Mistress’ Sex Slave (an erotic fantasy)

Slave training, spaking, corporal

I smile to myself as I drive to the motel where I sometimes do sessions because I really enjoy playing with this client, and always look forward to seeing him. Yes, the money is always good but this guy is really something special. He said in his last e mail that he would be leaving on a two week business trip in the morning and that he wanted something to remind him of me while he was away. I spent half morning day dreaming about what that reminder should be, and have planned something very special for my favorite little slave. He had shared fantasies of being a forced oral sex slave with me and till now I have allowed no intimate contact. Well, today that fantasy may be fulfilled. As I pull in I see that he is already waiting so I pull up and park beside him.

We say hello and chat for a moment or two then he goes into the office and gets the really nice room with the hot tub like I instructed him. As we walk in, I tell him to set my equipment down on the dresser, strip and kneel at the foot of the bed. I dig out a set of hand cuffs and a blindfold and hand them both to him. “Put these on for me, hands behind your back.” As he begins undressing, I go about the task of setting up the room properly. I light several candles and scatter them about the room casting the soft dancing glow I like to play by best. I stand on a chair and throw a rope over the drop ceiling support bar. Then I attach a spreader bar to both ends of rope high enough to cuff his wrists to in a standing position. Finally, I open the case I transport my equipment in and select a few items with which to begin. I turn to find him exactly as I asked, kneeling on the floor, blindfolded and hands cuffed behind his back. My heart swells with genuine affection as I see him there waiting patiently for his Mistress. I stand back for a moment letting his anticipation build, then walk around admiring him. He is a very handsome man with a stocky but attractive build.

I step behind him and bend over dragging my nails across his broad shoulders and down his back. I feel his body react to my touch as I run my hand over his ass, lightly squeezing his fleshy cheeks. I order his to bend over the end of the bed allowing me better access to his firm butt. I start by spanking him lightly, enjoying the sound my hand makes as it strikes his ass. Lightly at first, then a little harder with each stroke until I feel his flesh begin to heat up and turn first pink then red. I grab a thick wooden paddle and smack him even harder, till his ass practically glows. Then I start to rub and caress it gently again, enjoying the warmth that his skin is giving off, relishing it.

I love his ass. He had told me once he was not a big fan of ass play till he had met me. Then again, I suppose the fact that I enjoy doing the things I do to him so much helps a lot. I walk over to my bag and grab a latex glove and some lubricant. I slip the glove over my hand and then use my fingers to spread a thick layer of the lube between his ass cheeks. I hear him moan softly and feel him wiggle just a bit, knowing what is to come next.

Carefully, I press one finger against his tight asshole and slowly work it in, easing it gently so that he has time to relax and open for me. Deeper and deeper I force my finger inside him till it is as far as it will go, then slowly work it in and out. When I feel he has relaxed enough I start to work in a second finger, as carefully and slowly as the first. Once inside I begin to twist them a wiggle them slightly, rubbing them against the sensitive walls and helping him to relax even more. I want him to enjoy this as much as I do, more if at all possible. When I feel he is ready, I turn and pick up a medium size, strap-on dildo, and slip it around my hips.

I walk around in front of him and grab a hand full of his thick sandy hair and lift his head so that it is right near his lips. “Kiss it for me.” He gently touches it with his lips and kisses the tip. “Suck it like a good boy, make it nice and wet for me.” His lips open and I gently push forward watching it disappear almost half way into his mouth. His lips glide over it making it glisten as he starts to suck it like a real cock. “Mmm that’s good, take it all for me.” His struggles to open his mouth farther as I watch almost the entire thing slip down his throat. I feel myself becoming moist as I watch his luscious lips slide over the rubber cock. Oh yes I tell myself, I have another place for those lips to work, but for now I want to abuse his ass some more. “That’s enough, bend over! I want to fuck you now.”

He drops his head back down onto the bed as I step back behind him and get to my knees. I grab his hips as I rub the tip against his asshole, getting it lubed and ready. Suddenly I thrust forward and force about half it’s length inside him. He bites his lip to stifle a scream of surprise mixed with pain. I stop and slowly pull out a little letting him adjust to the size, then gently I start to rock back and forth letting it slip a little deeper inside with each stroke. I can feel his body gradually start to relax as I fuck him with longer and deeper strokes. I grab his ass and spread his cheeks a little so I can watch the 8″ tool gliding in and out of his tight ass. I secretly wish that it was real even for a moment so that I could know how it felt inside him like this. Grabbing his hips firmly I begin thrusting deeply into him, feeling his body tremble as I violate him completely. I slip my hands forward and down to his cock, giving it a light caress, stroking his balls and I bury the strap on deeply inside him and wiggle my hips, twisting it within him.

I reach forward and tug at a handful of hair so that he comes back to an upright kneeling position. Then I tug his head firmly to the side so that I can bite him gently on his neck. He lets out a sexy deep groan as I dig my teeth gently into the side of his neck and grab a nipple with my free hand, pinching firmly.

I let go of his hair and ran my other hand over his throat, letting my nails leave thin marks. I love the way he looks when he submits to me, so exposed and vulnerable. I cant keep from becoming more excited as I feel his body react to me, he wants more, and so do I. Generally, no matter how turned on I get during a scene, I can control my own selfish desires and concentrate on what the submissive would most enjoy. This time I knew that we both wanted the same thing, so I pull the toy cock out of his sweet tortured ass and stand up. Dropping the strap on from my hips to the floor, I hike my skirt up and then slide my panties down to my ankles and step out of them.

I slip up onto the bed and slide down so that my pussy is with in easy reach of my sweet slaves’ lips. Laying back onto the pillows I run my fingers over my clit as he watches, licking his lips. “You have been such a good boy darling… you please me so very much. Now I want you to please me more.” I reach forward and tangle my long fingers and nails into that wonderful mass of hair and drag his face to my cunt. I gasp as his lips hungrily attack me, sucking and nibbling and licking everywhere. My heart begins to race as he slides his tongue inside me then flicks it smoothly over my clit making me crazy. “Ohhhhhh yes. That’s a good boy… lick me nice like that, but slow down, I want to enjoy this.” He takes a calming breath and then begins to slowly toy with my clit, using the very tip of his wonderfully hot tongue like an artist’s brush, dabbing and stroking for what seems like an eternity.

I feel myself begin to tremble inside and know that the inevitable is near. I gasp and moan louder as he realizes how close I am to cumming and starts sucking my clit harder and faster, trying to push me over the edge. The trembling becomes more intense and then suddenly there is no turning back as I begin to feel the ecstatic waves of orgasm start washing through me. I grab him by the hair on the back of his head and pull his face harder into me. My body can’t stop thrashing as those wonderful intense currents race through it over and over again. He slurps and sucks greedily at the nectar that he has earned as his reward.

Gradually my breathing slows to normal as he continues lightly kissing my inner thighs and lower lips. I stand up and bend over him once again, lightly kissing his cheek. I can smell my own musky scent on his lips and face as it glistens slightly with dampness from his task. “Mmm, you are such a good slave. I am so pleased with you, dear. Now be a good boy and lick my ass for awhile.” I step in front of him and bend slightly at the waist putting my full round ass right in his sweet face. His lips tentatively caress my ass, then I feel that wonderful tongue of his glide between my cheeks and up along the crack. He continues licking softly searching for my tiny puckered hole till finally he is on it. Gently he probes my asshole with his tongue, sliding it in causing my body to react to the strange but wonderful sensations. “Ahhhh, ohhh. Mmmmm, yes that’s it, worship my ass like a good slave. Lick it clean for me. Show me how much you love your Mistress.” He slides his tongue deeper and deeper inside me, and wiggles it around furiously. He loves when I talk nasty to him. “Do it for me you little bastard, suck my ass really good.”

After several minutes of this I decide that he has earned the privilege to touch himself so I pull away from his lips, slide my skirt back over my ass and walk over and sit in a low back chair. He stays in position watching my every move till I call him to me at last. “Crawl to me slave, kneel right here.” I point to the space right at my feet as he starts moving across the floor on all fours. He kneels before me smiling because he knows I am well pleased with him. “Do you want permission to touch yourself like a nasty little boy?” “Yes, Mistress.” he responds. “Then ask me nicely slave.” “Mistress, please may I touch myself?”

I lean back into the chair and smile sweetly at him. He is such a good boy. “Yes, you may dear. Do it nice for me while I watch you.” “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.” He takes his beautiful hard cock in his hand and begins stroking it slowly and gently. He looks so sexy, I love to watch him play with his beautiful dick. I see him hesitate a moment then lift his hand to his mouth. “What are you doing? I gave you an order!!” “I am sorry Mistress… my hand is so dry I only wanted to add a little moisture.” “Put your hand back on your cock and do not take it off again until I tell you too!!” His hand moved back where it was told to and I watch as he winces slightly as he continues stroking his very hard cock. I lean forward and move so that my lips are just above his cock and spit all over it. He moans as his hand slides over the moisture he craved and begins stroking it harder and faster.

I know he is getting very close to cumming as I watch his body tense and tremble and I consider whether to order him to stop or just let it happen. I really am very fond of this little slave but I also love to torment him. “You know that you need permission to cum, right dear?” He slows down for a second and I see him trying to control himself for me. “Mistress S please may this slave cum for your amusement? Please Mistress??” “Not yet dear… keep stroking it slowly for me… I like to look at you.” He grabs his cock hard and forces himself to slow down as I stand and walk around admiring him from different angles. I love to see him on his knees like that, his cock throbbing with excitement, his back and forehead covered in a shiny coat of sweat. I bend over him and run my nails over his back and chest listening to his ragged breathing, gasping as I pinch his nipples hard then strike his ass with a resounding slap!!

I pick up the dildo I was using earlier and slip the strap on around my waist again then squat down behind him and press my breasts against his back, the dildo against his ass and slip my arms around his chest hugging him gently. “Do you still want to cum for my amusement luv?” “Oh yes Mistress please!! … Please Mistress may I?” “Yes you may sweetie but I want to fuck you while you cum all over your hands.” I push forward with the strap on and feel it slide back into his sweet ass as he strokes his dick harder and faster. I start rocking slowly back and forth as his ass becomes more open and the dildo slides in and out more easily. I feel him start to spasm as he stiffens all over and I drive the dildo deeper into his ass and peek over his shoulder to watch the sweet sticky cum spurt from his cock all over his hands. I rock very gently moving the dildo deep inside him and then slowly withdraw it as his orgasm reaches the end.

I push him gently to the floor so that he is laying flat on his back still trying to catch his breath. I reach down and grasp his wrist and pull it till his hand is near his lips. “Now you may lick your hand.” He flicks his tongue out and licks some of the creamy cum from his hand, I giggle as his face wrinkles up in distaste and tell him to smile or I will have him lick them both clean. He puts on his best fake grin, “Thank you Mistress.” I kiss him gently on his cheek and hand him a box of wet naps so he can clean up. “You are very welcome luv, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.” “Oh yes.. as always it was wonderful.” I let him lay there and relax a bit and then helped him to his feet and sent him home, (after putting the hot tub to good use for a while of course). I smiled as I left the parking lot, knowing we will both be looking forward to our next session together.


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    Oh my!!.. Wonderfully exciting post.
    Would love to be teased & allowed to touch myself like the naughty little jerk off boy i am , while you watch and instructing. …

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