Stream of Consciousness Erotica

(exactly as the title indicates, no planning or editing, almost no thought to punctuation, just a stream of erotic consciousness from one of my “softer fantasies”)

My lover, my Master, the owner and claimer of my heart & soul woke me gently with sweet kisses one very early morning and asked me to join him in the hot tub. I sleepily complied and followed him into the hot soapy water, I would follow him anywhere any time. He began to gently sponge me all over, caressing my skin with the deliciously rough loofa occasionally stopping to squeeze it and let the hot water run down my body. I turn to kiss him and he pulls me to him, holding me tightly, kissing me deeply, but sweetly, taking my breath away for a moment. I feel my resistance sink and begin to open inside.. as if a layer of armor lifted through my skin with a rush and a gasp of air and for a moment I am floating away while still in his arms.

He releases his hold on me and my body lifts in the tub, I take a deep breath and I float higher as he lightly begins to caress me. I rise and fall ever so slightly in the tub as I draw each breath inward deeply, down the front of my body .. right to my yoni .. I feel her open ever so slightly and draw a breath as well .. energy swirling in a ball in my cave .. some warmly gliding down my legs.. I hold it .. hold it .. floating higher and higher … then slowly, ever so slowly I let it go and the energy rises back up my legs and spine like the surf coming back to shore .. rolling in a wave up the back of my body to my head and it starts to swirl again some spilling from the top of my head into water and beyond.

I let the breath completely leave my body .. surrendering to nothingness … I begin to sink in the tub …. my body falling slowly through the hot water and he caresses me again drawing me back to him… I hear him begin to draw a breath .. calling to me to breathe with him .. I open my mouth and begin to let the air flow back in … drawing that next breath with him….for him …. breathing him in .. the sound of his breath filling me .. HIS breath filling me.. feeling his energy streaming into my body .. mingling with my own … making love as it rushes down the front of my body again and swirling round my belly …. I draw deeper .. and deeper and the breath fills every nook and cranny .. breathing it all in right to the very tip of my floating toes and wait.. and wait .. til I hear him sigh his breath out slowly and sensually letting the wave ride back in and up through my core… his caress is electric.. my body shivers at his touch ..I open my eyes and see nothing but his eyes .. looking into my soul .. looking almost right through me .. this knowing .. steady .. intense & present gaze.. penetrating my heart and soul. I can hide nothing from him … every thing is laid bare by that stare and I know that I was always meant to belong with him and to him.

He kisses me again and we spend the next hour energetically making love in the tub … enjoying the strategically placed jets … doing “wasu” which each other connecting through touch .. through our eyes.. through our breath .. floating and gliding against each other building more and more energy. But he has other plans still for me so he invites me out of the tub and towels off my body … and my hair then he leads me to the massage table. Beautifully adorned like an alter .. flowers and candles …. incense and music .. the room is a temple .. our love making .. an offering to the Divine. He stops and faces me .. placing his right hand on my chest…. I place mine on his and we each cover the other’s with our left …. ours eyes lock in total communion .. with out words I offer myself totally to him . with out words .. he claims me as his own … and then his kisses me again and I feel myself melt again .. yet another internal “kink” falls away .. I feel freer in that surrender than I have ever felt before and then he lays me on the table on my belly.

His warm hands gently fall onto my heart and sacrum and for a moment they just rest there .. his intention… his gifts… his love .. pouring into my body .. into my soul through his hands.. I synch with his breath and slowly his hands begin to move.. gliding across my curves .. my skin a landscape to be explored… he worships my body with his hands.. working my neck and shoulders my back my ass .. down my thighs all the way to my feet. I alternate between blissful drifting and excited fervor .. sometimes drawing deeper breaths as he works me deeper and deeper in the tight spots .. forcing my muscles open to him .. the pain and pleasure begin to blur .. he pounds on me .. he caresses me .. he jabs and he kisses .. a slap .. a tickle and always our breath. He teases my inner thighs .. gently .. lovingly .. inviting them to open … teasing closer and closer to my vulva …. parting my lips gently by squeezing away at the sweet spot .. working … massaging … tenderizing .. making me hungry for more driving me mad with desire for him to touch me “there”. He runs one finger across my lips and a shudder runs through me .. I need him so bad.

Suddenly he grabs a hold of my hair and pulls me up to him .. kissing me roughly one hand still in my hair the other encircles my throat .. he looks into my eyes and begin to squeeze.. I feel a momentary wave of panic as the blood flow slows to my brain but I hear him draw breath and once again I do as well with him .. breathing him in as I close my eyes and begin to see a tunnel ahead of me stretching out into darkness and then quickly closing in .. darkness washes over me but my body begins to convulse with energy.. my legs spread wide.. and begin to twitch and jump .. my breasts rise as I draw breath deeper and sink further away. Some far away part of me aware that he could take my life at this moment but it doesn’t seem to matter…I would gladly offer it to him and anything else he wanted. His hand releases it’s grip and my body contracts in… my legs drawing up wanting to wrap around him .. my arms encircling him .. my body trying to crawl inside of him … not wanting to lose that connection… our lips finally meeting again and our eyes .. lost in each other’s gaze.

He lays me back onto the table face up and crawls on top of me.. straddling me .. beginning to massage my throat and chest .. I open to him further gasping now but trying to get a hold on my breath .. slowing it .. deepening it .. breathing him in and circulating the energy always down the front of my body .. swirling around my depths and then rising again to my head with each exhale. I release the breath fully and he jabs me in my chest .. I draw another short breath . release it and he jabs me again .. hard enough that I feel it in my core .. he begins to work my chest faster and a bit harder .. vibrating my chest as I breath .. opening my core to his loving assault. I begin to moan .. throaty & deep .. the energy rising in a low growl .. waking the lustful animal in my soul .. the animal in me that wants to pounce fiercely upon him one moment desiring to devour him and yet just knowing that he could throw me to the ground and vanquish me with his greater strength anytime he chooses… makes me all the hotter for him. His hands .. slide down my now tender chest .. gliding over my belly and presses on my “g spot back door”. My g spot awakens .. my body jumps and I let out a howl of pleasure thrashing on the table wildly. He smiles at me and grabs a bit of rope.

Within a few minutes I am tied tightly to the table .. my arms at my sides.. a wedge under my ass lifting my pussy high enough for him to reach easily.. my thighs tied tightly open but ankles tied to allow just a bit of movement .. my feet glide together in Goddess position and he stands above me and looks at me with that look that tell me he knows that I am his .. and that he can do whatever he wants to me .. torture me and pleasure me .. use me for his own pleasure and take me to the highest level of my own. I feel a wave of energy .. like a mini orgasm ripple through my body and then his hands drop onto my heart and my vulva. Several more waves crash through me and when they start to subside just a bit he begins to deepen his breath .. calling me to do the same. He begins to massage my outer lips.. teasing them open .. tugging gently on my inner lips .. taking his time .. peeling me open gently like layers of an onion .. teasing around and around my clit but not actually touching it . massaging, tugging and teasing all of my lips but never sliding inside … making me hungrier and hungrier.

Finally he turns his attention to my clit as he wraps his lips gently around it and begins to suckle it.. I scream in delight.. I gasp and moan .. I strain against the ropes .. my muscles flex and release.. flex and release .. I breath into them and feel the tingle of energy building and spreading .. filling my body down and up …. forward & back .. in all directions.. shuddering. He nibbles .. he licks .. he teases it and drives me wild .. my breathing becomes ragged .. he reminds me to breath deeply without a word and continues to devour my clit. His lips.. his tongue .. his teeth .. even his breath caressing and delighting me.. biting and reminding me .. that he is expert at delivering pleasure as well as pain. And I love it all.

He brings me closer and closer to an edge and then shifts and lets the energy fall just a little before bringing it higher again and again. But I need him inside of me. My hips begin to buck rhythmically .. begging him to enter me. He places a hand on my yoni and meets my gaze… bringing me to stillness for a moment .. he looks at me and I feel him ask me without a word if he can enter my temple and my body screams yes and all I can do is smile and let out a sob of joy & gratitude for this man that loves me ravishingly .. respectfully.. lustfully.. and sacredly all at the same time.

He begins to slide a finger inside me and just lets it wander around my cave… feeling the walls .. exploring the terrain .. the nooks and crannies.. the textures .. smooth & rough spots .. he presses up into my g spot and I feel a wave deep in my core rise & crash as he begins to stroke it and milk it .. front to back .. side to side.. up and down .. pressing and stroking and pressing and stroking. I hear the far away sound of moans of abandon and realize they are coming from me. I draw breath and clench against the ropes.. my muscles straining within and without… he presses and probes .. milks and massages .., my voice just spills from within as I release the breath and sing with long wailing mantras of pleasure. I feel the pressure of fluid beginning to build inside of me .. the storms of pleasure and pain and sensation and submission within me producing energy .. which races through my body like lightening and creates “rain” that is collecting and building and filling my belly with sweet pressure. I feel so full I could burst and I yearn to let the sea inside me turn to a river and run freely from me. The rhythmic pressure he is applying draws even more water deep with in me and it almost feels as if it is raging against the banks in my body but some internal dam is holding it back. I growl … I groan … I scream and wail with pleasure and he withdraws his fingers and looks at me with intense lust and sadism in his eyes. I know he wants to push my limits further than he has before. He pops a large vibrating egg inside me .. and tells me he will be right back. I can squeeze down on it and feel it pressing against the ocean floor and the vibration sends waves though the waters .. and spreading into the rest of my body. I breath in deeply down the front of my body and clench tightly as I hold the breath .. then let it all fall away as I release the air and my muscles and just let the waves of vibration and energy swim through my body.

I open my eyes and he is standing over me again .. he had been watching me as I unconsciously gyrated and ground my hips into the pillows and clenched and released my muscles with each breath. I was so hungry for him I would do anything .. endure anything.. offer him anything and everything I am and have or will ever be just to have him not stop making love to me in that moment.

He bent down and kissed me and slipped a long thin rattan cane out from behind his back. A mixed wave of fear, longing, anxiety, excitement, anticipation, dread and sweet hopeless helpless surrender washed through me as I realized he intends to use it on my delicate exposed and vulnerable front. He begins with slow light tapping strokes ..all across the front of my body my upper and inner thighs, my soft belly, my breasts and inner arms … timing them with our connected breath .. each tap tap tap corresponding to the “sip sip ahhh” of our breathing pattern. Tapping, tapping, tapping .. breathing tapping. Slowly he begins to guide me to breathe a bit deeper the strokes start to increase in force.. gradually .. ever so slowly varying in intensity but always building … tap tap Whack! The heavier strokes falling with the release of breath. He guides me and leads me .. he draws a deep breath and waits for me to do so also and then SNAP! he comes down a bit heavier on my tender thighs .. I release the breath and cry out but the heat that spreads through my body like a wave slowly washes away the pain with ecstasy.

He “sip sip ahh” breathes again and draws me back to him .. his breath always calling me back like a lifeline keeping me from totally setting adrift … anchoring me with his love and his presence .. but still allowing me to float from his groundedness and his trustablity. He continues leading me with is breath and timing the harder and harder strokes with my exhales and I lift off on higher and higher on a roller coaster of endorphins, energetic bliss and screams of pain turned pleasure. He pushes me harder and harder and the strokes bring me to my very edge of endurance.. the searing white hot heat of each stroke biting into my thighs … leaving welts and stripes in their wake and my tears begin to flow…. I want to endure for him … I need to make him proud of me … I want so much to please him and let his use me and torture me and hurt me … any way he wishes as long as it makes his beautiful cock hard!!

I look into his eyes and see his love for me but there is also a sense of darkness and cruelty for love’ sake that lets me know that right now it is all about seeing how close to the edge of breaking he can take me. I feel like I am teetering on that edge already.. wanting to cry out for mercy but wanting to see how far he is capable and willing to go .. wanting to surrender fully to his sadistic demons and let them ravish and devour me fully. He draws breath .. I follow.. he holds and holds as I hold with him and suddenly he lands a “camel straw” blow that feels almost as if it could cut through my flesh and muscles .. into my bones. The scream comes from my depths and I release everything I didn’t even know I was holding back and begin to sob uncontrollably. I could stop this at anytime.. I know the magic word and he would respect me and love me even if I “safed” .. there is no shame in admitting I can’t go on any further .. but I want to give him this gift of my complete and total submission to his dark side .. I want him to take me to HIS furthest edge .. NOT mine.

He breathes deeply in .. signaling me that he wants to give me another .. I try my best to take a full deep breath and hold .. consciously fighting the urge to strain against the ropes and close my legs … but rather spreading my thighs more fully open to him and relaxing them for the inevitable that is half a breath away…. then he lands another vicious stroke and waves of utter despair and release wash through my body again .. and I fall away into convulsive sobbing for I know I have reached and fallen over my edge and that he knows it too and will not strike me there again. He runs his nails lightly over my layers of welts and I feel surges of energy from his fingers .. from the tenderness of my wounds .. from the sweet caressing of his hand on my less sore places .. I feel his love for me .. I know he is proud of me and I know .. his cock is hard for me.

Suddenly the energy within me shifts and the animal roars back from within me and I feel ravenous with hunger for him! I beg him for his cock like a hungry slut .. “Master please make me suck your cock .. please …Master… make me your cock sucking little whore! I need your cock!” He crawls up onto the table and straddles my chest .. his beautiful cock glistens in the candle light and my mouth waters incredibly .. he lets me just look at it for a breath or two … savoring the moment.. knowing how hungry I am but wanting and needing to keep me on my edge as long as possible .. he brings it closer.. I strain to lift my head just to feel it on my lips but it is just out of reach tongue reaches further closer and then I can taste his flesh .. and I feel a rush of energy connecting from him to me at the sweet contact point. He lets me run my tongue fully down the shaft savoring every exquisite cell of that silky hard flesh .. I can taste his desire .. but he is in full control of himself and is enjoying leading the dance. I beg and plead and sob wanting .. needing …yearning to taste him to have him inside me .. in my mouth in my cunt .. in my ass .. any and every hole that I have .. I need him to fill me.. to take me .. to rape me …to cherish and love me … deeper than he has ever loved or taken anyone before.

He teases me .. asking me how bad I want it .. taunting me with it .. telling me to beg for it like a whore … I start babbling and pleading .. begging and crying needing him so bad I want to scream and finally tells me in his deepest dom voice to “Open your mouth like a good slut.” I open my mouth wide and look deeply into his eyes as he slides the tip in and I feel the heat of it on the roof of my mouth and tongue .. the delicious taste of his flesh fills my mouth as I breathe him in deeper and deeper .. his cock slides into my mouth and then on to my throat slowly so slowly and I can see in his eyes he wants to give me every single inch .. I try to relax my throat .. I open it wider and wider as he pushes into me and I struggle not to gag and as I feel my lips finally reach the base … my eyes immediately start to tear but I feel a wave of orgasm and energy wash over and through me so strongly that even he can feel the creas and ripples of it right through my chest. He begins to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth .. I open deeper .. my legs spread as wide as the ropes will allow and my throat and mouth become like a second cunt .. or maybe just a continuation of the one between my legs .. I feel him there as well as in my mouth and I hunger for more. I go wild .. sucking and licking and working his sweet cock with my mouth but he can’t thrust deep enough with me on my back .. my throat won’t open far enough at this angle to let him just fuck me open there …. so he quickly unties me and roughly stands me up and throws me down bent over the table and slams his cock into my cunt from behind. I howl with lust filled joy as the head of his cock drives into my goddess spot and sets the sea inside of me in motion again. He begins thrusting into me .. slowly at first .. really focusing the head of his cock into that special place over and over for just a few moments and then he pulled out and picked up the cane again.

Our eyes lock and the lust in mine tells him “Yes, yes.. please God you know I love when you do that! Please … “take me to Tahiti again”. He kisses me and smiles and my heart just skips like crazy .. I reach out to him with my left hand .. he takes it with his … we gaze into each others eyes and draw breath He glances away only to line up the stroke and then penetrates me where I stand nearly pinning me energetically to the wall with the depth of consciousness in his gaze. Time stands still as I hold my breath for that moment that seems like an eternity, and suddenly every feeling and emotion and sensation I have ever felt in my body seems to melt into one pool deep inside of my core and just as quickly evaporated and burst up and through my skin with a shiver. I quickly check in with myself and find: There is an aching fullness in my womb – a warm water fall waiting to flow. There is a fearful flutter in my belly knowing that the pain is inevitable and some frightened fleeting instinct inside me wants to run from it and now! But stronger still is the longing and the yearning in my heart and my soul to fully feel the pain .. to transform it …. and to love right through it. And finally there is stillness in my mind that feels like my ego has floated away and I am no longer separate from him or from the Divine. I feel that nothing could ever destroy this love that I serve devotedly … and there is a sense of calm knowledge and inner peace that says nirvana is at hand.

The cane whistles through the air and connects where my ass and thighs meet and travels straight through to my cunt. I continue to hold that breath as the full impact of the stroke reaches my deepest core. Time again stands still as the waves of energy rebound from my core and come mushrooming outward like an atom bomb cloud and spread and roll through me and beyond as I release the breath with a loud roar. I dissolve into the Divine for a moment … the goddess within me stretches her arms over head and begins to fly but I am barely away of my physical body as it dances and sways and gyrates and moans.

I start to float back in for a soft landing when suddenly he grasps my long hair again and pushes me back onto the table and slams back into me from behind. I go wild inside with the joy of being alive and his chosen one. My animal returns and I start bucking against him like mad .. grunting and growling. Our bodies slamming and sweaty .. gasping for air …. my voice takes flight again as he starts slamming me harder and deeper. I can no longer tell where I end and he begins and the energetic flow that was surging through us has spread into our “outer bodies” and is continuing to grow. Our love energy spreading to fill all time and space with it’s radiant light feeding the universe like a nectar. For me, nothing else exists but this love and I think that I could truly just die into the pure ecstasy of it and disappear forever.

He continued thrusting soundly but evenly as a deep vaginal orgasm begins to emerge and roll through my body from some distant place inside. I feel him teetering on his edge of oblivion and I beg him not to stop. Suddenly, I feel his body melt deeper into mine as he tightens just as he begins to pump me full of his hot, sticky, precious seed. Another orgasmic wave rolls through me just from knowing he has exploded inside me. He grunts and makes those sounds that I love to hear as he thrusts just a bit more and then grasps me tightly and squeezes me so lovingly that I almost cant contain the joy .. and bittersweet -joy filled tears slip from my eyes and roll down my cheeks

We both drop to the floor and roll onto our sides on the big sheepy rug … our limbs entangle them selves …. Our breath begins to slow and we look into each other’s eyes again. The radiance is everywhere .. and water filled womb calls out for release. I smile a little wicked smile at him and push him flat to the floor .. pouncing up and kneeling over his handsome face .. he licks and nibbles me just a little .. teasing his tongue just into my yoni and the waves surge inside me. I press my hand on “the back door” and feel “the barrel begin to tip” … I draw breath .. and as I release it .. I relax the muscles in my womb and butt and everywhere fully so that the river can finally flow from me into his sweet hungry mouth. He drinks deeply from me and as my amrita waters ebb, he holds the last mouthful to share with me in a kiss, because he knows I too love to drink from that well. We blissfully kiss for a few more moments .. gaze lovingly into the windows to our souls but without the walls between us any longer .. the windows have widened to non existence and it is like looking as far as the eye can see in all directions

We head back to bed gently and we spoon .. breathe together and just before we fall peacefully asleep, I think perhaps tomorrow I will be the one ravishing him but for tonight I am more content than I can ever remember being. I have lost track of time and space and have no idea how many hours have passed since he woke me from my dreams. It feels like days .. no longer .. ages.. well .. like there never was a beginning and no way to know when or where it will end.. but I am deeply in love with him and I know I am deeply .. and sweetly loved by him …. and for right now … nothing else matters but that.

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