more hot melted wax, only the stimulation from the TENS unit is still noticeable.

Then I feel the distinct sensation of something cold and wet being place on my anus. This is unmistakably the feel of the lube. Without saying a word, Suze inserts one finger into me. She hears moans of pleasure coming from me. She then adds a second finger and then a third, all the while listing for my signs of enjoyment. She moves her fingers in and out of me getting me all excited and making me ready for her strap-on, which always follows. Her strap-on slides in easily and she gives me the best screwing that I have ever had. At the end, I cum with such intensity and fulfillment.

She releases me from my bindings and lets me just lie there for a few moments gathering my thoughts about what has just happened in the past hour. I get dressed and smile knowing that I just had the most wonderful and exciting experience and that I will be back to experience it again and again.

Shopping with Mistress Suzanne

i admit, i was a little nervous the first time i met Mistress Suzanne. She was going to take me lingerie shopping, and make me model the lingerie for Her. i was picking Her up at Her dungeon, so i arrived 5 minutes early, and called Her voice mail as ordered to leave a message saying that i had arrived, using my slave girl name, stephanie.

When Mistress Suzanne walked out of the dungeon, She was more beautiful than i could have imagined. She got in the car, placed a slave collar around my neck, and directed me to a lingerie shop. To both of our disappointments, it was closed.

This was not a problem for my resourceful Mistress - She quickly directed me to the nearest mall. We went into the mall, and stopped at Victoria's Secret first. i could see the young salesgirls smiling as Mistress Suzanne picked out a pair of satin tap pants and sheer stockings and left no doubt in the salesgirls' minds that these items were for me. The leather slave collar She had put on me reinforced this. The Mistress then took me to the dressing rooms. She had a salesgirl unlock one of the stalls and usher me in. Mistress Suzanne ordered me to try on the tap pants, and when i had them on, She had me open the door so She could see. Mistress was pleased, and let me put my underwear and pants back on. i paid for the lingerie and we left the store.

Our next stop was Lane Bryant, where Mistress picked out a purple satin top and a black garter belt. The sales clerk was clearly enjoying my predicament, and she teased me very subtly as i paid for these.

Our last stop in the mall was the food court, where Mistress Suzanne had a snack while She waited for me to go into the men's room and put on some of my new lingerie. i put on the satin top, garter belt, and stockings under my street clothes.

When i returned to the Mistress, She pinched my nipples, and had me follow Her back out to the car. In the mall, a few shoppers noticed Mistress Suzanne reach inside my shirt and play with my nipples as we walked. We got in the car, and Mistress had me take off my street clothes, so i was only wearing my lingerie. She pinched and bit my nipples for a few minutes, then She realized She had never made me kiss Her feet.

Mistress had both of us get out of the car, and had me kiss Her feet in the middle of the parking lot, dressed only in my lingerie, while She spanked my behind. She ordered me back into the car, where She tortured my nipples for a while longer, then allowed me to make myself come.

i drove Mistress Suzanne back to the dungeon in the warm afterglow. i thanked Her for the most amazing session i'd ever had, and promised to submit to Her again. i can't wait to serve this Goddess again and again

Dearest Mistress Suzanne,

What a lovely afternoon i had yesterday---Thank You very much! How can i even begin to describe perfection------

First i am beginning to greatly enjoy nipple torture ---despite my very real phobia concerning this subject. i love it when You teasingly nibble on them however biting ( even so gently ) does push my limits a bit. i also found it very pleasurable when You used sandpaper on them-----a very interesting feeling. Please Please continue with this subject whenever we meet---and Please disregard any protests that i might offer on this topic....

Mistress it was so very exciting having You insert the three metal sounds ( not all at once thankfully ) into my urethra. i cannot even begin to tell You how very erotic it was feeling those metal rods penetrate me so completely and inflaming my senses so totally. It was almost as though my own penis was being invaded by another smaller metal penis. Also, Thank You for being so gentle and so firm ---it greatly added to the excitement of the moment as did the blindfold.

The temporary piercing of my scrotum ( twice this session ) was another emotional high that i deeply enjoy. i loved seeing how the needles looked in the mirror and thank You for allowing me to remove them myself----You are so devilishly creative. i must admit that i must have looked awkward as i tried to get up from the bondage bed and waddle to the mirror with two needles planted in my scrotum and a vibrating butt plug gently tucked deeply in never never land.

Worshiping Your lovely feet ----- what a wonderfully erotic experience----how could anyone ever list that topic under the heading of humiliation. Mistress, i deeply enjoyed massaging then kissing Your lovely feet. It was a sincere pleasure having You gently moaned as i nibbled and licked each toe---Thank You. The only thing that i can say about this topic is that "Once Is Not Enough"---May we please do this again when next we meet.

Photographing our meeting was a wonderful touch----i get so few opportunities to be an exhibitionist at work or at home (BIG SMILE). 

Saving the best for last---Mistress, it was an unbelievable high lying in Your swing firmly chained and so very vulnerable as You repeatedly plunged Your dildo deep into my anal cavity. Every nerve in my body exploded with passion as i strained to accept every inch of Your wonderful gift. i LOVED feeling Your raw energy as i lie chained, helpless and whimpering with passion. Allowing me to climax when i was in this highly charged emotional state was the best of the best---Thank You.

Thank You for being my guide and teacher on this wonderfully erotic journey---and thank You for the hug as we parted.

By the way how much time did we spend together on Saturday---as i read over my this letter to You i cannot believe that i could have lived so much in such a short period of time.

Submissively yours,

My Sweet Samantha!

Firstly, let me tell you that I had a great time the last time we were together, and now let me tell all of your fans and maybes just what it is like to be with Mistress Suzanne.
I entered her dungeon knowing that another special day was at hand. Being Mistress Suzanne's slut means to me that my lady is going to have her way with me. As is the norm Mistress picked out my clothes for the day. As she was feeling a bit wild I was dressed in a leopard print thong, leopard print half slip, seamed black stockings, spaghetti strapped 5" black heels, a spandex gold tank top, blond wig, leather mittens on my hands and leather ankle cuffs on my legs. (note; Mistress always goes through my things, picks out my clothes and dresses me. I love being dressed by Mistress Suzanne). I was ordered to assume the position - head on the floor and pussy to the sky. Mistress began to touch and caress me and make me all warm inside. Next one finger, then two fingers began to open and loosen my pussy while her other hand strokes my large, erect clit.

After she felt my pussy was open her dildo was inserted and I was ordered to the leather table. I was bound mittened hands behind and above my head, ankles attached to a spreader bar and raised up in the air and attached to an overhead chain. I was open and exposed for Mistress. Mistress Suzanne then put on her 12 inch, yes 12 inch strap on dildo and invaded my pussy. I love when Mistress f-cks me and I can tell that she loves doing it. I felt that Mistress was not getting the penetration that she wanted and the position was changed. The new position (a first for both of us) was Mistress laid down on the floor, my mittened hands were attached to an overhead chain and I was impaled upon her 12 inch dildo. The dildo was so deep inside of my pussy that my pussy lips could feel Mistress's leather covered crotch. I was then instructed to ride that cock deep inside of me just like the bitch that I am. It felt so good I didn't want to stop and then just like our last session I started to have an orgasm, not like a c/d but as a woman. My whole body began to shake, my pussy was wet and my clit was erupting. All I could say was Mistress I love you and keep 
f-cking me. As usual Mistress gave me a hug and told me what a girl little slut I was and how I made her feel good. I can't wait for our next adventure. respectfully submitted... Mistress Suzanne's slut samanth

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