I have been engaging in consensual BDSM play personally & professionally for over 15 years.

At one time I had a member site that was updated with photos taken by my dear friend Neil Shadow on a weekly basis and we amassed a collection of over 5,000 photos depicting consenting adults engaging in all sorts of kinky good times. <grin>

Sadly, Neil and I parted ways and my insane schedule simply did not allow me the time to continue doing weekly photo shoots and uploading galleries to keep the site going with fresh content so I closed it for a number of years.

Recently I decided to offer my archived shoots on a pay per view gallery basis. Feel free to browse the thumbnails of the photos by selecting or searching the categories below to help you to decide which photo sets you wish to purchase.

I also have quite a few full length video available for instant download. For more information on those please visit my video page. Enjoy!


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