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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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Video Instructions

These videos are intended for viewing only by mature, adult audiences who have an interest in BDSM. The content can be quite graphic at times as they depict actual play between consenting adult.s I've included some instructions below to help you get up, running and enjoying the video as quickly as possible. I truly hope you enjoy this video and appreciate your patronage.

Best Wishes,
Mistress Suzanne (aka SxySadist)

System Requirements for Optimal Viewing of Videos

- Main processor of 500 Megahertz or Faster

- 12x CD-ROM Drive or faster

- Display of at least VGA (640 x 480)

- Sound card and speakers

- Appropriate video play

Instructions for starting video cds

1. Place CD in your CD-ROM Player

2. Start Windows Explorer

3. Open the drive letter for your CD-ROM

4. Double-click on the video file to be shown (will have file extension of .avi , .mov , or .rm) 5. The video should start playing in the appropriate player (assuming it is installed), if not... read on!

Downloading Video Players

If you don't already have the appropriate video player, you can download them from the following websites:

To use these links, cut and paste them into your browser)

QuickTime Player: (for .mov files)

RealOne Player: (for .rm files)

Windows Media Player: (for .avi files)

Note: The above links were accurate at the time of this printing. If they do not work, try backing up to the root url (e.g. for the first one) and then searching for the player using the "Search" facility available on each of these sites.

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