Happy Spanksgiving!!

The holidays are definitely upon us, and I do sincerely hope that all my friends, family, saves and playmates had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As stressful as this time of year tends to be I like to remind myself that I have a lot to be grateful for to help me get through the rough spots. This year has seen a LOT of rough spots but also a lot of joy and good times.

My boyfriend and I generally host our gathering on the Saturday after turkey day so there is less pressure on people I love about with whom to spend the actual holiday. This year we had lamb and Yorkshire pudding and we played “Humanity Hates the Holidays” and “Joking Hazard” and had a ton of inappropriate fun and lots of laughs. It was a really great gathering.

Speaking of gratitude … I know I usually go on and on about my “bondage boys” because I love rope so much but I also have a VERY special place in my heart (and maybe someplace a bit lower than that – lol) for my spankos and corporal play lovers!  Although some of them can be quite a workout it is a delightfully good time to take a pristine white ass and spank it until it totally glows hot pink then fiery red!  I love to feel the heat coming off those sweet asses and listen to their little yelps and whines and oooohh How I love the squirming!  Not all of them can be marked and that’s fine .. I do totally understand and still enjoy stopping at the glow but for those that can take a caning my heart does a happy little dance while makinng them dance for me at the end of a cane.  Here are a few of my favorite corporal pics from this year!

3 thoughts on “Happy Spanksgiving!!

  1. Steve says:

    Love the glow! Thought I’d check in, Is it naughty of me to barely check my email once a month? Unfortunately (my world in one word there huh?) I’m down with a Collapsed Right Knee, And by the way when discussing pain on a scale of 1-10 my typical response is…. “I do know an amazing Woman of world renown who was fairly impressed at my thresh hold, I’d be complaining of “moderate discomfort if my leg got here in a separate truck” Immobility does suck when you’re alone and dressing the part! Won’t bore you with details but I’m off my feet till Groundhog day (Imolc for us pagan types)

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