Playing Catch up!

Once again I need to apologize for my lengthy lapse in posts but in my defense holidays are universally insane! Shortly after Thanksgiving my sweetheart took me to Mexico for a week and it was wonderful to get away from it all and enjoy some warmth and sunshine! We stayed at a really beautiful all-inclusive resort in Tulum and spent nearly equal amounts of relaxing days and adventure days which is a really good balance for us!

One of my favorite parts was visiting an eco-park called Xel-Ha that was simply breathtaking! We went SNUBA diving and tried something called zip bikes that was a lot of fun!  You are high about the park pedaling a “bike” that is suspended by a cable!

We also did a wonderful snorkeling adventure that included three different eco systems: an ocean inlet, as well as closed and open cenotes. Of course one of my other favorite parts was meeting a few Mexican cats! The snorkel adventure place has two resident cats: one named Jaguar and one named Puma. Very cute!

Also the resort that we stayed at had a cat the would meet me near the International Buffet restaurant every day that we were there.  We were told by staff that no one was supposed to feed the cat but I naturally smuggled food to it every chance I got. What can I say? I have a soft spot in my heart for kitties! <smile>

Anyway, the weather was perfect all week, the sunsets simply gorgeous and it was a much needed rest before the craziness of Christmas kicked off!

My Christmas were hectic but fun and heartwarming.  I got to spend time with people I adore. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season as well, and that 2018 is one of the best years yet!


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  1. Steve says:

    Apologize for being away on vacation? You don’t ever have to say you’re sorry for enjoying life! Looks like a wonderful time and warm too! Won’t go into how my Winter is going but I’ve been out on my ass since Thanksgiving. Warm Thoughts Suzanne!

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