New Summer Hours

Summer time is finally here and as much as I LOVE teasing and tormenting my adorable slave boys & toys I also REALLY LOVE spending time with my family and other favorite peeps, going to Six Flags, swimming in the local lake, going on geocaching adventures and so much more! So, since summer flies by so fast I generally do my best to consolidate sessions to 3 days a week whenever possible.

Generally I am looking to book Tues, Wed and Thurs starting at 10 am but I am willing to take later appts all the way up to 8p or so for those of you that have a hard time getting here by my usual 6p end time. Cool right?! That is not so say that I absolutely won’t do a Monday or Friday during the summer but I definitely need as much lead time as possible for later in the week because I have someone else I am looking to spend some serious quality time with now that school is out.

Ok so quick recap in large bold font:

Preferred Summer hours ;
Tues – Thursday
10 – 8p
Call, text or email for an appt

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