Another Testimony w/ an asshooking

The more you see a professional, experienced Domme, the weaker you get. Each time you visit you betray yourself a little more, give up your secrets and give a little more of yourself so that she may use those secrets against you.
As I entered, I was quickly given a blue spandex outfit to wear and then the bondage started, wrapped in chains, wrists locked behind, neck pulled uncomfortably down into a humbling position. The unyielding metal digging into my flesh painfully holding me tightly, inescapably. I’m taunted about my inability to move or escape, I’m humiliated about how excited I am and my body has already betrayed my enjoyment. But this is only the opening act.
After some time I was unchained and led to stand.. as I hear more chains rattling in the distance, and then I hear Mistress Suzanne ask if I’ve ever been asshooked.. I barely know what to say – I haven’t – and it’s not long before I am thanking her for ‘asshooking’ me.. my feet are cuffed apart by a spreader bar, my wrists restrained behind my back, and then I’m hoisted up onto tiptoes by this asshook ‘thing’.. and I’m now dangling like a puppet. trying to balance on tiptoes to desperately find some relief between the pain of the hook and the pain in my legs. I feel myself dancing from foot to foot. A dancing puppet. The predicament is overwhelming.. trying to shift and balance the exhaustion in my legs with the hook being pulled deeper, I’m taken right to the edge of my endurance.
Exhausted I’m allowed a brief rest and cooled off with a damp cloth.. before being flipped over.. Mistress Suzanne loves rope and starts to bind me into a tight ball on her table where I’m left to descend into ‘subbie’ bliss as I’m cinched, pulled and twisted into position, for a different predicament.. I want her attention, but that attention will bring.. who knows what… and then.. flipped again as my ass is pulled up into the air for another tight vulnerable and humiliating position. I’m just an object, a bondage toy for her amusement to tie and contort into whatever position she wishes.
And then.. just to make it clear who’s in charge, without untying the ropes, she starts to put heavy metal shackles on. The transition from the rope back to the metal bondage is seamless, not a split second of a chance for escape.. the bondage is complete, total and relentless.. I’m walked to the chain cage and back to feeling the cold harsh metal chains as I’m locked into the cage, chained to it, and swung around disorienting me.
And then I’m allowed to recover. One of the wonderful things about Ms Suzanne is that I’m allowed to gently recover from subspace, there’s no rush and she is very empathetic with how to bring someone ‘down’, just a perfect mix of leaving me to ‘fly’ and talking to me to bring me back to reality. I didn’t really want to leave that cage.. that submissive part of me would still be there given half a chance, but I’ll visit again soon and now she knows a few more weaknesses of mine to exploit to take me deeper into vulnerable helplessness.

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