Mmm I needed that!!

So a few days ago one of my favorite bondage lovers came to visit and gave me the opportunity to explore rope for a couple hours. I really needed that let me tell you. It had been a very stressful month and things seem to be settling in now. BF’s surgery went well and he will be better than new in no time. I am almost afraid to say that there are no problems this week with my 7 remaining kitties – lol. Boudicat’s little stump is actually pretty adorable. My uncle’s funeral was sad but I had a chance to connect with family I had not seen in many years so that was a blessing. I even did a little geocaching and found Johnny Cash’s grave while in TN! My “godkid” is starting high school next week! (shocked face!!) and I am grateful that I had the where with all to take the kid back to school shopping and get them totally set up with everything needed to kick the school year off with confidence. (hooray)

So um yeah – ropey time was good! Relaxing yet creative and delicious! I even ramped things up a tad incorporating some hot sexy breath play. I didn’t take many pics … to be honest I was too busy enjoying myself to remember to stop and take pics but I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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