Kinky Medical Pay with Naughty Nurse Nasty
Isn’t it time for your physical? The Nurse will see you now!

Wanna play Doctor, dear? Over the years I have obtained  some very interesting medical equipment and, while I loved my dungeon, somehow it just didn’t feel right playing “Naughty Nurse Nasty” in it. Solution? I created a new room just for my “medical scenes”.

It has the look and feel of a real exam room with medical books and posters on the wall & white metal cabinets holding all my evil tools of the trade. There are dozens of stainless steel clamps & forceps, several vaginal & anal speculums, a reflex hammer or two, a few Wartenburg wheels, 2 suction cupping sets, and several sets of urethral sounds.

I LOVE electrical toys and have a complete selection including, the Violet wand, the TENs unit, the Folsom PSG-Max unit the new Hot Boxx and lots of lovely wicked attachments. I even have the remote controlled electro torture device by Erostek so I can zap you with the push of a little button from across the room, and when all else fails to get your attention I bring out my stun gun!

Medical Role Play
Let’s Play Doctor!

I have a Venus 2000 for extended tease & denial sessions, bandage material and large rolls of stretch plastic wrap for mummification scenes, a professional quality endoscope, and an operational vintage 1920’s sterilizer.

Needle play is one of my favorite Dr. duties so I of course have 100s of new sterile needles on hand, several extremely sharp scalpel blades for those brave enough to try cutting with me, a miniature cauterizing tool for branding, and sutures just in case I need to stitch you back up.

There is so much more to list but you get the idea.

This room consists of:

-A real OB / Gyn table w/ bondage points
-A wide array of exam instruments including speculums, stethoscopes, electrical toys etc.
-Cabinets filled with lots of scary *medical supplies like catheters, needles, suture kits, saline etc.

*Please note some medical supplies may require additional tribute for a restockig fee. Please be sure to inquire as to your preferences.


Some of what may happen in here could include:

Basic Physical Examination
Castration Fantasies & Infibulation
Chastity Devices
Dental & Oral Exams
Electrical Testing & Neural Stimulation
Hydro-therapy, Enemas & Colonics
Injections & Needle Play
Light & Sound Therapy
Medical Restraints & Braces
Prostate Exam & Anal Dilation
Saline Scrotal Infusion
Suction Cupping
Surgery (mock) & Cuttings
Suturing & Surgical Stapling
Urethral Dilation & Sounding


I also have a full website dedicated to medical play : Nurse Nasty.  Much of the info on it is still correct however I no longer offer bladder irrigation or enema play, and any anal insertion play would require you to arrive already prepped for your procedure.

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