Sad news – may be off line this week….

So wow … sorry I am still slacking on blog postings.   Summer is flying by and the insanity continues.  My ankle is still pretty sore but I am getting around much better (although the plantar fasciitis still sucks!)  My baby Boudicat is doing much better! Hooray! Her little stumpy tail has healed over just fine, the cone is off and she is back to raising hell everywhere! I adore her.

I spent some great quality time with the god-kid that included a trip to Great Adventure in NJ to ride Kingda freaking Ka , El Toro  and Nitro  baby! (Yes I am a little crazy) and then I helped throw a gathering for them and their friends this passed weekend that was really fun and sweet so not all doom and gloom here .. however…

Sadly Hemingway, one of my other furkids,  has also gone missing and I am really concerned that there is an animal of some kind picking off my kitties one at a time, but I cannot seem to convince the rest of them (other than baby Bou) to stay in the freaking house!). Hemi has been with me practically since I moved to the area.  She has always preferred to live outside. even in winter and she is definitely a loaner.. but she was also super street smart but no one has seen her in two weeks as of tomorrow.  That has been heartbreaking and then …

yesterday I got word that my only remaining uncle has died. He has been battling cancer and was winning … the tumor shrunk,  everything was looking good .. then he had a heart attack.  I will likely be attending the services out of state so please if I do not respond to email .. give me a few days.  Thanks very much.  🙁

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