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Mz Suzanne SxySadist Travel Page Travel & Class Schedule:

In recent years I have been invited to present and teach at more and more national conferences every year and I really enjoy that work because it gives me tremendous satisfaction to help teach others how to have good kinky fun safely!

While I am travelling I will also occasionally set up appointments on location for sessions with new & existing clients as well as private lessons for individuals and couples.

If you are interested in seeing me at any of the events or locations listed below please email me at: and tell me what you are seeking.

Be aware that advance deposit is usually required to secure an appointment since my schedule is usually tight and I book a limited number of sessions when on the road.

OK.. here is the most up to date list of events and conferences that I will be attending as well as other commitments that are scheduled. Following that is a resume listing of events and conferences I have presented or taught for in the past.

Namaste ~ Suzanne SxySadist

Current Planned Events:

What's new at

New England Erotic Hypnosis (un)Conference March 12-16, 2015

Bound in Boston March 28th-29th, 2015

"Been there, Done that!" My past teaching resume:


Been there, done that!

Bound in Boston's"Wicked Women" September 27th, 2014

March 27-31, 2014

New England Erotic Hypnosis (un)Conference.

Bound in Boston XV
March 22-23, 2014

If I had to pick only one event to do all year ... this would be the one!

NELA - Winter Flea Market
March 7-9, 2014


Beyond Leather
April 4 - 7, 2013

I taught at Beyond Leather. April 4 - 7, 2013 Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

Beyond Leather!!

May 25 - 28 2012

Shibaricon 12!!

Paradise Unbound ( Seattle WA Aug 6th - 11th

Bound in Boston ( Boston MA Oct 5th - 6th

Deep Mind Dark Wood Somewhere in the wilds of MA Nov 15th - 17th


Folsom Fringe 09 FolsomFringe '09 : Back to our roots!

My second year in a row at Folsom Fringe .. what a great event and the street fair is just amazing! Here are more details

I also went to COPE in Sept.

Check out my blog posting about it: COPE 09

I was also thrilled to be one of the teachers at Yin's Rope Bondage Workshop for Professional Dominas!

My post event thoughts are here:

This particular Rope Share Workshop is focused for women in the industry. 
We will be concentrating on ties that are particularly useful to session play.
Participants must be over 18yr.
Date/time: February 28th, Saturday, 1pm
Location:  Greenwich St. Ropework by SxySadist @ Shibaricon

Instructors: Suzanne SxySadist , Miss Troy Orleans , and Yin


I also taught a hands on clothes on bondage workshop for Vassar College for the 5th year in a row in early April.

And the great folks at Darkstone in NH invited me to teach my Breath Play workshop on April 11th. They are a great group and my friend Dez throws and hosts a great party!


Feb 9 Adaptable Bondage for Utica Kink Society

A small private group in the Syracuse area has invited me to teach them some rope stuff. <grin> I will be heading back to do suspension for them in April.

Feb 23 Single Tails for The Society Hartford CT

Hands on fun with whips! If you are in the area come on down!

Feb 29th - Mar 2nd Sinsations in Leather Chicago IL

I taught two classes: Breath & Blood Flow Play which was the highest attended class at Kinky Kollege and Needles, the Basics & Beyond. Check out their site: Sinsations in Leather

Sinsations in Leather

Mar 7 - 9 Darkstone NH Weekend!!

I was invited to NH to teach several classes for an area lifestyle group including a Bondage class, Ecstatic Caning, Intention / Connection and my Breath Ritual class. This should be an AMAZING weekend!!

Dark OdysseyMar 21 - 23 Dark Odyssey Winter Fire

I taught 3 classes; Intention & Connection, The Joys of Flying Low and the third is yet to be decided but I am very much looking forward to being back in DC with the DO folks!

I was at the host hotel for this event in late Dec and found it to be a really nice place and very well set up for these kinds of events. Check them out by clicking on the banner to the right.

Mar 29 Albany Power Exchange

I am doing 2 classes for my slightly northern neighbors including: Torture Ties and Ecstatic Percussion Play.

April 3rd Bondage 101 for Vassar College

I have been invited back to teach a hands on bondage class to the students of Vassar College. This will be my third time teaching there and it is always a very rewarding experience.

Apr 26 - 27 for NELA Boston & CT

I will be heading up to the Boston area to teach for the New England Leather Alliance my Binding the Jewels class on Sat and then I am heading to Connecticut to teach Adapatable bondage that Sunday.

May 10 Low Suspension for Utica Kink Society

I am booked to travel north once again to teach for this great northern NY area group some suspension techniques this time.

May 28 - Jun 2 Shibaricon V Chicago IL

Wouldn't miss this one for the world! This is without a doubt one of my favorite events of the year!! Five full days in "rope space" with my favorite bondage peeps is akin to nirvana for me and this year my sweetheart is coming with!! Woohooo!! It doesn't get better than this!!

June 13 - 15 Southeast Leather Fest Atlanta, GA

My dear friend Lady Catherine has invited me back for the second year in a row to present for this wonderful event and I am looking forward to another great dose of "southern hospitality"! Stop by and check out their site including the pod casts! This year 's pod casts are on the way! Southeast Leather Fest

Southeast Leather Fest

Tentative June 20 - 22 Women's Power, Surrender & Intimacy w/ Body Electric School in NYC!

I LOVE Body Electric and this will be the ONLY women's event that I will be able to make this year and it is a great one! More info soon!

Tentative June 25 - 30 Leather Retreat Darlington MD

I am hoping to make it back to camp if I am not too tired from SELF... wish me luck!

Jul 11 - 13 A Great Event in NY's Capital District!

That I would love to rave about but I am taking my sweetie as an anniversary surprise so I don't want him to know what it is til we get there! <grin> If you are curious (and aren't my boyfriend) email me for more info.

Jul 25- 28 Thunder in the Mountains Denver CO

Thunder in the MountainsI am VERY excited about this one. I have been wanting to do this event for several years now but my schedule has always been too crazy. This year I am making "Thunder" a priority and am delighted to be asked to present 2 classes while I am there! Can't wait! Check them out: Thunder in the Mountains

Aug 15 - 17 Floating World Edison NJ

I have promised the programming "lady in charge" that I will come back to this great new event! I loved it last year and look forward to checking it out again... classes to be announced but the dates & location is firm! I hope to see many of my east coast friends there as well! Here is their link: The Floating World

The Floating World

Tentative hold for Sep 10 - 15 Dark Odyssey Summer Camp MD

I REALLY LOVE camp so I am keeping the possibility open to attend DO again in Sept because I just can't get enough of camp food! (lol ok so it isn't the food that brings me back but camp is still one of my favorite things to do!!)

Sep 19 Lesbian Sex Mafia NYC

I have been asked to do my Breath & Blood Flow Play Class for the women of LSM and am very much looking forward to it.

Oct 31 - Nov 3 Black Rose Washington DC

I have been asked back to teach several classes and I look forward to this event every year! It is on my don't miss list!


Jan 24th 2007 for TES Bondage SIG NYC

Feb. 10th 2007 - The Society of Hartford

April 5th 2007 for The Society Hartford CT

May 24 - 28th 2007 4 classes for Shibaricon in Chicago

June 8 - 10 2007 2 classes for South East Leather Fest in Atlanta!

June 20 - 25th in MD @ 4 classes for Leather Retreat

July 13th 2007 in NYC for Domsubfriends

Aug 24 - 26th 2007 3 classes for The Floating World

Sep 12 - 17 Canes & Single Tails for Dark Odyssey

Nov 2 - 4 2 classes for Kinky Kollege in Chicago

Nov 10 - 11 An ecstatic breath workshop for Atlanta GA for Whippersnappers

Dec 2 - 4 Binding the Jewels for Black Rose in DC

Dec 6th BDSM 101 for Vassar College


Nov 15 2006 BDSM 101 for Vassar College

Oct 22 Torture Ties & Breath Play for Passional in Philly

May 28 2006 Intention, Connection & Breath and several other classes for Shibaricon Chicago

May 26 2006 Bondage & Shibari 101 and Rope CBT for Shibaricon Chicago

May 12 2006 Suspension Demo for DSF at Paddles NYC

May 13 2006 Rope Bondage Workshop for DSF at Paddles NYC

Apr 18 2006 Bondage & Shibari 101 for LILNR


Oct 14 - 16 2005 3 bondage classes for Apex Fall Frolic

May 28 2005 Intention, Connection & Breath for Shibaricon Chicago IL

May 27 2005 Rope Bondage / Shibari 101 & Torture Ties - Bondage for S&Mers for Shibaricon Chicago IL

May 6th 2005 Breath & Blood Flow Play: DomsubFriends at Paddles NYC

Apr 9th 2005 Breath & Blood Flow Play / The Society Hartford CT

March 4th 2005 Hands-On Needle Play Workshop: The Basics & Beyond /Quality SM

Jan 18 2005 Hands-On Needle Play Workshop: The Basics & Beyond / TES NYC


Dec 11 2004 Intention, Connection & Breath / The Society Hartford CT

Dec 10 2004 Rope Suspension Demo for WMPE (western Mass Power Exchange) Hartford CT

September 10 2004 Intention, Connection & Breath / Boston Dungeon Society

August 21 2004 BDSM on a Budget: Shopping For & Making Inexpensive Toys For the Pagan Family Picnic

July 18 2004 Intention, Connection & Breath / APeX Summer Bash

June 22 2004 Suspension Demo / Class for LILNR

May 7th 2004 Needle Play: The Basics & Beyond for DSF For DomSubFriends at Paddles NYC

March 13th 2004 Bondage 101 For Sensational Play Party Group

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