More ropey goodness!!

OMG have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE rope play? Like REALLY LOVE IT!!?? LOL – The other night I was fortunate to have  another opportunity to spend a couple of hours lost in the loveliness of rope on flesh while gravity worked on limbs and tension tugged and pulled at well  .. yum!! I can’t think of many better ways to spend an afternoon, or evening for that matter!!

My fantastically fun partner wrote me a wonderful email about his experience that he graciously granted me permission to share it.  It totally made my day.  Sadly I didn’t take many photos and the ones I did take are a tad blurry .. once I get into “rope space” I often hate to stop and take pics – it can break the mood.  🙂

Views from my side of the rope…..

Ms Suzanne,
Thank you for a wonderful session last evening.
You are by far the best rope play Goddess I’ve ever known, and I’ve played with quite a few. Your skillful touch and attention to every little detail quickly takes me into a safe and erotic reality that’s always been a part of my fantasies from as far back as I can remember ……as a little boy who would bind his own C&Bs with shoe laces under the covers at night, waiting for that wet and wonderful feeling that he did not yet understand, but knew it was something he had to have.
In the first hour of rope suspension and bondage play, you quickly took me deep into your realm of control where I could live forever. The chemistry was amazing, and I loved the way you teased me with the loose ends of the ropes as you create your “layers” of bondage. The slow and deliberate care to the CBT bondage was especially hot. I almost lost it in the first hour….
Your various bondage positions took me to the edge. And releasing me only at the very last moment, made me all that more submissive to your control. It was as if you were tied up with me, and felt the same things I was feeling.
Your comment of “how very exposed you look in that position” took me to the next level. The anticipation I felt of what was coming next was perfect, as I hoped I was about to become your electo-toy for the rest of the evening. Your command of the electricity took me to a level of submission I’ve rarely been. Watching my own cock bulge in the electrodes as you added the nipple clamps, and repeatedly teased and denied me with the vibrators in my helpless state was most definitely the best part of the session. The begging and countdowns were perfect!!
I can’t wait to see you again …yours forever in rope bondage,


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