The “Nu” Guy

I had been following Mistress Suzanne’s web postings for sometime and I finally decided to give her a call.

It took a few days to finally arrange a mutual time for my first visit with her. I was worried that I might chicken out if I had too much time to think about it but I was thrilled to find that I got more horny thinking about it as the days went by.

I’m not a real pain slut so I was a bit apprehensive about giving up control to someone I had never met before.

I followed instructions and arrived right on time and went up

the back stairway of what appeared to be a very well maintained home in a safe residential area. Just as I went to knock on the door a voice from behind me said “hello, I see you can follow directions”… I didn’t even notice the the Mistress was sitting in a chair on the deck as my eyes were focused on the door.

She was dressed in a sexy tight top and leggings with an animal print and some knee high boots. Go inside she said and she followed me in.

I was told to disrobe….yikes…so soon?

As I started to undress she went into another room and started rummaging around and I could hear the sound of metal objects clanging…this was not what I expected!

Well what a relief when she returned with a latex body suit for me! She also had a latex hood in her hand and some baby powder. This will help she said.

But first you need to be branded…WHAT? She placed a tattoo that said SLAVE right on my chest and I was so happy that I didn’t have to run to my car naked..:)

At this point I felt more relaxed and knew it was going to be a fun afternoon.

5 Minutes later I was completely covered in latex from head to toe! I was lucky because the hood had small holes through which I could see the Mistress in all of her sexy glory.

I need to shine you up she continued and began to rub the exterior of the suit with some kind of “shiny lotion”. Her hands felt warm through the latex and I started to get aroused. Obviously my fears had left me completely.

I loved the tight feel of the latex and only wished it had been

tighter on my skin. I mentioned this to the Mistress and she said …oh, it’s not tight enough? With that she quickly had me on the table and began to belt me down and around. I couldn’t move much but just in case she also put my hands in leather mittens and secured them to my legs. I WAS COMPLETELY HELPLESS (and loving it)!

She rubbed her hands on me again and got so close to my hood I could feel her breath entering through the holes in the hood. I could smell her perfume and I was in heaven.

Then, when it was obvious that I was aroused she suddenly

said she had some errands to attend to in her office downstairs. The doors slammed and she was gone.

I never realized how exciting it could be to just be “alone’.

After some time with music playing in the background, my sweat pooling inside the suit and my mind running wild, al

l I could do is wait to “see” what happened next.

Then I heard the door open again…

Thank you for a wonderful day Mistress I’ll come back soon.

The “Nu” Guy

One thought on “The “Nu” Guy

  1. NuGuy says:

    Thanks for a wonderful time Ms. Suzanne!
    I can’t restrain myself so I will certainly be back for more of you special touch.
    Loved the “branding” BTW. it looks great.

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