My friend Chelsea

My dear Josie has come to the realization that she feels more like a Chelsea inside and she shared with me recently some photos that she has taken herself of times when she has been exploring her inner femme.  I think she looks fantastic and told her that Chelsea needed to have a “coming out party” of a sort and so  here she is for your entertainment and inspiration.  Enjoy!!


I’m so grateful a wonderful woman and friend like Suzanne helped me find the courage to be the real me. My name is Chelsea,  and that is my real name.  It’s who I am inside, and now,  on the outside. I feel truly beautiful,  and so comfortable with myself. I no longer identify with my old male name; it’s not who I am anymore. I am Chelsea; the old male me was the disguise.

I am proud to be Chelsea; I am proud to admit to myself I am bisexual; I am proud to show my true self.

I have different dreams now. I wish to be pretty. I wish you find me pretty 🙂 I can see myself among you as Chelsea, dressed to the nines 🙂  I can see myself receiving flowers and a kiss on the hand from a dashing gentleman. I can see myself totally as a woman now, and all that comes with it.

XOXOXOXO to you all


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