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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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tgMy Toy Bag

I have a nearly insatiable appetite for new toys and have been collecting BDSM gear for nearly 10 years now. In that time I have amassed thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment and gear that is available for use during our professional training sessions but far too much to accurately itemize here.

Here is a partial itemized list:

-An extensive collection of whips, floggers, single tails, paddles, crops, canes and percussion play instruments of every imaginable material (deerskin, moosehide, rabbit, leather, horsehair, exotic woods, synthetics, nylon, rubber etc) and severity from mild and sensual to extremely nasty.

-A wide array of leather gear like hoods, ankle, wrist & thigh restraints of many kinds including padded suspension and mitten cuffs as well as a leather straight jacket and latex vacuum bed.

-Steel cuff restraints, a steel arm binder and head / wrist stocks

-Several electrical stimulation units like the Violet Wand, Folsom, Hotboxx & Erostek as well and a large assortment of attachments for internal and external use.

-Several cabinets stocked full of medical supplies like needles, sutures (for infibulation & hanging weights), catheters, saline solution (for infusion) and much more.

-Several sets of urethral sounds for penile insertion, cupping sets, a hospital grade endoscope and a multitude of other medical toys for a complete examination.

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