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"Sensual sadism is an Artform... your body & soul is My canvas!"

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Mistress Suzanne's Wish List

Over the years I have been blessed to receive many wonderful & thoughtful gifts by some very dear subbies. I always feel very honoured & grateful for these unnecessary but very much appreciated tokens of appreciation & esteem.

I have often been asked for suggestions on things that would please me the most so I have added this page to make it easier for people to choose items that I really need or enjoy. This page will be updated as from time to time so check back for new ideas.

Thanks, as always, for your thoughtfulness & generosity. It is truly and sincerely touching. With Love & kisses Suzanne

These are a few of my favorite things:

Delicious sheets! Ohhh my how I would love to have a set of real silk sheets (queen size) in any shade of pink or cream, but any very high thread count egyptian cotton variety is a sweet gift too! Mmm!! I love snuggling in sweetly soft sheets!

Wines: I really like sweet ones! Sauternes, ports and ice wines are always welcome!

Scents: I adore essential oils of almost any variety. L'Occitane's Neroli is my current fave. As for store bought perfumes my favorite will always be Chanel No. 5 and I am almost always out of it. Another favorite is Frankincense& Myrr.

Bonsai Trees: Yes... that's right! I absolutely adore bonsai trees & have a small but respectable collection of these little darlings! I have several that have been given to me as gifts over the years & can promise you that you will score big points by bringing me a new "baby" to care for!

JT's Stockroom Wishlist: My friend's over at JT's Stock room have let me put together an online wish list that is REALLY easy to use and they have some really AWESOME stuff! Take a peek!

JT's Stockroom

Wish List

Other Gift Certificates I adore:

Victoria's Secret - for stockings & other sweet sexy things.

Home Depot - AKA Domme Depot! I can never have too much hardware!

Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys - My favorite shop for percussion toys

Mr. S Leather Company & Fetters - The best bondage gear in the world!

Amazon Wish List- I love shopping at Amazon for books & music!

Medical Toys!

One of my absolute favourite places to shop is Medical!!

I REALLY would LOVE a full set of Dipsticks but even one at a time would thrill me! Set of three ranges from 8 - 12MM $55 - 59.50.

I could use a new roll of their: Pallet Wrap (It's the best!) Black preferred (pictured left) $48.00

An acrylic 10 inch "bumpmeister" Price $35.00 (pictured right)

A Red stethoscopePrice only $14.95

Ooooh a Deep Throat Electro-Stimulator Electrode Looks like awesome fun!! Only $149.95!


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