Reviews and Testimonials

I am always appreciative when people take the time to write to me with feedback or post reviews of our play experiences on-line for others to read.

Here is a link to a double domme session account from a dear little slave that I see far too infrequently.  However, he needs to be soundly punished for his inability to proofread or run a spell checker.  <evil school teacher grin>

This is a copy of a short review that was also posted online with no prompting or prodding from me:  “She is an excellent domme. She mixes the hardcore with the sensual & playful. I’ve sessioned with her a number of times & she is always professional & cognizant of trying to meet the specific wishes of the client. Her studio is awesome & equipped in spectacular fashion. Truly a treat to spend time with her.”

And several more short comments from people I have played with in the last year:

Mz Suzanne is unique among professional dommes: she enjoys what she does, she is warm and erotic but cruel and unforgiving. She is creative, talented and exciting. You will become addicted.

The Mistress took the desire to surrender my will and suffer pain to new heights. The Mistress, in her very sensual style, turned the pain into pleasure and begging for more while in inescapable bondage.

I highly recommend mistress for anyone considering exploring their secret desires. I spend most days in a dominant role at work and home and long fantasized about letting go and being submissive on multiple levels. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to because of my dom nature, but mistress made me comfortable and at ease, and I felt like I was born to serve her. Letting myself go and being in a sub position felt natural and I was achy to please her and accept my discipline. I want to explore further and let her take me in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. But after two sessions I feel like I want to serve mistress and give myself up in ways I never thought I could. I can’t recommend mistress highly enough.

Ms. Suzanne creates a wonderful environment for everyone interested in trying out the BDSM experience; she is extremely experienced and enjoys the personal interaction with her clients. She is not a cold disinterested professional but rather a warm caring individual who fully enjoys what she does and can do.(anonymous)

I had a wonderful time with Mz Suzanne, SxySadist – a very appropriate name! As a first time visitor, I appreciated how well organized the scheduling process was and the warm welcome I received. My session was completely fulfilling with a perfect mix of my interests and introduction to new experiences. Ms Suzanne has a very well equipped location and is an extremely experienced professional. I laughed, cried and begged and I look forward to returning.

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